February 7, 2019


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I need you more—

I have walked through tremendous lack in my soul and I’ve lived through tremendous lack in my resources.—I don’t want to go back to either.

Forgive me for my every fret or worry.

I need you more.

Forgive me my doubt and discouragement.

I need you more.

You are the floor that holds me up so I won’t go under.

You are the door of Love that knocks hard on my heart chamber.

I need you more.

You’re the excitement and drive of my life.

You are the Peace and Tranquility that holds me through the night.

You are the Soft Spoken and Gentle Voice that shows me Kindness like I’ve never known.

I need you more.

I need you more.

So I will Believe in you more.

It’s you I adore.

So I will look forward —

With Anticipation—

For more.


🌹And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

(Philippians 4:19)


February 5, 2019

Small Is Not Small At All!

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There are days we feel fierce…

And there are days we feel fiercely little.

On both days—no matter how you feel, know that God is real and He is the Power behind it all. Meaning, whatever you do and no matter how you feel, He will go with you. Always beside you. His love for you is real. So square your shoulders and drink in this scripted mental and spiritual vitamin elixir. May you be strengthened for your day:

🔻You are more than a Conqueror with Christ. (Romans 8:37)

🔻When you feel weak, He is STRONG! (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

🔻He is a strong tower and the righteous run to him and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10)

Maybe you’re not sure what it means to be righteous or you don’t feel you qualify for it?


Anyone who seeks the Lord with their whole heart, or even a smidge of it to start, is considered worthy! Because our ability or feelings or capability make us worthy of nothing in God’s economy. But His incredible heart for you makes you worthy of all!

Absolute Royalty.

So hush your little inner man who doesn’t understand the ebbs and flows of day to day life. Strife is among us because we live in a fallen world.

Though all may not be ideal—this will never change the fact that His Love for you is Real.

For sure you can deposit that! And when you do, it will earn interest for you.

I recall two years ago (Fall of 2017)—I hadn’t been feeling very fierce. Flu had me knocked out and my appetite disappeared almost completely. I rarely get sick and this flu had me at the root.

Good thing I don’t make decisions based on how I feel. I listened to my body, gave it the rest and fluids it needs and knew that once I’m recovered I’m right back at it!

Though not feeling 100 percent, I competed in two major international bodybuilding shows coming off of all if that and faired well—brought my best package yet (as they say about your conditioning on stage).

No matter how you feel, assess what progress you’d like to make this week and plan accordingly! Take the walk of a Champion!

YOU are God’s Candidate for Victory!


January 27, 2019

Prophets Arise!☀️

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“Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.”


1 Cor. 1:4 (esv)

I love this scripture. It pretty much sums up the Law of Love. Love is the essence of all things Glorious. Love is formed from the womb of Heaven and used to emulate His Love.


The Prophetic Anointing is a Break Through Anointing.


Love came down.

Love bent His Crown.

Love stooped.

And loved scooped us up and cradled us within His Heart Chamber to bring rest to humanity.


Have you ever been around someone who carried such a level of Peace you felt peaceful in their presence? How about Grace? Do we measure out such an outpouring and overflowing of God’s Grace others can feel it drip from us?


Though the Old Testament offers a real showcase of impressive prophets, my favorite Old Testament Prophet was Deborah (Read about her in The Book of Judges).


She assured the King of Victory, but went to war with him. Warrior with his weapon and woman with the Word!


To have the Overflow of the Holy Spirit is to walk, live, breath and Love this way. It causes a Gentle disposition that works like fabric softener on the heart.


So what if this verse? Why should we desire to prophesy?


Prophesy is a spiritual gift that carries much responsibility. All of the gifts bear responsibility, none less important than another for by them we collectively become God’s All Star Team. I desire to honor all. But prophesy comes with the responsibility to have thick skin. To have courage. To have tight lips. Every knows loose lips sink ships.


“Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Psalm 41:3



The prophetic voice is a voice the Lord trusts with His Secrets. Prophesy can be used to specifically pray for other and to pray down assignments of the enemy of God. Intercessors frequently walk in the prophetic as they call down God’s Plans from Heaven. But the prophetic voice comes with much scorn. The Bible is clear that the prophet is persecuted. (Matthew 5:11)


Often times a prophet is labeled today’s villain and turns out to be tomorrow hero. The Bible says to judge prophesy for those will come who are false prophets. So the pure prophetic voice knows they must stick with the future, but endure today. It is a glorious gift, but also a difficult gift. But you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.



“Love should be your guide. Be eager to have the gifts that come from the Holy Spirit, especially the gift of prophecy.” 1 Cor. 14:1 (cev)


Many years ago the Lord penetrated my heart with the above scripture. He then attached a Word to it. It was a Word so simple I don’t even remember it—I only recall the verse. I was told to deliver the message to a specific individual. I knew who the person was, but I did not personally know the person so it was outside of my comfort zone. But I did it anyway as instructed from the Lord. The person just paused and looked at me for what seemed to be a whole lot of empty space—then they replied, “That scripture was the anchor verse of my morning quiet time.”


I had another occasion I could hear the Holy Spirit repeatedly tell me to go pray over a woman and then to blow my breath in her face. How awkward and weird does that sound? I really dug my heels a bit on that one, but I complied after much pressure of the Spirit. Don’t you know she began to cry and told me the most beautiful story and how my obedience encouraged her when she deeply needed it for she knew no one but the Holy Spirit would know why my blowing in her face would be confirmation.


On another occasion I was praying for a woman who just asked me to pray about a whole boat load of drama in her life. But when I began to pray the Spirit gave me a very specific prayer to pray about her heart and it had nothing to do with what she asked me to pray for. I felt so uncomfortable, but knew the Voice so I prayed and she said not a word about it…until about two weeks later she approached me and said, “How did you know I had a serious heart condition”? Then she proceeded to share about her doctors appointment and how everything I prayed came to pass.


And the stories go on and on…

Only God can take a timid, shy and meek child and birth a boldness like that. To God be the Glory. He selects the most unlikely candidates for victory.


So be encouraged.

You never know how God will use your obedience. How do you know if you have a prophetic gift? If you have it what do you do with it? What is it’s purpose?


Prophetic voices must be developed. They must be exercised or they struggle to grow. The prophetic mind must be guarded by the word of God at all times. Strict discipline to be in the Word AND communing with the Holy Spirit are imperative. This is a valuable gift for the Church to be used to exhort, to love, to encourage and to protect.


“the one who prophesies edifies the church” 1 Cor. 14:4



The Office of Prophet is like a Watchman of Compassion placed on a high wall to guard the Lord’s anointed and beloved. Prophetic voices are God’s Soldiers. They protect. They caution, but most of all they encourage.


“Give me what you command, and command what you will.”

~St. Augustine 


Prophesy can cause people discomfort, even when the prophet is not prophesying. There is alway that little feeling they know something about you or “what do they know”? Not all feel this way about those with this gift, but it’s a common experience that must go with the territory so to speak.


Prophesy is like a looking glass where the Lord gives glimpses into the future. It is a beautiful gift and we live in a day and age when the prophets need to arise and exercise their gifts. These Watchmen(and women)  of Compassion have a tremendous mantle and God delights to see all of His kids encouraged, loved and protected.


Let the Prophets arise!

January 16, 2019

What Is This Grace?

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It may not be your fault someone strongly dislikes you. But it is your fault what you do with it and how you handle it.

     Instead of anything—rest back in the Father’s heart. Unite your soul to His. Allow your Way Maker to breathe possibilities and positive inspirations to your soul.
     Relationships can be slippery. You don’t always know how people tick, what speaks to them and what sets them off. You may find out by mistake over and over again. They key to having healthy relationships is to always error on the side of Grace.
     Graciousness is what won the hearts of every inhabitant of Heaven. Grace is what births the “silver lining” of every dark storm cloud that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Graciousness is what gives rise to that incredible smile God blessed you with.
     Graciousness is what causes us to go the extra mile with each other. It’s the fuel that hinges together sister and brother, Father and Mother, Lovers, and society as a community collectively holding each other.
     Goodness in Grace is when our grace is laced with compassion that works like salve, patience that eases the soul and listening ears that seek to hear another’s heart.
     A Gracious heart never wants to see you hurt. Definitely doesn’t want you unhappy. Rejoices to see you laughing and gets giddy at the idea it had something to do with your laugh or your smile. It runs on the fuel called Jovial mile after mile.
     Grace is a form of love. It seeks no evil, harbors no malice and is enormously disinterested in strife. It cares more deeply for your well being than in being right. I guess that makes a characteristic of Grace also a humble disposition. There is great and supernatural power in bowing low. Not necessarily a body, but a heart, a soul, an inner man or woman, a mindset. Grace and Love crouch down knowing full well we are protected because Heaven holds our crown.
     I pray Heaven would stoop down for you today. I pray Heaven not be remiss in granting you Gracious Kisses and Splendor for all you do, every foot step planted and every thread of Hope and Vision your heart can carry…and then I hope it heaps on a bit more causing your hearts joy to move into overflow.
     The door for this blog page is closing. God is redirecting my pen to another level. I’ve enjoyed my time here with you. Not sure how many more posts it will have, it could be quite a few or it could have already been too many—
I’ve enjoyed it all.
Thank You.
Thank you for drawing near.
Thank you for having an interest in anything I’ve written or wanted to say.
Thank you for reading my poetic prose and hem in as my heart gushes via my pen.
     Reading with me means you received a slice of me and I hope it was a delicious treat enrapturing the soul.
Thank you for trusting me to bestow the wisdom of my experiences, my encouragement, my love and effort to refresh your soul here. The evidence of my Love is anchored in Heaven above. Get to know Him better.
     His Love is like the savor of a crystal blue sea. It looks tantalizing, but the Joy rises only when you dive in.
Abundant blessings…
May they shower over you.
My greatest wish is that this type of blessing would be one of deeper merit~it would be blessing of heart, mind and soul. The blessing would go to the places you truly dwell. The places you keep yourself in. The places you hide away. The home base of Divine and Infinite Peace.
God bless your heart.
I don’t know about you, but I fall more in love with Him every day.
What is this Love?
What is this Grace?
Hem in…you’ll see…
Broken & Brave

December 13, 2018

Quiet as a mouse.

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Chores, errands, running around.
Company party, office party, neighbors party, church party, family gatherings and an endless list of this and that. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and maybe the most exhausting or depressing time of the year for many.

How ever important it is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Has this list described you?
Has the fanfare, the party air, the festive lights and tantalizing treats distracted you or overwhelmed you in any way? Or maybe you’ve not been invited to a party, not a single one, no one remembered to send you a card or you are deeply missing someone you loved. Whether your sick in your body or fighting with your spouse, wayward children or a leaking roof on your house. Remain…

Quiet as a mouse.

Take a few moments, quiet ones, all to yourself.
If you have to wake up a bit earlier for that slice of quiet I hold so dear.
Morning may be best when you’ve had even the wee-est amount of rest.
Take a moment to drink Him in. Who?
That baby, that’s who.

He was born for you.
Just gaze at that face and imagine his embrace.


Portrait credits unknown

His Spirit descends down, he’s not overly dignified despite his enormous crown…Sovereign of all Eternity.
He stoops down.
He gathers low.
He whispers to your sweet spirit, heart and soul.

“You are adored”.

Light of the world.

Before the angels sang, while Mary still had sweat dripping from her face, a babe was born to Light the world and most of all, to Aluminate Hope for you.

Let His Beauty Come.
Let His Gentle Grace Cascade with glory over your face—
Just like the finger tips of the one you kiss.
His soul kisses you.
His heart marries you.
And all of this…

First began small and from a place of humble beginning, lonely nights created with danger…that sweet little boy lying in a manger.

He did it all for you.
Drink deep of His Cup.

May this day and this Holiday Season be magnificent for you.
May the dew of Heaven wet your brow with a kiss of the Holy Spirit and may you enter into His Rest and Comfort as never before.

You are adored.


**this song is a little rockin’ For my post about comfort, rest and focused time in the Lord…but it’s fabulous and the lyrics piercing and it’s the very song the Spirit is impressing in me to use. Enjoy! I know I love it♥️ ~N

November 28, 2018

Anything. . .

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Today, someone is feeling grateful for YOU. How awesome is that?

You are Special.

You are Wonderful.

You are Needed, Valued and Extraordinary.

Lips offer thanks to God for you and the offerings of your life.

Lay all your burdens down. The Breath of Heaven Rejoices over you. One of Heaven’s Heroes come true.

Life is a beautiful journey. Just because you’re being hard on yourself doesn’t mean that other people are hard on you. I wish you could see yourself like others see you!

You can do anything the Lord has put in your heart to do.
He will not leave you or forsake you.
In fact, He believed enough to die for you.
It all began one Christmas time.

Believe and Enjoy the ride❤️…



November 23, 2018

The Gratitude of Heaven

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The Gratitude of Heaven

Has it ever occurred to you that God is thankful? It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around that. But if He desires us to be full of thanksgiving then we must be filled with gratitude. The deeper we go in gratitude the more we become a reflection of Him. If we are reflecting Him, then thankfulness must be in Him. It is an attribute of His heart. With this, my mind naturally begins to think or realize something astounding and powerful…

God is thankful for you.
God is thankful for me…

I already understand His Love to a certain measure. But how can this be? He is God! Lofty, High and Lifted Up! Creator of all the heavens and the earth. But as it settles in my heart somewhere down deep I know it is His heart communicating this Truth to me. He is happy he made you. Let it sink in… In fact, I am quite certain that your heart makes His heart sing.

“Come, take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden light.”
Matthew 11:29-30

The Lord treasures your heart and is thankful for you. Don’t forget it.


November 19, 2018

Big Dogs

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Ever had somebody think you were mad at them when you weren’t? It can be frustrating to convince someone who has decided in their heart and are sure of a non fact.

But don’t we all do this to God over and over again? Don’t we betray our own heart and fail to show ourselves kindness because we expect the worse case scenario to unfold?

We place our expectations of the future on our experiences of the past. What a horrible mask the enemy has dealt to corrupt God’s Good Nature all so he can boast about how God has failed or forgotten to come through for you. But God’s nature is to never become frustrated. He is calm and carries His Peace extraordinarily well. He is decided upon you.

Friends, If this resonates with your heart at all, don’t fret, stand tall, I’ve got a good word for you.

When I was a child I had a series of negative experiences with dogs, big ones. Now, I am a petite and diminutive adult so you can imagine my stature as a young girl. I was always very tiny. A large dog can be quite intimidating for anyone just in size alone. But on top of this intimidation I had experiences of them taking my food, barking at me and I was even attacked by a dog when I was 9. I still have his fangs marked as a scar on my left leg—literally. So, as you can imagine, I am not a huge fan of dogs—All dictated by my experience I’m sure. But my family loves dogs! So we have only had two in our households 24 year existence, but both were off the charts amazing creatures. I have two points with this…

1) Maybe dogs aren’t so bad and I need to get to know each dog individually?
2) God knows my experience of past and my interpretations so he hand selected gentle giants of dogs who would be able to win my heart?

I’ve always considered number 2 to be of great truth.

So what do you face in your life? What giant or obstacle or fear is ruling your choices? What is your “Big Dog”? Are you hiding in a cave as David did avoiding Gods blessings or are you putting your foot in the River Jordan like Joshua and taking the land?

God is not mad at you.
God is not out to get you.
God has not forgotten you.
God cannot change his mind about you.
You may change, but he doesn’t.
God will care for your every circumstance. He also knows what you have been through, and he will delicately care for you and escort you like a perfect gentlemen into his plans for you. You have your own personal promise land. But you must walk the dessert to get to it. Take courage. Have heart. Take risks. Think and dream bigger than you ever have before. Be willing to do the absurd and ridiculous!

God’s Love is scandalous and his grace measured generous!
Wherever you go…
Whatever you do…
He is with you.
He loves to live inside your heart.
It’s his favorite home.
You are adored.

~Nicole 💖

“Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”
Col. 2:7

October 30, 2018


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True rest has to do with trust.
When we trust God for the day to day—moment by moment, we find our mind, our heart, our will in unison with His.

No matter the situation or circumstance we trust God to bless and protect and lift us up at His Appointed time.

You can rest in it.
You can trust it! ~Nicole🌹

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”
~Isaiah 30:15


September 27, 2018


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Hello there.

What an excellent day.
I hear it was Heaven made.

But what exactly does that mean to you?

For me…this is what it means. A Heaven made day means something different to everyone, but here’s a glimpse into my heart and what stirs me deeply.

I love the free expression my heart yields in His Presence. It is frequently found in my pen, but when I speak it is found there as well.

He brings out the best in me.

What brings out the best in you?

I am fully aware that I am fully Lover. I care deeply. Feel deeply. Experience richly and want the Source of it all to penetrate my heart in all—the big and the small. I want God to be a part of it all. I am fully invested. Because I am also fully resolute and stoic. Kind of an unusual mix. I’ve learned to embrace it.

How about you?

What stirs you?

Not what brings you success. Not what keeps trials at bay. Not what appeases others. What STIRS you? If you’re not stirred then it’s all for no good. Wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t want to just live, breathe, experience. I mean—I want all of those things. But what I really want is to be moved.

What moves you?
What inspires you?
What causes you to step up and out and find your real finesse?

Finesse. Everybody wants it. Everyone is drawn to it…but truth be told…not everyone has it.
It’s sort of one of those things you can’t duplicate. You have it, or you don’t.

But true finesse is MAGNETIC.

So what draws you?

I pray this day Heaven would draw you and penetrate your soul and increase the luster and shine on all that you do. I have a feeling there’s something magnificent still asleep within you, despite all the finesse that already seeps through.

Heaven is waiting…
It wants to experience your deepest finesse, too.

Can’t wait to see—
You were born for more.

This day, BE INSPIRED!



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