August 14, 2018

Set Up, Set Back or Poised for the Majestic?

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Does God “set people up” to be persecuted?

It’s really more of a rhetorical question. But maybe one worth asking oneself.

Most believing minds would be shocked and declare, “No! Absolutely not!” But maybe such thinking is without true thought or even a possesses a little religious nature.

The question literally just landed in my mind a few minutes ago as I got up to begin devotions. I immediately retrieved countless examples in my memory of the Bible that would suggest something to this nature would or could be true. I’m not suggesting any personal opinion, I am merely probing and pondering. I love thinking beyond the parameters of the norm or status quo mindsets.

Hear me, have eyes and ears to receive what I am saying, if God wants you to hear this you will. If God wants you to see this you will. If God wants you to believe this, you will. It’s not really up to me what you do or don’t believe—but it is up to me to properly use the spiritual gifts and insights the Holy Spirit has given me to make an offering that stimulates true exhortation, true prophesy (encouragement) to the Church.

Here are a few examples from the Word that come to mind without even doing any searching:

•Moses—raised by Pharaoh’s daughter, cast out for doing what he believed was right, but God uses it to send him back to Pharaoh to be an Advocate to the people. God allows Pharaoh’s heart to harden, persecute, soften, and put this cycle on repeat. Moses may not have been set up to be persecuted so to speak, but God asked him to do something that would require he walk through some persecution to obey and fulfill his call.

•Ruth—she was a foreigner who chose to stay in the liege of her Mother-in-Law, Naomi, and travel to a foreign land and live as a foreigner, outsider, and possibly un-accepted by many, and possibly rejected by the first of Kinsman Redeemer before being accepted by Boaz (who was God’s intended all along) as her True Kins-man Redeemer (a foreshadow and true ancestor of the coming Christ and what He would do for all people).

•Gideon—a man known for cowardice, yet hand picked by God to do something very brave and with few to no resources and people.

•David—a shepherd boys sent with some food to the frontlines to feed his elder brothers who were the declared warriors. The True Heart of a Warrior arose in a small one who took the reigns, stood up against impossible odds under threat of death and overcame. David’s story has other examples. How about the passage of scripture that suggests the Lord sent a spirit to entice David to take a census because God needed a reason to deal with the people? That passage is very disliked by religious minds. (2 Sam. 24:1; 1 Chron. 21:1)

•Elijah—that treacherous woman Jezebel.

•Mary—the Mother of Jesus. Chosen for Purity to carry the Chosen One, yet receiving a scarlet letter by her family and religious community for being impure.

•Jesus Christ—God the Father intentionally sent him to become a man of scorn so that others might live.

What do all of these martyrs have in common? Not all died a martyrs death, but all lived and breathed as martyrs of the faith. They possessed a stoicism that surpassed personal discomfort, physical pain, emotional pain, fear, persecution and temporal lack or loss to achieve something Greater. They understood where their true wealth, relationship and mentorship lie—in the Beautiful Hands of a Reigning King. (2 Cor. 11:2)

Jesus is everything.

The Holy Spirit brings an inner sanctuary no person can bring.

There is none likened to God.

The deeper you go into His Chambers, the more you have tasted and seen His Glory, experienced His Mercy, His Grace and felt His Holy Kiss on your face—the more you keep the eye on the prize and willingly ransom your own life for His.

The Church throughout history and even today is comprised of three types of people:

1. Attenders (go to church)

2. Disciples (those who actively pursue growing in the Lord and living to bring Him Glory)

3. Bond Servants (like Paul, the smallest category of Believer’s dwell here…those who have been commissioned by God to go the distance and understand the stakes are High, the sacrifice great, persecution and unfair treatment are a given—but the Almighty is their One Desire above all. Bond servants know they have been called as such and usually have had defining moments and encounters with God to receive such a calling)

A bond servant is a calling I believe. Their sacrifice is higher, but their intimacy with the Father is great. God always equips and carries us through whatever we are called to and all callings are great for all contribute to building a Kingdom of His Glory.

These are the thoughts on my heart this morning. God is always weaving and construction a glorious story of riches and splendor, but he has different instruments to weigh and measure and the heart is always his number one concern.

Where is your heart today? (Prov. 23:26)

What are you willing to give to the Lord if He should ask it? (Matt. 16:24-26)

What if He asked for your child? What if He asked you for all you own? What if He asked for your reputation? What if He asked for your livelihood? Your career? Your home and neighborhood? What if He asked for your spouse? Would you be willing? Would you take a step of faith toward God or would you shrink back? He may never ask you on painful levels for any of those things, but He might. Search your heart, Beloved. All God truly seeks is your genuine desire for Him, but then He requires our Faith and He recruits our blessings. (2 Tim. 2:3)

The Bride of Christ is Radiant. (Eph. 5:27) She beams. Her eyes sparkle with delight just as the Saviors. Her clothes are a rich garment of praise. Her destiny heavenly made. She walks the earth and is distributed about it clothed with every skin dimension, shape and color. She has many faces. She is a Mother. She is a Father. She is a Missionary. She is a Friend. She is a child. She is a Clerk. She is a Janitor. She is a Global Leader. She is homeless. She is a Teacher. She is a Garbage Truck driver. She is affluent. She is poor. But ultimately—

She is a Warrior.