March 20, 2018

Love Again

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Life has a way of dulling people’s senses. Over time we become a bit more unemotional, untouchable, we stop feeling deeply. We become guarded and we slip into a form of self protection that says “no one gets in”, speaking of our true residence that is-the heart. But as I read over the Love Chapter in 1 Corinthians 13 it tells me the many attributes of love. One attribute declares that “love trusts”. Repeat that? That’s right, love trusts. See-we can’t truly love without trusting. We must trust God and we must be willing to trust ourselves and others. So how do you do that? You do it in Love. The deeper we step into the heart and mind of Christ the more he will transform our life and change our thought patterns, heart motives and purposes to match His. He changes us and creates and new and soft heart in us that can forgive, that can mend, that can truly love again just as it did as a young child.

Keep your Hope alive, just like a little child! God has power to take everything you’ve ever walked through to counsel you, but still keep your heart just like new. You are a bonified walking, talking Miracle of God! He breathed breath in you and plans to see you through!



September 27, 2017


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Never Had a Better Friend

The Lord has striped me in many ways.

Yet, He preserves each and every one of my days.

He took away so much that mattered to me

and in the process grafted me more tightly into His Tree.

He drew me near and showered me with blessings from above.

He gave me increase in my capacity to Love.

He showed me His devotion and care

Yet I know He will not only stop there.

He took me as a seed and planted me in the Earth.

He provided the water of Salvation in Jesus

giving me second birth.

He rose from the grave and captured my soul.

So who am I to complain or be afraid of any foe?

He crowned me with splendor and His Grace crowns my head.

He asked me to walk this earth in an effort to revive the dead.

So many are abandoned and left without Hope.

Without Jesus they are left with no strength to cope.

They turn to drugs, violence, suicide and sin

Never gaining the purity of heart that can free them from within.

Who am I to complain when troubles cross my path?

For I have access to the very Throne of the One giving me life that will last.

Blessed Jesus, my Savior, Companion, my Friend

Who could turn from you, ignoring the battle within?

There is a day to day struggle that occurs

With in the hearts of all men.

Without Jesus, we are doomed to failure

in a battle that has no end.

Seek Jesus, the Savior, a Friend to all man.

Only He can take a shattered life, put it back together

And make it whole once again.

Seek, Jesus, the Savior, who was crucified and rose again.

He knows of your suffering, your loneliness and can take it from you, putting your misery to end.

Seek Jesus! Seek Jesus! I have never known another to be such a great Friend.