May 26, 2019

My Heart Be Still!

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When it is of the Lord—

God will always speak to your potential. He sees your true identity. The one washed in His Perfection and groomed for His Love. When God leads you into deeper levels of intimacy or higher levels of achievement, doing what you haven’t done before, though you may be challenged the challenge will be laced in love. The leadership of heaven leads with love. When the Holy Spirit convicts your soul to make changes or repent it will still be laced with love. When it’s God you ultimately feel better about yourself even when His finger is stirring our hearts. Stirring can be uncomfortable—but discomfort only lasts a night compared to the unspeakable Joy that overtakes your life.

The best way to be happy, find joy, and live a life marked by resilient, stoic and magnetic faith is to allow the Lord to examine us—

heart, mind and soul.

We bow down before our Maker. We humble ourself before our King. We drink of His Healing waters and we ask His Love to purge us of all that is not of Him.

Self examination can be challenging. Love can be painful. Loving others and ourselves requires a sacrifice.

Love until it hurts until there is no more hurt and only Love remains. (Mother Teresa)

Love washes and cleanses. Love gives the blind new eyes to see. Love rejuvenates the soul and gives the heart occasion to sing. Love is the Guidepost on your darkest of nights. Love is the still whisper that quiets your soul at night. Love is gentle, patient, humble and kind. Love engages.

Guard your heart, Beloved. Drown out the noise. Listen, intently, to the Voice of the Holy Spirit. If the words contain wisdom is one thing, but if the words of wisdom are laced with scriptural Love then they have been hemmed above and you will have a certain degree of edification in your soul.

Discernment is a tremendous blessing. Walk in wise counsel of the Holy Spirit. Life may be pulling you in many directions and giving you all sorts of advice. Be gracious-but only do as the Lord leads you. Unshakable pardon He makes everything right. He sees what we cannot. He shakes the earth and loosens the fruit from the trees. Every knee will bow eventually—that’s my King!


be still my heart

An exclamation that something is too exciting or overwhelming for one to bear; literally, that it is causing one’s heart to beat too fast. (

Prayer of Penance and Praise:

Abba God-

What a magnificent Father you are. You are a good Dad. You are gentle. Your eyes are kind. You soak up our laughter and you help us achieve and get after all the grand things of this life we must do. You do things with sway and ever abounding excellence. Engage our hearts to excellence in you. Keep us still just for this one profound moment. Your love make way to the roots of our identity. So then all that would flow from us, through us, over us would nourish us richly like liquid gold. Your love is like no earthly love ever known. You delight in your Created. Give us new eyes. Forgive us our small thinking and toughened hearts. Increase our capacity to give and live in love. Thank you for the sting of the Cross and the pain you endured just to prove your great love for us. We catch it today. We love you! Amen.

“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39.


January 27, 2019

Prophets Arise!☀️

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“Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.”


1 Cor. 1:4 (esv)

I love this scripture. It pretty much sums up the Law of Love. Love is the essence of all things Glorious. Love is formed from the womb of Heaven and used to emulate His Love.


The Prophetic Anointing is a Break Through Anointing.


Love came down.

Love bent His Crown.

Love stooped.

And loved scooped us up and cradled us within His Heart Chamber to bring rest to humanity.


Have you ever been around someone who carried such a level of Peace you felt peaceful in their presence? How about Grace? Do we measure out such an outpouring and overflowing of God’s Grace others can feel it drip from us?


Though the Old Testament offers a real showcase of impressive prophets, my favorite Old Testament Prophet was Deborah (Read about her in The Book of Judges).


She assured the King of Victory, but went to war with him. Warrior with his weapon and woman with the Word!


To have the Overflow of the Holy Spirit is to walk, live, breath and Love this way. It causes a Gentle disposition that works like fabric softener on the heart.


So what if this verse? Why should we desire to prophesy?


Prophesy is a spiritual gift that carries much responsibility. All of the gifts bear responsibility, none less important than another for by them we collectively become God’s All Star Team. I desire to honor all. But prophesy comes with the responsibility to have thick skin. To have courage. To have tight lips. Every knows loose lips sink ships.


“Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Psalm 41:3



The prophetic voice is a voice the Lord trusts with His Secrets. Prophesy can be used to specifically pray for other and to pray down assignments of the enemy of God. Intercessors frequently walk in the prophetic as they call down God’s Plans from Heaven. But the prophetic voice comes with much scorn. The Bible is clear that the prophet is persecuted. (Matthew 5:11)


Often times a prophet is labeled today’s villain and turns out to be tomorrow hero. The Bible says to judge prophesy for those will come who are false prophets. So the pure prophetic voice knows they must stick with the future, but endure today. It is a glorious gift, but also a difficult gift. But you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.



“Love should be your guide. Be eager to have the gifts that come from the Holy Spirit, especially the gift of prophecy.” 1 Cor. 14:1 (cev)


Many years ago the Lord penetrated my heart with the above scripture. He then attached a Word to it. It was a Word so simple I don’t even remember it—I only recall the verse. I was told to deliver the message to a specific individual. I knew who the person was, but I did not personally know the person so it was outside of my comfort zone. But I did it anyway as instructed from the Lord. The person just paused and looked at me for what seemed to be a whole lot of empty space—then they replied, “That scripture was the anchor verse of my morning quiet time.”


I had another occasion I could hear the Holy Spirit repeatedly tell me to go pray over a woman and then to blow my breath in her face. How awkward and weird does that sound? I really dug my heels a bit on that one, but I complied after much pressure of the Spirit. Don’t you know she began to cry and told me the most beautiful story and how my obedience encouraged her when she deeply needed it for she knew no one but the Holy Spirit would know why my blowing in her face would be confirmation.


On another occasion I was praying for a woman who just asked me to pray about a whole boat load of drama in her life. But when I began to pray the Spirit gave me a very specific prayer to pray about her heart and it had nothing to do with what she asked me to pray for. I felt so uncomfortable, but knew the Voice so I prayed and she said not a word about it…until about two weeks later she approached me and said, “How did you know I had a serious heart condition”? Then she proceeded to share about her doctors appointment and how everything I prayed came to pass.


And the stories go on and on…

Only God can take a timid, shy and meek child and birth a boldness like that. To God be the Glory. He selects the most unlikely candidates for victory.


So be encouraged.

You never know how God will use your obedience. How do you know if you have a prophetic gift? If you have it what do you do with it? What is it’s purpose?


Prophetic voices must be developed. They must be exercised or they struggle to grow. The prophetic mind must be guarded by the word of God at all times. Strict discipline to be in the Word AND communing with the Holy Spirit are imperative. This is a valuable gift for the Church to be used to exhort, to love, to encourage and to protect.


“the one who prophesies edifies the church” 1 Cor. 14:4



The Office of Prophet is like a Watchman of Compassion placed on a high wall to guard the Lord’s anointed and beloved. Prophetic voices are God’s Soldiers. They protect. They caution, but most of all they encourage.


“Give me what you command, and command what you will.”

~St. Augustine 


Prophesy can cause people discomfort, even when the prophet is not prophesying. There is alway that little feeling they know something about you or “what do they know”? Not all feel this way about those with this gift, but it’s a common experience that must go with the territory so to speak.


Prophesy is like a looking glass where the Lord gives glimpses into the future. It is a beautiful gift and we live in a day and age when the prophets need to arise and exercise their gifts. These Watchmen(and women)  of Compassion have a tremendous mantle and God delights to see all of His kids encouraged, loved and protected.


Let the Prophets arise!

April 12, 2018


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Can you feel the tug on your heart?

God wants his time with you.

I pray today you would begin to trust the Lord more than you ever have before.

Sink deep in his chest.
Let him wrap his strong arms around you and yield to your soul complete Peace and Rest.
Be blessed with the Kindness of Heaven.

Soak it in.
Drink deep.
Get some sleep.
You’re going to need your strength for the journey and adventures God plans for you to take.
Be touched by his heart to yours. May he lead you beside still waters and vanquish all that would siphon the flow of the Spirit in your life.

It is a marvelous life~
But only when God is in it does it yield the extraordinary.

Fortify your hope. Let there never be any complaint on your lips. May you forever experience the bliss and peace of knowing God can handle all of it. He just wants you closer. He wants to speak to you. May you hear His voice more clearly than ever before. May his Sovereign hand rule your every decision and guide your steps. He is a faithful companion…
The best of friends…to the end.

This is my prayer for you today.
The besotted of heaven admires you and longs to inspire you.
He knows exactly what he has wired you to do. You can withstand it all. Comfort of Heaven now over you fall.

Allow yourself to be Overwhelmed with Goodness…



February 21, 2018


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“He makes his messengers winds, his ministers a flaming fire.”
Psalm 104:4

You can never observe the supernatural with natural eyes and understand what you see.

It won’t look right.

it won’t look right because we’ve not seen it before. It won’t fit into any category of our mind’s frame, our common sense or main stream opinion. It will have a flavor uniquely all its own. It will set ablaze every heart in its path…

Ablaze with true grace, liberty and freedom of soul.

A Fire woken up inside of the hearts it touches, a soul at rest yet never again will it sleep.

His Fire never sleeps and it guards fiercely those He intends to keep…

…in Perfect Peace.

Do not shy away from His Fire. Though it may heat you through, it will never burn you. There will be no smell of smoke upon you. But rather a Glorious Aroma will rise from within you.


February 19, 2018


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The truest generosity, frequently, has little to do with financial wealth.

Sometimes the greatest blessings don’t come out of a place of prosperity. Do not discount yourself from being a tremendous blessing in the life of another. Some of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known, most generous people I have every known, were not wealthy. They understand that when a well is pumped, it doesn’t run dry…it replenishes. Those who are faithful with what they have, receive more…until there is abundance. So, don’t be discouraged! Give generously of yourself!

Sometimes a smile, a note or a friendly hello is all another needs to flow into their potential.
Get invested! ~Nicole

“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal…”
Matthew 6:20

February 9, 2018

YAH can do it!

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“For YAH, the Lord, is my strength and song; He also has become my salvation. Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” Isaiah 12:2-3

When you find an exercise program you love you keep doing it. For me, I love to lift heavy weights and I love to sprint. I re-racked my weights and thought to myself how much I love to lift heavy. But there is someone else who loves to lift heavy things as well. He can lift your every care, trouble and sorrow and replace it with hope for tomorrow. He can carry you in every way. There is no load to heavy, he can lift it all…even the Cross.

Lean on Him. He is the lifter of heavy burdens and He is the lifter of souls.

Trust Him…Everything is going to be alright! ~Nicole

September 13, 2017

Wrapped Up

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“The LORD wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent.”
Psalm 104:2

Oh Lord, may we wrap ourselves in your light and adorn ourselves in your garment. With you we can scale the tallest mountain or swim the depths of the sea. When we abide in you we are like the roots of a tree planted deeply and drinking from the depths of your Living Water. Bless each of your children today as they bless others. ~Nicole


June 21, 2017

Heart of a Champion

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To Champion a heart is not about how we feel, but it is always about how we plan to make others feel.

I think that’s pretty awesome!

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have Peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

Bathe your heart in thanksgiving and perfume your soul with Hope. It will give off the most pleasing aroma that makes the world want to know!

People all around us are desperate for Hope and desire freedom from depression or sadness of heart. They long for True Peace, but far to many are eluded by it.  Pay attention and see who God has maybe sent you to encourage! You may just possess just the right amount of blessing that adds flavor to the lives of others like a tantalizing dressing to the fruits of the spirit in this life!

Rise up and count yourself blessed!

God will give Himself no rest until He sees you through all that puts your heart, mind and soul to do. He sees the stellar Champion within you.

There is no greater Champion Builder than God Himself! He is with you, encouraging you as you go.

So rise up, Champion, and take this day! …

Its yours!



April 13, 2017

A Highway Built of Words

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“The one who guards his mouth preserves his life…”
Proverbs 13:3

What is dripping from your lips? Think of your words as a highway…

A week ago I was driving with a friend up in the Motherlode of Northern California. If you haven’t been there it is breath-taking with beauty. Steep ravines and every kind of evergreen. Absolute Majestic Beauty. As we drove I mentioned to my friend of the roads. I thought of all the pioneers who blazed these trails and paved them as well. High power lines added to increase the reach of electricity. So much progress, so much work! I had heart felt gratitude in that moment for the tireless dedication of those who built up the highway.

Your mouth is a highway. Courteous, kind and positive truths will lay a sure foundation for you. Negativity, complaining and gossip will pave for you a crooked highway full of potholes and gravel. Choose your words wisely and you will notice it will affect your self talk as well. You will feel lighter, as though you were gliding through the obstacles given to each day. You will experience deeper Joy and gratitude. It’s not always easy, but if we can build amazing physical highways, then we can speak them as well! ~Nicole


I actually wrote this piece above in 2015, but just came across it in my files this morning. I thought it so appropriate for today given some conversations I was able to have with some women yesterday about gossip and how they want to avoid it or not listen to people who are prone to it. After all, the average person doesn’t think they are gossiping, they are just “sharing” or “processing” a situation. But the truth is that gossip and unhealthy words, negativity and complaining compel themselves into our minds and influence our perceptions. The more negative our thought life the more skewed we receive anything–even love, kindness and encouragement. It created a negative bent and creates arguement where there is no argument occurring. It is a devicive spirit and must be ruled in the mind, heart and mouth.

Your future is locked inside of you, waiting to be released and become reality in your life. The Power, the direction, the Path that future unfolds is so greatly hinged on our words. We speak what we want to see and then watch it unfold. It truly can become an expression of the Creative Miracles of Heaven when we use this tremendous gift of Heaven wisely.

You can’t out encourage God. You cannot out love Him either. His heart is completely draped with adoration of His Creation, You. He is too good, too faithful, too kind to not completely envelop you with love. But He will let us learn how to walk, how to pave that Word highway and walk out the path we create. He will bless us inspite of us, because He longs to be good to us. I don’t know about you, but I desire my full measure of blessing, God’s best for my life. Don’t settle. Dare to dream God has abundance for you! It may all begin with your mouth and how you handle the terrain of your everyday–the good and the bad–and the things that make you happy or sad. No more laps in the wilderness like Moses and the Israelites of the Bible Book of Exodus. You can begin today.

The expression of your life is your statement to the world. Let love and positive, edifying words be the exclamation point. 💜