June 10, 2019

Grace, Gratitude & Growth

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“How blessed is the one whom You choose and bring near to You

To dwell in Your courts.

We will be satisfied with the goodness of Your house,

Your holy temple.” Psalm 65:4

You are exceptional.

God knew why he picked you all along.

His Providence Prevails.

You have a style and way all your own. You are needed, right here, right now. You have much to offer. You are loved, cherished and greatly esteemed. But God knew all of this when He created you.

God will never ask you to do something He hasn’t personally equipped you for. Your struggle builds who you already are. You are His canvas and with yielded intent-He can create a masterpiece of you. He wants to display you proudly for His view. Believe it or not, He longs to look at you like His favorite work of art. Do not deny Him the gift of bringing out your colorful hue. Organic are God’s thoughts toward you.

When we release what’s in our hand, God replaces it with something even better!

Sometimes we must remain patient and wait. And sometimes He does it immediately. But either way, when you know in your heart beyond any shadowy dark place what awaits on the other side—you tackle any terrain resisting fear, in-trepidation or intimidation and yield fully to God’s plans for your life. There is beauty in surrender.

Hold tight. God knows exactly what He is doing. He is the God of Perfect Timing. The gates of hell oppose and oppress because they’ve become a hot mess with worry over the threat you bring to their darkness. Take it as a compliment, your Lord sure does!

Have a Marvelous Monday and I pray all that is mediocre in your life would step aside and make way for God’s Great Love and Success.

Today has the power to be like none other. Follow Heaven’s lead!



May 19, 2019

Calamity Proof Faith

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A Message For Friends Feeling Blindsided by Life—

Uncertain times are a blessing in disguise. It is God’s way of giving us the opportunity to show Him we’re not just lip service. We really do trust Him!♥️

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

Just trust Him one day at a time.

That’s truly all He is asking you for.

Moment by moment.

Minute by minute.

Strength to strength.

Glory to glory.

He is writing you an ever powerful story!

You can trust Him!

He is the Source of All for All!

Absolute confidence in HIM!

You’re going to be just fine.

You just might be a Planet Shaker

I woke this morning with a very specific word flowing through my heart and my mind—

Champion, Difference Maker, Advocate—Ardent Defender of People and Purpose.

No matter what each individual life holds, It’s not in the easy Champions show their eagle feathers, it’s in the ditches, the trenches and in the just plain hard.

Rise up Champions!

You are alive in Christ.

God has a plan for your life.

The Spirit is large within you.

Show off those eagle feathers and be a Champion. Be a Defender just as I encourage you Christ intends to continue to defend you. Contend for the faith for you are here for such a time as this!

<Nicole 😉🙏🏼


God, forgive us for our lack of faith. Forgive us, we repent for every decision made that didn’t include you. Help us choose your path. Help us recognize truth. Help us hone our gaze and take our place beside your Throne–never above you, but always at your feet. Heal us now. Take a broken people and stand them up as your chosen vessels of hope. We are you collective and electric conduit of faith. You are always first and never the last. You sit on a Throne Eternal and you shall receive all the praise!

Now–this day, move us away from every detail of life that is derailed or spinning in circles. The only movement and momentum we will receive is that which propels us forward. For by your stripes, we are healed! Amen

Now Worship:

May 17, 2019

There Is A Miracle In Your Mouth

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Every human has a spirit that dwells in the soulish region of our body. The soul is the heart of who you are. Every person longs to fill it. Each man or woman, boy or girl, may fill it differently. God gives gifts to all mankind, it’s up to us what we do with it.

You have a priestly anointing and a prophetic anointing. Most dwell in the priestly anointing. For example, you go to church, you read the Word, you pray and practice your faith. Priestly anointing. But then there is the prophetic anointing! Most neglect this anointing because they don’t understand it. Because they don’t understand it, they reject it. People always reject what they fear.

The prophetic anointing surrenders the heart to reach beyond circumstance, physical facts and acts according to what the future holds. Your prophetic anointing helps shape your future. You speak what you want to see and take actions steps in belief that it will happen. You trust God with timing and circumstances, but you do not shrink back or waiver in your belief. You stay plugged into it. God is the Power Source that fuels the ambition and changes the conditions to create the opportunity for it all to fall into the right place no matter how tight the space. This kind of atmosphere is where Creative Miracles begin to exist…Signs and Wonders appear…and people from miles around begin to draw near.

God loves the prophetic because that’s where the “magic” is.

“Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives–especially the ability to prophesy.” 1 Cor. 14:1

Does it all sound a bit odd to you? Really? Just look at the life of Noah. God spoke it. He believed it. It conceived something great in his heart and soul. He began to do what was required to make the dream a reality. I imagine he was asked thousands of times what he was doing. What did he say? Every time he spoke of it he was casting vision for the people. No one saw his vision or received it…until the rain came.

There are countless examples of modern day people who lived a life full of success that was birthed out of deep duress. They believed in the dream and pursued it with their everything. They told others what they saw for their future, where they were going…they knew with all their heart it was a future worth knowing.

Your future is inside of you. It is up to you to hone your focus. Be decided. Get Intentional. Purpose your choices. Take action steps…and have a nearly blind ambition to achieve what you were placed on this planet to do. YOU are a Planet Shaker and the Kingdom of Heaven just may be counting on you. You’ve got tremendous Legacy within you. You are hemmed into something extraordinary. God is raising up those who are hemmed in right beside you. We hold each other and God holds us.

Get excited!


“By faith Noah, having been divinely instructed concerning the things not yet seen, having been moved with fear, prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that is according to faith.”

Hebrews 11:7

Exhortation of Blessing~

The Lord of all of heaven spotted you. He took one look and was Besotted and could see what others maybe couldn’t see–their loss, because when He looked at you, He looked through a Cross and He knew Abba had spoken and secured your exact DNA. He put a word in your mouth because He had something for you to say, someplace for you to go, someplace for you to be. And the heavens stirred with delight. “Magnificent!”, He declared.

It all started there.

Despite the wandering years where you maybe wondered if He could hear.

He heard you and was dialed heart to heart to you,

a Divine Connection from heaven.

You are set apart.

There is a mark of glory on your brow.

You are a custom fit for a season and space nothing on earth could erase.

You have overcome much, but there is an assignment from heaven that will absolutely assault and overthrow the powers of darkness. The Enemy may fight you, but God will continue to be delighted in you. You’ve got the sword of the spirit and a shield and buckler designed large to cover the width and depth of your mantle.

Reach for the stars, Beloved.

Cascade beyond the clouds.

Meet up in the heavens.

Bask in the Love Eternal.

Suite up, Soldier.

You are a splendid ambassador of goodness.

Hope filled! Let’s go!

Take the day~


May 15, 2019

This Day I Pray~

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This day…

Help me, Lord to rest in your confidence, Truth and will.

Equip me to remain ever at peace in my heart, mind and soul.

Stir my heart and it’s devotions more deeply toward you.

Everything I am able to do is because of you.

May I abide in Christ and love more. Not to love as I know I can and have been able to love in the past.

Not to love as I wish too-

But to love as you do.

Head to toe, heart and soul, you’ve always got more of the good stuff my heart and soul long for.

You are Good. So Good.

You are Splendid. Splendid indeed.

May I lie at your feet on the threshing floor as Ruth did-

waiting for the Kinsman Redeemer to bring forth an Abundant Harvest of your Good Promise?

My King of kings- I love you more.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3

***Poetic Prose of Prayer and Praise. I script my heart and personal prayers on page as a guide post to gain deeper intimacy in Christ.

He is waiting for you to go deeper in Him…

What are you waiting for?


April 29, 2019

What Do You See?

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“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

James 1:17

He is constant. He is continual. He is Penial. He is Purposeful. He is large and in charge for every care right down to every little hair of your head. His Love is energy. His Love is a Mantle of Prophesy. His Voice brings clarity to the undecided heart. His Love mends brokenness and gives without putting your love to the test. His Love is in every detail.

Without fail. You’re going to prevail. If His eye is set on the beauty of the sparrow and its little wings as they take flight. Imagine what He can and is willing to do for you in less than a fort night.

Get excited!


April 24, 2019

My God!

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“I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for He speaks peace in His faithful people.” Psalm 85:8

His wisdom has no measure, His greatness is Infinite. No mind can grasp Him, yet every heart can hold Him.
That’s my God!
He is above all. He is the Bridge for every gap or lack. He is the all time greatest Vision Caster and Dreamer. He is awesome beyond measure.
That’s my God!
He knows all, can do all, Repairer of Broken Walls and Restorer of streets without dwelling. He can take the shaken, forsaken, the broken and He can make them Unbreakable! He looks at the devil and laughs.
That’s my God!
So why do we look to man made means of fixing things when He is a Divine Protector, Legislator, Personal Rights Investor?
That’s my God!
He gives strength to the weak and power to the powerless.
That’s my God!


The Lord is so proud of you my friend. He causes the hearts of man to be proud and favorable toward you as well. He carves a path over and above any circumstance to drive your heart deep into Living Waters. God will sustain you, quench your thirst and satisfy your soul. He knows your very need and you are adored.

What an honor to witness God give you His best to express all the love and compassion your heart holds. He sees capacity and He will expand and give you more. Let it flow over all you see…

Beloved, know how much Heaven loves you. It’s such a blessing to see how God blesses the ones His heart is smitten for.

Have a gorgeous day. There may not be anyone to tell you that today, so let me do it. Heaven has marked a specific path for you and God gets excited when He thinks of all the amazing benefits in store for you. You have been custom fit for a specific time and space. No one can replace you! There is nobody quite like you.

Today, the trees will sway for you! The sun, moon and stars will sparkle for you. This is only the beginning of what God has in store for you.

Put that in your pocket and revisit these thoughts through out the day. Let it all put a smile on your face!


May you find the Beauty of Heaven…Discovered.

April 17, 2019

Love Un-Tombed

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When loves walks in you can feel it…

Unfortunately only women will able to relate to this, but if you’ve ever been pregnant you know what I mean. Once the baby in gestation gets to around the 16 weeks you may begin to feel the baby move. As the baby grows the feelings get stronger and you can literally discern the shape of the baby. My oldest had her toes wrapped around my ribs for the entire third trimester and I could caress the heel of her foot quite discernibly. I knew what it was.

This is extremely exciting, it never got old with each of my pregnancies, even when uncomfortable, I was too in love too mind. I knew what I carried inside and I knew what I was going to get to hold.

The same is true with the Love of Heaven. It may take some time for God’s Love to penetrate a hurting soul or regions of the heart so buried they become completely unknown—but He is Gentle and Kind so He takes His time as to not make it too painful.

How can Love be painful?

Love is…

Love is all things good and pure and patient and sacrificing, giving of self for the benefit of another. Caring for another more supremely than caring for self. Love requires risk. Love requires trust. Love requires the humility to accept it. It can be hard to accept love especially when it comes with great sacrifice. But love gives…if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be love.

Love is all things lovely and golden.

Love will win you heart and soul and draw you in.

Love will compel you to want to change.

Love will watch over and protect you and compel you to do the same for others.

Love is gracious and forgiving when wrong is done.

Love has merit.

Love will go the distance.

Love wins, hands down, every time.

So if it’s so glorious to be loved why is it so hard to accept? Why does God sometimes take His time with it?

Love is like a flower. It begins as a seed and must be watered. The soul must have the right nutrient balance for optimal growth. The storms of life strengthen the tiny and tender stem to give it a resilience it is going to need further down the road. Love will bask the petals with sunshine and grow the roots deeper through all the soot the fires of life have brought. And as it grows, Love is patient. Love knows what’s coming and that blossom is worth the wait. Just like a Momma with her babe in the womb…just like Mary, belly full bloom, anxiously awaiting her Prince.

The Prince of Peace is coming for you. He was born in a manger surrounded by scandal and, well, feces. I bet the scene was pretty smelly. Not all that glamorous and definitely not the five star palace due His Worth. But He came and His Mother knew all she had been through—He was worth it.

The angels came and they sang sweet melodies to their King.

What is blooming inside of you?

Do you know how extraordinarily loved you are? There’s just something compelling and attractive inside you, like a magnet, pulling down God’s Love. The King of Heaven has taken great notice of you. He wants to bless you through and through.

Love takes time. He can wait, but for Mary’s sake, Love walked in and saves the day. He will save your days too, every one because Love Rescues.

So drink deep of love today.

Allow it to influence all you do and say. You are a beacon of His Light and oh how lovely you shine bright! Your branches are strong. Your limbs can carry what He’s given you. And just look at those blooms. Heaven looks mighty fine in you.

Happy Holy Week. The Breath of Heaven was encased, but then released by Loves Amazing Grace. Un-Tombed for you—

God created you for splendid things.

Wise men still seek Him.


March 29, 2019

Fire to the Flood

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“Then he said to his servant, “Go and look out toward the sea.”

1 Kings 18:43

In this passage we read how Elijah called forth in faith a Mighty rain storm. He prayed and prayed with his head down low until a small, non-intimidating cloud appeared. And as that cloud drew near, a Mighty storm unloaded water to a dry Kingdom.

Is your life experiencing lack or dryness? Are you thirsting for more? Your more can be any of a myriad of things. More groceries for your family. More gas in the car. More pay at your job. More time off from your job to spend with those you love.

More. More. More….

God is prepared to be your More.

When trials come, and they always do, you may have to pass through the Fire to get to the Flood.

But I promise you, Dear One—

Not even a stench of smoke will be residue on you. Instead, you will emit a pleasing aroma. So relaxed and calm you will be in Holy Serenity people may even mistake you for being sleepy or tired. But instead, they will be experiencing a heart Alive and on Fire!

The deeper and broader your Faith grows the more the One it is Anchored to will lead you out into uncharted waters, gaining new territory, and creating living proof that all things are possible with God.

So go ahead…

Step into the Blaze.

Put a smile on your face.

Drink it in…

Your experiences are casting vision for your future.

The Fire is not your home, but the prophetic mantle within you kind of likes the Fire. It’s not afraid of the Fire. Because you’ve been trained on how to walk through the Fire to get to God’s Garden Flood of Delight. Lush looks good on you.

He will bring you respite.

Sorrow only last but a Night.

New Hope.

New Joy—

New, New, NEW! Joys come in the morning.

He is the One who makes all things new and I think it looks marvelous on you.

So hold tight and watch the Holy One of Heaven burst on the scene like a Mighty Storm cloud and wash away every care, trouble and cleansing giving new birth, new life, new joy, new season. The soil beneath your feet with sustain you.

Square your shoulders. Though they carry a lot—God knows just how to rub the right spot and bring supernatural relief even in the midst of deep sorrow or grief. It’s truly His pleasure to relieve you.


“When you pass through the waters,

    I will be with you;

and when you pass through the rivers,

    they will not sweep over you.

When you walk through the fire,

    you will not be burned;

    the flames will not set you ablaze.”

Isaiah 43:2

March 17, 2019

Sweet Inspiration

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A person who is well loved is better able to go out and love EVERYONE better.

Doing good and being good are good. But what stirs God’s heart is when we “love good”–

Learning to love like Jesus should go deeper everyday.

Live like you are loved.

Im not talking about human love—

But, of course, human love makes such a profound difference.

This is why we are commissioned to love, first our God (He is to be our first love) and then our neighbor as ourself. Who is our neighbor? Everyone outside of ourselves!

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.‘ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31

But when you understand…

I mean TRULY understand that you were created in love.

Made from love—

Because being created in the image of God, owning a portion of His Identity, knowing and embracing this at the core of your being causes a beautiful effect.

A butterfly effect, that creates a wave of intention the globe over.

When you know who’s you are you will begin to tap into who you are.

You don’t need to borrow anyone’s identity. Because that would make a mockery of who God intended you to be. Knowing who you are, your DNA, your very ID for Eternity does something majestic…

Here are a few characteristics of someone who knows who they are in Christ:

🦋You are or become secure. Because when the Love makes residence within you, you begin to rest in it, trust it.

🦋You are able to celebrate others because you know God celebrates you. His celebrations of you always feel more fabulous anyway. So you begin to embrace being celebrated as well if this is something you struggle with.

🦋You are not threatened by someone else because you know their gifts and abilities are only meant to compliment yours—

No one else like you!

🦋You understand that His Anointing has no shortage. It’s not going to run out. He won’t leave you or forsake you. God simply doesn’t quit on us!

🦋You will understand that it’s never about you, only about Him.

🦋You understand your need for others—

God has deep love for community.

So go ahead, understand how incredibly loved you are. God sees all of you, both the good and not so good, but He chooses to glory in your good. He loves and lives for your good. You are His Prime Candidate and He wants to see you live Victorious. And that’s a part of Him you can never repeal.

You can reject Him.

You can forsake Him.

You can neglect Him.

You may even feel undeserving of Him–

But none of this will change the fact that He is real and He has pardoned a great deal just to have friendship with you and He refuses to remember that which is forgotten.

So go ahead—

Live fully as you are loved fully.

Because God loves you fully, that means I love you fully too.

You. Are. Loved.

Savor that today.

I pray a blessing over you that washes every ounce of you in His bathing salts of love.

You are Pure.

You are Holy.

You are set apart for Greatness. There is Grace and Love and Greatness abundant over you. Shower in it.

Lavish your heart in it.

Endure it—because love like that is weighty.

Believe in it—Because it cost Christ everything.

Feast on it—because it is the most delicious meal you will ever have. Enjoy it—because, well, simply said—

this love is indulgent.


He is a God of Discipline, but He is also a God of Pleasure.

Good as Gold…

You are.


February 21, 2019


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“He makes his messengers winds, his ministers a flaming fire.”

Psalm 104:4

You can never observe the supernatural with natural eyes and understand what you see.

It won’t look right.

it won’t look right because we’ve not seen it before. It won’t fit into any category of our mind’s frame, our common sense or main stream opinion. It will have a flavor uniquely all its own. It will set ablaze every heart in its path…

Ablaze with true grace, liberty and freedom of soul.

A Fire woken up inside of the hearts it touches, a soul at rest yet never again will it sleep.

His Fire never sleeps and it guards fiercely those He intends to keep…

…in Perfect Peace.

Do not shy away from His Fire. Though it may heat you through, it will never burn you. There will be no smell of smoke upon you. But rather a Glorious Aroma will rise from within you.


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