September 14, 2017

The Nest Egg

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One of the best feelings in the world is to be excited ON Life. The key is all about Expectancy. What you expect is usually what you get. So why not EXPECT the BEST?

I got into a conversation with one of my clients the other day about my grandfather. My client is an elderly and extremely affluent widow. She’s sharp and sassy and all things classy.

My grandfather passed away many years ago now, but the memory of him is fresh with me. I had and still have a special place in my heart earmarked for that man and his wife…my grandmother. She passed a good number of years before he did. When she passed –widowed women came out of the woodwork for him. We were all shocked. Not at their interest, he was wonderful, just how these old ladies were behaving. My grandfather was wonderful on countless levels. He wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he possessed an incredible mind with the power of imagination harnessed to good sense and wisdom and ingenuity. He was an example my entire young life of what possibility thinking looked like. No one connected the dots for me and explained that was who he was or how he thought and why that was admirable. I just witnessed it…was attracted to it…and tucked it in my heart little by little my entire life to the point when he died. It was after he passed that all the dots of my life began to connect and I realized what an amazing gift this man was for me on even deeper levels.

He was a real example of extraordinary faith. He never attached Bible verses, chapter and verse, to all that belief. He just believed. It was who he was. On his death bed his mind was sharper than ever at 86 years old. It was his heart that was failing. Lying in that hospital bed he continued to campaign with the doctors to consider a heart transplant. He just knew he had more life left in him and wasn’t ready to go. He wasn’t hysterical or panicky. He was using every ounce of charm and leadership capability etched within to try and influence that doctor! He was zealous and passionate and…wonderful.

One of the things my grandfather would always say was, “Don’t touch the nest egg.” Always! So much so my mom has a photo of him framed in her office, the frame in the shape of a purse. My grandfather was very good with money. He and my grandmother had the most darling little house (it was so little!) in Southern California. It had 3 bedrooms and one bath. It had a spectacular backyard and pool house though! He purchased that home for $11,000. Can you believe that? Times have changed for sure, but he bought that house and raised his family there. He made money, he saved money and he invested wisely.

He and my grandmother loved to travel, but she was afraid to fly. So they invested in an RV, they always had an RV as far back as I can remember. They would travel any place they could drive. But outside of that he didn’t overspend. He didn’t have a million and one toys. He lived simple and he prospered.

After my grandmother died and he survived all the widows, lol, he met a lovely, strong and independent woman who had been widowed, too. She also loved to travel, but wasn’t afraid to fly. So for the final season of his life he literally explored the world. He sold his house and made an enormous profit and moved to Santa Barbara. But he didn’t buy a bigger and better house, he lived simple and socked away some more “nest egg”.

My grandfather invested, saved and put his blessings away. He enjoyed his life, he didn’t go without or have martyr-like poverty thinking or dwelling. He had expectancy. He knew he’d get a good return on every wise investment. He didn’t touch his nest egg because he was investing in his future blessing. He was investing in the future blessing of his entire legacy. He did nothing to harm it. He protected it.

We can all learn a little lesson from my Granddad. Your nest egg very well may be financial, but this analogy is not limited to money or fiscal matters. Your nest egg is every little thing that you invest, sacrifice, protect for your future life account. Sometimes you have to give a little up now so you can have more later.

God has richly invested in you. He has given you gifts, talents and abilities that are completely unique to you. He has carved a path for your journey and promised that you would know the way to go for he’d be right behind you and beside you whispering direction in your ear. He’s got a vaulted nest egg investment in you. He plans to make a good return on his investment. It’s time for you to believe it to…

“Lord, thank you for today. I expect it to greet me with such awe and amazement, I will be wishing I were twins to contain it! Amen!”

What will you expect? ~Nicole

“You will decide on a matter, and it will be established for you, and light will shine on your ways.” Job 22:28

(Photo taken of my grandparents on their 40th wedding Anniversary out boating at Catalina Island. They were married for 52 years before my grandmother died)



August 10, 2017

By Design

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“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.”
-Michael Jordan

Fill yourself up with good stuff every day. Invest in yourself. It will be a quality investment yielding a multiplied return over and over. Not only enriching yourself, but spilling over into the enrichment of lives around you near and far. You never know who your life will touch-so be ready at all times. Commit to excellence in the least of things and the greatest of times. God is on your side. He can take your tiniest effort and explode it exponentially MAGNIFIED BY DESIGN!

Students of Life learn something new every day. Challenge yourself. Surround yourself with people who will add value and help you become more. God will use it to open for you doors that you never imagined to knock on. Life is a gift, have a zest for living! ~Nicole

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” Eph. 2:10