January 30, 2018


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Sometimes God will bring people into our life to teach us how to never give up on anyone without a fight.

People all over are in the fight of their lives. Some are weary, worn and homeless. While others are weary, worn, forlorn and living a five star life. There is a steep contrast between the two types of individuals I just described, but deep inside each one is thankful for the blessing of each breath that keeps them alive-but even in a high powered world-when hopelessness sets in nothing will leave a soul more disturbed.

My city has some of the most lucrative and influential people living in it. I could name a few, but would like to protect their privacy. My city also has some of the most impoverished and down right dejected and poor individuals in my state.

I was driving down a main thoroughfare of my town yesterday, taking one son to practice, another to a class and I was headed to workout a stellar group of ambitious and tenacious ladies who have found a passion for fitness. But on my way, I passed under an overpass that holds train tracks. These tracks are state property, so the tiny crevices of sidewalk upon the bridge are state land as well. This makes it a great attraction to the homeless population. Because the local authorities cannot do anything to kick them out or shoo them away. So they get to stay all month before Th state police come in and clean the place out, kick them out…then they clean it up and the homeless return again, but to a clean “house”.

Last night I noticed one of the little tents was on fire! As I drove by I felt so helpless. I hoped the person got out and was safe. Why did the fire start? It wasn’t a raging fire, but clearly some of their blankets to make their tent had burned. Were they smoking? Making a fire to stay warm? The nights skies has been beautiful but cold of late with temps in the 30 degree range.

Why are we so quick to give up on people? All people, not just the homeless? Why do we write people off or make major decisions about them without ever really even speaking to them or getting to know them? How come a person can see a straggly dog on the sidewalk and practically crash their car to get to that animal so they can tend it, love it and find it a new home, sometimes their own home? Why do people see a beat up couch or chair on the side of a road or in a second hand store and think to themselves, “I could make something of that item. I can see its potential”?

Why is it so hard for the human race to see potential in people?

I have my opinions, but I’m sure the reasons and answers are as unique as each human life. But ultimately-it costs more to see potential in people and love others “up”. It costs time, it costs resources, it costs convenience because helping others is always inconvenient. But mostly it requires an emotional investment I wonder if modern day America is really even equipped to provide anymore? We live in such a throw away society. Let’s reassess and address our need to love others a little harder, a little stronger and with a little more purpose, effort and zeal. People matter. Christ died just to communicate that every life, every soul mattered.

You matter.
Wrap your soul around that one. Someone was willing to die for you.