January 1, 2021

2021 Strong

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If you want to be excellent at something you study excellence. You practice the required disciplines. You show up every day, every moment regardless of how you feel. Obstacles challenging you? Find a way to overcome them by working a little harder, a little smarter and rising to the occasion with a flame in your heart and an unmatchable cadence to your pace. Don’t forget! A smile on your face that cannot be erased!

Every ounce of 2020 has equipped and prepared you for this upcoming New Year.

You’re ready to take it on! 🎉

Make 2021 your best! -Nicole❤️

P.S. I am pointing to my weight vest in the photo. Just like how adding weight makes you stronger, difficulties of life also make you stronger—if you embrace it! Live Strong!♥️

December 30, 2020

Nutrition Tips

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When you realize just how valuable you are, you gain appreciation for the balanced importance of self care. So take care, You!


Use a smaller plate. This will control portion sizes.

Avoid having “treats” or “splurge” foods in the house.

Drink water before a meal.

Choose foods which are similar to what you would normally consume, but substitue a healthier alternative. For example, swap brown rice for white rice.

Identify obstacles or your personal “triggers” that are preventing healthful food choices.


Write down the number of calories consumed to maintain a caloric deficit. You have to be in a deficit to lose weight, even if what you eat is healthy.

Determine calorie consumption targets (what you can eat and still be in deficit). I recommed you track your calories with a food journal-on paper or with an app.

Identify what makes it hard to choose the right foods or to stick to a nutrition plan.

Have a back-up plan. This will help to avoid getting derailed. Avoid keeping foods in the house you know you can’t resist. Instead, have an alternative snack plan. Maybe instead of chips, have carrots. Instead of a bowl of cereal, a bowl of blueberries. You get the idea.

Eat well & Live STRONG! ~Nicole🍽

About Me:

I’ve been studying nutrition since the late 80’s. I help people with their overall wellness by guiding my clients in their dietary habits, exercise for their goals and body type, and rest. Balanced living is essential! A component to my strategy is supplementation with only products I use and believe in. I select from quality, efficacy and ample scientific notations to support each formulation.

If you want to lose weight, gain strength and build a strong immune system as an act of prevention, I am honored to help. Contact me at:


August 14, 2020

Love Lavishes

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I feel you

Just love people…

People can be a lot.

A lot of emotions.

A lot of opinions.

A lot of everything, good and not so good.

I am hyper empathetic. I feel people. Literally. I feel their heart, their passions, their pain, their joy, their tears. I feel even when I don’t want to. I know what I prefer not to know. It’s a lot to absorb, but I need to know. Why? Because . . .

God is such a Lover.

Anyone, like me, who is by far more lover than fighter needs to know how important it is to care for the mind, will and emotions as much as the physical body. We must train it all.

So know today, I feel you. I shower you with blessings and that you might become saturated with a love you’ve never experienced before. Lavished. Because soul health is just as important to your health as physical, mental and emotional health. The love is what will wash away any void or empty you feel inside even when life is full and you feel slight. Love Lavishes. . .


May 18, 2020

Level Up!

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Crowded Out To Level Up!

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,“ Hebrews 12:1

Have you ever done any running? Ever entered a race? I’m not a runner per se. I go for runs and get exercise by running—but I am not a runner. My oldest son is a runner. I ran with him once. I loved it, but also felt bad for my son at the same time. He was kind and gentle as always, but I could see he had to hold back so I could keep up. Even his slowing down for me was a greater cadence than my pace was used to. Running with him really worked me out and challenged me to level up. If this wasn’t a challenge enough, he also took me on a different path that was a good 1.5 miles longer than the 2.25 path I was used to. He pushed me…in the best of ways.

 Our run was probably his warm up.

Sometimes deleterious things happen to us that push us down, push us back and crowd us out. Perhaps a lot of people can relate with that, especially right now given the current events of the world. 

 I have a meek and not so competitive personality so I have tremendous experience with being crowded out and pushed back my entire life. But something happened in me. God saw my heart and what was happening to me and He used it. He used it to stoke a fire in me and challenge me to fight for my place in history. God knows my heart after all. He knows I could care less about glam and spotlights and my name in lights. He knows how I please easily and don’t ask for much. So He polished a crown and set it aside for me. He surrounded me with a great cloud of witnesses, too. They cheer me on and they cheer for you. So pick yourself up. Life has maybe knocked you a few blows. The world owes us nothing, but God owns everything and He sees your strength and wants you to rise up, persevere, and run the race to win!

Level up and let yesterday’s best become tomorrow warm up!  It’s ok to compete for your space in this race called life. God will surround you with people who love you, celebrate you and are happy to see you win at life. Smile big and let’s get after it. 

Your best is yet to come!


April 4, 2020

Interrupted Life

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I’m a trainer. Trainers love fitness. Trainers love weights, and movement, and all things physical fitness. I love my gym. I am what they would call a bit of a gym rat. The gym has been home for nearly as long as I can remember. I have been attracted to physical fitness, healthy eating and muscle since my very early adolescence. 

I have goals. I have routine, just like everyone else pursuing fitness. Just like everyone else, this whole COVID-19 thing interrupted those goals. It interrupted my routine— Interrupted life. 

If there is anything God has taught me or trained me in, its how to flow with interruption. The last thing to do is give up! So as far as my fitness routine goes, it looks different right now and maybe that is not a bad thing? The weather has been gorgeous so I’m outdoors a lot (which always makes me happy). But I’m doing different workout routines. I’m focusing more on overall maintenance and fitness. I’m using weights I have at home, but I’m also using a lot of functional movement tools. I’m using body weight exercises. I’m running more. Guess what…I’m kind of sore! As a trainer, I know the change up is good and will also help me reach some fitness goals!

In working with clients on fitness and nutrition I see patterns over the years. People may start strong and be full of zeal and ambition. They see some results which only validates their efforts and keeps them going. But then something will happen. Some sort of interruption in their routine. The interruption may be work, their schedule of their children, etc. Whatever it is—“the circle of life” steals their thunder and all that consistency and results gained goes under. They don’t get back their mojo. Why? Because they didn’t have a solid enough foundation. It’s like a tree that grows, yet has shallow roots. The storms pull it up from the soil. But those fit minded people who persist despite the resistance have deep roots that hold them steady toward their goals and they maintain the fit lifestyle.

“She is energetic and strong,
a hard worker.“ Proverbs 31:17

How can we apply workout consistency and routine to our faith? Has Coronavirus  interrupted your faith mojo? Are you finding it difficult to trust God in a way you’re not used to having to trust Him? Don’t let this sidebar become center focus of your spiritual fitness litmus. Don’t fail the fitness test! 

The truly fit minded persist without exception. Let the same be said for our trust and faith and obedience to God!

 He… Has…Got this!
And He’s got you, too!
Flex yourself happy today and hold your soul strong! You can handle the weight because God’s been your spotter all along!
If no one else tells you today…
You are beautiful.
You are radiant.
Your smile is inviting and contagious. So good ahead and laugh. Allow the twinkle in your eye to magnify and stoke the heart and hopes of all you hold dear. 2020 will still be a stellar year! Get excited!

2020 can still be a magnificent year! Get excited!

“She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.
26When she speaks, her words are wise,
and she gives instructions with kindness.
27She carefully watches everything in her household
and suffers nothing from laziness.”
Proverbs 31:25-27

March 31, 2020

“When You Call—I’ll Be There”

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There is a song in your heart that only you can sing. Use this abundant time to rest and refresh so when the season shifts you will be ready and equipped to handle it. God isn’t yet finished! He’s got you~


Click the link and read an inspiration to refresh and bless and get you going this morning!


December 28, 2019

Protein Is Power

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Protein is a name coming from the Greek root “protos”, which means first. First because it’s of high importance. Protein is indeed a building block for much of the body. Proteins and the amino acids that create them perform functions in our body such as:

•give us structure and strength

•make enzymes

•make hormones and cell signaling molecules

•create anti-bodies important for proper immune system function

•create transport proteins among other things.

Our body is continually breaking down proteins for use so we need ample amounts of protein in our food to continually replenish the high protein demand required for optimal health.

To calculate required amounts for your body simply multiply your body weight times .8 grams (per kilogram of body weight). This is the number of grams you need for baseline health. However, variables affect each individual protein demands. Variables such as age, lean mass, activity levels, and goals. For example, performance athletes and bodybuilders will require more.

It is difficult to eat enough protein, and in my experience most women fail to consume enough of it. I know I struggle to eat enough. A variety of protein sources is fantastic I believe. This is where I enjoy a protein supplement, usually in shake or bar form. So whether it is a plant source, casein (milk) protein, animal protein or combination of the these (which is my favorite)—here are a few recommendations and ideas to start your New Year right with proper protein loads. Sometimes healthy weight management is a simple as adequate protein in our diet.

Eat well, live strong and eat your protein! ~Nicole

Here are a few of my favorite things:


“IDLife Shake is packed with 23 grams of grass-fed, cold-filtered 100% whey protein and micro-milled chia seed to help boost metabolism, feed lean muscle and curb your appetite. This creamy shake is naturally sweetened and contains no artificial ingredients, making it perfect for breakfast, as a mid-day snack or following a workout.*”


Meal Replacement Shake (comes in variety of flavors):

“With 26 vitamins and minerals and 210 calories per serving, Meal Replacement Snickerdoodle Shake is easy to digest and an excellent addition to your weight-management program. 

Meal Replacement Shake Snickerdoodle provides 24 grams of easy-to-digest protein and supports the body’s ability to lower body fat when used as an alternative to high calorie foods.


“Help maximize your muscle-building workout potential with the support of BodyLean25. Featuring 25 grams of high-quality protein, it’s your go-to for building a body that’s tight, toned and trim.

“BodyLean25® contains four types of protein (whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and calcium caseinate) which digest at different rates, giving you a great tasting shake mix that can help you refuel after exercise, between meals or added anytime you need a boost of extra protein to complement your diet.


Each bar contains 20grams of protein giving power on the go. Super yummy!


About me:

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a certified personal trainer with college education in dietetics and nutrition. I am also a mother of five children. I love all things health and fitness and am passionate about helping other on their wellness journey and have done so for more than 20 years now! Check me out on Instagram @nikkimcbfit where I share exercise tutorials, nutrition tips, recipes and overall encouragement! Thanks for checking it out! I do receive commissions from any sales of supplement products you view from this link. I recommend them because I use them and believe in them. I am always leading by example!

Let 2020 be your best yet! New decade and healthier you!

2020 Vision! I see you healthy, strong and fit!

December 5, 2019

Power People in your Process

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Be One Who Speaks With Authority.

Speaking with authority is different from being authoritarian. Authoritarian leadership is all about manipulation and control. Do as I say or else kind of leadership. Authoritative leadership is about respect, honor and a rock solid guidance that builds confidence and a sense of security.

Authority is a level of conviction, confidence, maturity and knowledge in any given field or area of expertise. Leadership is authority guided by genuine love. Some have natural God given ability to rise as a leader. Some must learn and grow a bit more to obtain leadership qualities. But we are all expected to lead something or someone, even if it’s ourself. And we all have room to grow both as humans and as leaders. Quality leadership guides others and inspires them to try more, do more become more. People will never rise higher than the quality and capacity of the leader.


Leaders instill BELIEF. A quality leader will creatively and uniquely persuade you to believe in something. They will not only inspire, they empower and demonstrate they trust you and are in fact the one who feels honored that you would want to follow their leadership. This is because quality leaders have authority, but are still humble. They know they aren’t the leader if there are no people to lead.


An industrious leader will cultivate an environment that nurtures a duplication of their vision with practical and duplicatable actions steps. I am in the fitness and wellness industry. I inspire people to believe they achieve better health. They can perform an exercise, stick to their meal plan and achieve better health. I have special expertise in gestational fitness and post-partum come backs! This is because I did it myself first with five children. I had educational expertise, but I also have practical experiential success and knowledge.


Great leaders foster fruit in vision realized. Every goal has a journey to get there. There will be time and commitment and consistency involved. There will be tough and challenging days and there will be days that seem the momentum carries you. As you “become” the effort isn’t as forced because habits and routines are established. Foundation has been layed and if it’s a sturdy foundation what you can achieve becomes amazing.

You don’t have to run a fortune five hundred company to be an effective and impactful leader. For example, who am I that I should be writing a blog about leadership? I don’t run a large company. I don’t have hundreds and thousands of volunteers at my disposal. I don’t have a multi million dollar budget. But here’s what I know… I know people, and the people God has entrusted me with I’ve been successful with.

Power People in your Process

You have to have the ability to connect effectively with people to inspire them to change. People need help to believe and then begin so they can become. People need relationship.

I’ve had five children. Therefore, I lead a small army, lol. One thing I have always tried to instill into my children is that they are a team. This has always been of great importance to me so I began sowing seeds and building foundation in their minds as young as toddler age. My kids know they are Champions and what is expected of a champion is clearly defined. As a team each persons greatest strength and qualities becomes that of their siblings as well, because we are a team. I encourage the knowledge that we help each other. We watch out for each other. We protect each other. When one succeeds we all succeed. There is no place for sibling rivalry on this team. We cheer each other on, pick each other up and move toward our goals together. We guard each other’s name because the family name is our crest and it represents all of us.

The family is the basic and foundational blue print for any healthy organization. We can learn a lot from the family dynamic. It gets harder and harder because healthy family dynamics don’t exist today as they did in centuries past. We’ve got a society built on generation after generation of family brokenness and dysfunction. So in some cases, even if the family dynamic looks light years better than what you came from, because of the severity of the dysfunction, it’s still a bit of a hot mess. There are fewer and fewer quality examples to learn from.

Know this…whatever your role on this side of Heaven, there is a place of leadership for you. As a believer in God, I am honored to lead others to the genuine and affectionate love of heaven toward you. God is like a Good, Gentle, Patient and Kind Father. He offers dysfunction free family to you. He offers genuine and appealing love. He offers resilient and stoic leadership. He is full of valor and is willing to rise off of His Throne to help you. He will guard over you and protect you. He will rise with you and celebrate you along life’s way. He will edify your soul and touch you deep with His Peace. He sees you as a Candidate for Victory in this life’s journey. He views you as all things extraordinary. He will always make room at His table for you. Feast yourself. Delight yourself. Partake in His Goodness and Love. That’s the kind of leader we can all learn from.

Strength and quality leadership does not just happen….it is built. Like a brick wall, layer by layer, brick by brick. Strength of a team is built with consistency, desire, discipline and belief. Belief of the possibilities is the foundation that your tenacity and strength are built upon.

Don’t be discouraged.
Never give up.
Build the foundation first, then every layer built upon it will one day achieve all that you have dreamed.

Not just in business…
Not just in fitness…
in life.

Stop being content with the mediocre.
You are capable of the exceptional.

November 4, 2019

Drink Up!

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Dehydration—an abnormal loss of water from the body, especially from illness or physical exertion.

We all know what it is, but how can we create strategies to overcome chronic battles with it?

It’s very common in my industry, fitness and wellness, to encounter people who are chronically dehydrated. There are a variety of contributing factors. So if you find yourself dehydrated take note of this check list and assess!

Possible reasons for dehydration:

•you consume too much caffeine or energy drinks.

•you choose high calorie drinks instead of water (this could include the caffeine category if you are frequenting coffee houses for designer coffees)

•you are consuming too much alcohol.

How did you do?

Your body requires proper fluid balance for your body to function well. Often times people misinterpret their feeling of dehydration as hunger and they eat instead of drink.

How do I fix it?

•Keep a fluids journal and track your intake of water, caffeine, caloric drinks and alcohol.

•Keep a large bottle of water with you at all times. This is called a “water trigger” because it will be a visual reminder to drink.

•Drink two cups of water with every meal.

•Supplement your diet with a quality rehydration beverage full of electrolytes and antioxidants.

You will notice some positive changes in both how you look and feel when you receive adequate water. Your skin will be radiant and possibly clear blemishes. Remember, your skin is the largest organ of the body and one of the two ways we eliminate waste. You may notice you feel less fatigued and have more energy. Also, drinking water may assist in weight loss.

So go ahead, drink up! Just make sure it’s water in your cup! The benefits will overflow in your health and possibly your waistline!

Eat well, live strong!


Hydration beverage I use:

IDLife Hydrate

IDLife Hydrate is a superior sports powder mix packed with vitamins, electrolytes and coconut water to fuel your body and help keep you hydrated throughout the day.*


**I appreciate your confidence in my recommendation. Because I like hydrate so much, I distribute it and will receive a commission if you should order. So thank you! I adore helping others look and feel their best.

November 1, 2019

Intentional Living

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“For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” 1 Tim. 4:8

Sometimes in life we’ve got to make a hard pivot! Click the link for encouragement toward healthy pivots toward better health, wellness & relationships.

Be inspired! ~Nicole


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