April 13, 2019

Paying Attention

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God is always trying to show us something…

“Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.”

Rev. 1:17-18

He is always whispering like the wind through the palm leaf. He gently moves and brushes about the trees. He peeks through the heavens with brilliant sunshine and warms the ground we thrive upon. He longs to be a blessing. He delights to bless. That’s just who He is.

I think it’s us who muck it up. We get distracted easily. We become discouraged. We step back or fall back and sometimes we get off track by the simplest things. I guess all of humanity distracts easily and the enemy of our soul knows it.

But God is right beside you charting the course. He guides. He provides. And His Love and Hope can yield laughter if we embrace it fully.

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future.” Proverbs 3:25

We can refocus.

We can shape and harness all that God has equipped us to do.

We can believe and receive the Harmony heaven provides and enjoy this life.

What ailes your soul today?

What distracts your heart from the Apple of Heavens eye?

What leaves you weary or bogged down?

Adjust your crown.

You are Regal.

You are Royal.

You’ve been given just the right shoulders to handle the mantle.

You don’t have to do it all,

God wraps His Glory about you and will surround you with stellar support.

You will thrive, of course!

Of course you will succeed.

No doubting it, please.


Just as they waved Palm branches at his feet, God will cause the wind to blow amazing miracles right at your feet. He will break through the obstacles on your path just as the sun is able to cut through the clouds and burst forth out loud with glorious rays.

Be elated.

Don’t shrink back!

Don’t shy away in the storm!

Heaven is elated with you and others are too. That’s a promise.


“It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; it does not shy away from the sword.” Job 39:22

February 11, 2019

Just Be

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Never chase a goal so hard you forget to have fun with it.♥️

I’ve been going through some old photos—compiling them from all the various shows I’ve done over the years. I have a specific purpose for this complication for myself and my training. It’s interesting and useful to see how I’ve changed my physique over the years. Change happens small and over time. Pictures help with perspective.

As I go through them, I am reminded there’s been quite a few and I’ve now been doing this more than just a year or two.

Guess what? Looking back I think, “hey, I was more prepared than I thought I was.” But maybe I was placing too much priority on what the judges thought? I’ve been blessed with open doors for a quality education in the fields of human developmental and nutrition. I’ve planned, prepped and been focused and dedicated. I have the gift of discipline. And I found the nutritional edge my biochemistry needed to shred down lean.

I highly recommend AdvoCare if you are looking for a rock solid supplement that has safety and efficacy. I’m including a picture of me on the left, 6 weeks after birthing my fourth child. Contrast that to picture on the right, on stage in my second season. I believe my FIFTH child was two years old when the picture on the right was taken. I don’t have the exact dates of the photos so you have to take my word and visit the website:


Aside from all of this—you never feel ready, at least I don’t. You can feel you put in the work and the time, but not ready. I feel this way with every show. So as I look at these pictures I am once again reminded of all the memories that have been made. All the friendship and community that has been built.

How about you?

Have you ever had something you worked hard at and sometimes you forget that you do your part and trust God to bless your efforts?

I think back to when I was in school. I never felt ready in college. Always did the work, but was it enough? Never felt prepared enough. But I graduated and I guarantee I remembered to have fun!

How about parenting?

If you’re a parent for sure you’ve had times you got so caught up in the job of parenting that you forgot to just cut loose and have fun with them?

I’ve always found humor in the parent who was desperate to potty train their child by the age of two. I just smile, good for you (knowing that most likely they know when to run the kid to the bathroom. Most one year olds don’t have enough muscle and mind to muscle control for that—but some do).

But to the mom who feels less than prepared because her four year old still soils their pants I always share—“they’ll be fine. They aren’t going to graduate high school in a diaper.”

Puts it in perspective, right?

I love to laugh with my kids. They crack me up. But I’ve had a lot of them so each kid progressively benefited from the more laid back me. The oldest always gets to be the pioneer for younger siblings. Isn’t that true! I know my oldest agrees with this (I’m an oldest sibling, too)!

I’ve got some homework for you this week.

📌Spend some time enjoying yourself.

📌Indulge in some simple pleasure.

📌Smile often.

📌 Be friendly.

📌Show others kindness.

There’s so much more to life than work and purpose and direction and intention.

Just Be.

You plus God is greater still.

When you simply do what needs to be done, you can trust in a God who says, “it’s enough”. Forget the judges—you’ve got the win. And as for your kids, they’re going to turn out just fine. Keep loving and leading and every little voice that says it’s not enough, you’re not enough or things are pretty rough—ignore it!

These are just a few examples. You already know what it is that presses you, and maybe you need to just enjoy it a bit more because you’ve been thinking of it the entire time you’ve been reading this. So, you know what to do…



January 2, 2019

Resistance To Go The Distance

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Regular, physical activities, such as resistance training have cardiovascular and neuromuscular benefits. You can change your body fat, body weight and overall body composition…sculpting your body to the shape you desire. However, there are some benefits to weight training that may often be overlooked.

Resistance training has a mental component. One must push through pain to achieve the desired goal (a finished rep, circuit, workout). The more you workout, the better you become at dealing with discomfort and becoming somewhat “comfortable with the uncomfortable”. I believe people who practice the discipline of making their bodies purposely uncomfortable through physical activities, be it the weight room, the athletic field, the side of a mountain…these persons are able to transfer their association with discomfort to  other discomforts in life.

It is often quotes that the mind gives out before the body.

Stress at work? Home life? Strained or troubled relationships or maybe even finances in a tailspin? Physically trained individuals are able to push through the pain of afflictions and press on toward the prize… restored comfort or maybe even a higher level of comforts. Fitness will for sure cause you to become more confident and comfortable in your own skin, which is your real “power suit” to begin with!

So, get out there and do something. Exercise your self discipline muscle and build an overall better self who is equipped and tenacious to handle all that life throws at you. I believe you can! ~Nicole

December 22, 2018

Bring Me An Apple

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The apple of the eye is the absolute dead center of the pupil. Wherever the apple rests, it is completely focused and attentive. I have deep admiration for people who can look others dead in the eye when they speak, fully focused, not distracted, not gazing over your shoulder, not shifting their eyes…focused. It’s like a laser point of intention fixed on a mark. You know you have that persons full attention and they are both powerful and passionate about what they are trying to communicate.

You are the Apple of the Father’s eye. You are the sparkle there, too. He is incredibly proud of all He created in you. He is fixed upon you with laser like focus and intent to bless, protect and adore you! ~Nicole

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” Psalms 17:8

September 2, 2018

Power of Longevity

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There is Power in Longevity.

Stay the course.

Who knows what you can do, what you can achieve when you own up to the Power of Positivity and allow it to be released and chart the coarse in your life. Countless others around you just may be depending on your faithfulness and stoic and resolute ability to press on.

These words seem strong and motivating, but they are as simple as your next breath, your next step, your common and seemingly ordinary tasks of each day.

Here’s my example—

I attended a Bridal Shower last night. I had a lovely time—hadn’t been to one of those in I have no idea how many years. The Bride-to-Be I’ve known most of her life. Met her Momma when my oldest was one year old. Our daughters are lifelong friends.


Have you ever had a lifelong friend? Or even acquaintances that have ebbed and flowed in and out of your life for decades?

There is Power in Longevity.

I scanned that room with my eyes and drank in all the laughter, smiles and joy—dang we laughed hard! But as I looked around and realized I was seeing a room with countless people I have known most of my adult life. Many I hadn’t seen a great number of years—but the familiarity of their faces drew comfort to my soul and resurrected memories of years long ago.

There is Power in doing life with others. There is Power in loving and living—even if only in parallel activity—there is Power.

People equal power.

So don’t take it for granted. Some we are close with. Some we socialize and get deeper with. Some are more surface relationships. Some play. Some are serious thinkers. Some are ingenious achievers—

and we all need each other.

There is Fortitude, Strength and Blessing when we plow together, grow old together, laugh together, refine each other and just simply “Be”, together.

Every stage of life, even the common and mundane tasks of the dailies, possess power to overcome, accomplish, thrive, help, be helped, cry together, laugh together and carry one another.

There is Power in Longevity.

And above all I know One who is full of Resolute staying Power for you. He shattered every expectation just to raise your anticipation of what could be possible for your life. He loves without measure and takes enormous delight and pleasure to bless and greet and warm your feet with the security of absolute Peace He brings.

Last night as we visited and stood around. I began to admire a collection of greens in a vase. There were only a few tiny buds, but not flowered—just the branch and the greens. I recognized the variety, but wasn’t sure because of the absence of the unique to identify flower. So I asked the hostess and she and another long time friend I hadn’t seen in YEARS, agreed on the type of plant. I then shared a story of a tree like it I once had and how it was accidentally cut down by someone trimming my garden. The person had there head down doing their job pruning the thistle shoots from the tree roots that shot up from the soil. In all their purpose and intentional working they missed the green leaves and flower at the top of my tree and cut it down thinking it was a thistle, too. My friend, Janice, declared, “Nicole! There’s a devotion there—I think you should write it!” I told her to write it, but when she declined I promised to dedicate it to her. So, Jan—one of the best multi-decade friends a girl could ever have—this is for you.


Never miss the Garden because of a few weeds.
Never regret to cherish the beauty of the green before the flower comes.
Never mind your occupation so deliberately that you miss out on the blessing the Sunshine and fresh air can bring.
Doing life with others, committed to community and general love and encouragement of others—this is a beautiful thing.
There is collective strength when all of our branches, like life, tangle together.

There is Power in Longevity.
Life is a Glorious Bloom.
Clustered together, we are a Spectacular Hue.


“Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, United in spirit, intent on one purpose…Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 2:2,5



Guide our every step and adjust our Path upright. Dial in our focus and break away all that is contrite compared to you. You are a God of spoils and you grant blessing in ample measure. Help us to have appropriate boundaries without building walls to keep everyone out. Inquire of our hearts, Dear Lord. Make your Leadership the only foundation we cleave. For you are all together Lovely and Splendid. You draw us to our knees with your Majesty. I could write a book of all the ways you’ve been faithful. You are Giver of Life. You are Restorer of Broken Walls and revive Living Waters to Streets without Dwelling. You are the Sweet Aroma that lingers about and tantalizes the soul leading us to yield to you and come back for more. You are the One Voice that melts the heart and your breath of love whispers to my soul Songs of your Love and Humility.
You anchored yourself to a Tree for me.
You are the One True Anchor to my soul- and as time goes by I love you more and more.

Because you are Good.
—And your Righteousness endures forever.💞 Amen

March 21, 2018

Speak Life

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YOU are set apart. That means you are created, prepared and reserved for something special. God always has His eye on you watching your every move-not because he means to punish or extract something from you-but because He treasures you and He keeps inventory of the things He cherished most. He adores you and His thoughts toward you are adorable. So, you have been set apart. Let His love devour your fears, cares and troubles. Though storms may come, you will never be overcome. He is holding you now. ~Nicole

“I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and of good courage.” Joshua 1:5-6

November 24, 2017


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“For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with Thanksgiving.”
1 Timothy 4:4

It matters not if you can’t find the way, or see the way, or how in the world the Lord can make a way. If your eyes are on the doubts and questions, it’s going to be out of focus like a lens of a camera before it locks in to the Center of the frame. God has extraordinary ability to create fabulous and outstanding things out of…well…nothing!

He created the Cosmos from His spoken Word. He simply said something to the effect, “Be…” and out poured His Inspiration and Creativity. Just look at the beauty, capability and design of woman. The first one was made from a rib! See- God can do whatever He wants to and it is by His divine light and grace that created focus and just like a car key in the ignition He’s got ambition to do incredibly things…just. for. you.

So keep the apple of your eye laser focused on the Giver and watch Him betroth your heart with a tender clove of His Goodness, Strength, Love and Mercy. His gift will be a Creative Miracle and He will Shock and Awe you as He woo’s you lovingly. And that’s how True Courtship is supposed to be. If He hung on a Tree of Love for you, don’t you believe He will see your trials through, too? He loves you.

Be blessed this day in good measure and may the grace of heaven lock arms with you giving you mastery focus on all you think, say and do.


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October 3, 2017


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What are you believing?

The future is inside of you. You must see it with your heart before you can believe it with you mind. Then you will walk it out in your life.


Arnold Schwarzenegger became legend as a body builder. Not only did he have an extraordinary work ethic, but he had extraordinary belief. At one competition he was up against Lou Furrigno, another famous top competitor. Lou told Arnold before the show that he looked good, but probably not good enough to win. Arnold replied he felt so confident of his win that he had already called his Mother in Austria to tell her he had won.

This is the mindset of a Champion!

It doesn’t matter what you are pursuing. It could be to encourage you child in 1st grade phonics.

To overcome, carry on and finish strong we each must have intense BELIEF in better things.

Be Decided! ~Nicole


September 18, 2017

A Heart for Community

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“For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you-that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.” Romans 1:11-12

God plants people in neighborhoods, houses (resident dwellings), careers, jobs, and communities. God has a heart for community. Therefore, He had this in mind when He wrote on the tablet of your heart the purpose for your life. He decided where and when He would plant you like a seed on this earth. He is a Sovereign God. What does that mean? It means there is nothing that escapes His eye for detail. There is no plan He forgot or neglected to make. He is ever mindful of the course of your life. You can take great Comfort and Confidence in this. I am hoping I communicate encouragement to you if you are in a job that stresses you severely, or maybe you don’t like your neighborhood or have a neighbor who is difficult to live near. God has planted you there- if only for a season. You have been chosen to be a light to that community, whatever it is. ~Nicole


August 21, 2017

Multiplication Anointing.

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imageSometimes, when life gets hard you have to work harder so you won’t quit. Don’t you dare give up! Life has rich blessings waiting for you on the other side of every struggle.

God sees you through. No season too lean or dry for Him to use it to lift you high. He’s setting you up for blessing.

Do you trust Him? God is the Driver of your Destiny. When He is in the lead you can overcome anything. Blessing is in the atmosphere.

Whatever the struggle, you’re going to make it through! Victory looks too good on you!

Don’t you dare give up.

If you’ve still got breath in your lunges and blood flowing through your veins…It isn’t over yet! So, take care, You. You’re season of blessing isn’t through. In fact, it truly has yet to see its greatest break through.

Get Charged! Your worlds about to be enlarged!


“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” Isaiah 43:2


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