August 12, 2018

To Be With You♥️

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God is your Supplemental Support.
Though sometimes quiet,
He is always in your corner.

Though at times He seems to reside in the quiet recesses of your Night’s Storm—He could never leave you alone.

His Light…His Love…and His Anthem for you will always shine brightly.

Many blessings and best wishes for all you do.
May a deeper understanding of God’s Pure and Perfect Love wash over you.

His Love is crystal clear and refreshes like a pale blue stream.

His Love trickles down and reaches every crevice of soul that maybe has been left dark or alone and nourishes the thirst—just like a stream or a brook.

His Love is like an open heaven of celestial delight and it has Light that can penetrate the darkness ever so Bright.

His Love possesses adequate measure to protect you from danger.

His Love radiates Goodness and brings the heart pleasure.

His Love—
It can canvas any dessert.
It can scale any wall.
It can make the way where there seems to be no way and there is no mountain too tall.
—It will fall.

There is no ocean too broad or deep to keep Him away.
He would swim and ocean channel just for the Light of His Spirit to ignite your eternal flame.

His heart for you possesses tremendous intent and fervor.
All these things He would overcome just to prevent your heart and soul from the shiver of the cold night or storm.

All of this He would do—
only to be with you.♥️