February 17, 2019

Don’t Let Go—

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“I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness;

I will hold your hand.

I will keep you and will make you

to be a covenant for the people

And a light for the Gentiles.”

Isaiah 42:6

What has your heart perplexed this day? What has caused your heart to rouse and be troubled?

Do you not know you are the absolute Apple of the Father’s Eye?

Do you know how His heart cries when you suffer inside?

Do you not know that His fondest thoughts include you?

He is with you.

Everything you say—

Everywhere you go—

Every ounce of you is protected by whole hosts of angels descending down from the heavens to protect your call, your anointing, your crown.

Just the fact that you are alive today is living proof that there are yet Grand and Mighty things for you to do!

“…be there with an open and joyful heart as often as possible; if not joyful, at least with a brave and faithful heart.”

~Frances de Sales

Take Courage…

have heart…

Be strong in the Might of His Power…be it not your own.

For in our own strength we prove weak, feeble and foolish.

Be the man or woman you desire to be.

Step up and step out Victoriously.

Find encouragement for this day in these words that I say. They are Heaven inspired and drawn from wells of Living Water to flow from my pen–if only to cause both your heart, soul, strength and face to smile.

He is with you now-

let us go the extra mile.




February 2, 2019

With You💗

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“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

Never be afraid to try something new. Never shy away from the extra mile. Never give up Hope of a dream in your heart or a purpose driven deep inside of you. God has anchored your heart there for a reason. Do not be afraid!

God watches over us each and every day with intense interest of His Love made known in our life. How cool is that?

“I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and of good courage.” Joshua 1:5-6

There is Power in your Path. There is Victory on your horizon. Not everything God does is like an InstaPot. He does things a little bit bigger. The benefit extends longer and the range of focus is stronger than anything one meal could bring. He likes to draw out the savory flavor your life can bring.

So if it feels like His Bow is bending you back. Learn to relax and get comfortable with it. You can be afraid or you can flourish—the choice is really up to you. But a yielded vessel always soars farther.

Go into this day knowing that wherever you go, whatever you do, it is a Divine Assignment from Heaven for you. It has purpose. It has merit. Nothing will interrupt the flow of God’s Mercy, Love and Strength over you that is also embedded within you. You are impacting people– even when you don’t know that you are.

You are Significant.

Don’t forget!

He’s got your heart—

And no matter what that’s a glorious start.

His eye is on the sparrow,

Oh how He watches over you.

I look at people and I literally think, “Beautiful“. I wish, hope and pray you can see in yourself what I see today!

You are precious and priceless. Fairer than 10 thousand. None other like you who can do what you do. You are created with purpose, power and boldness.

Irreplacable craftsmanship!



January 9, 2019


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Be the Light…

Last weekend our power went out.

So what did my boys do?…Each went for the light on their phone or a flashlight. The youngest and I played cards on my bed.

The power was out for a good hour or more and they laughed and giggled and played with the shadows from the lights in our phones. I thanked the Lord for this short lived inconvenience. It gave them time together they probably really needed. But oh how we all celebrated when the lights came back on–we hadn’t eaten and I needed to cook dinner!


There isn’t a soul under heaven that does not need the light. The light brings us heat and warmth, the sun nourishes the earth and us humans with its glorious rays full of vitamin D. The plants and foliage grow more abundantly after the rains and then into the light. When it is light people are less depressed and their mood is bright. We even change our clocks in most of the nation twice a year just so we can maximize the light!

In fact,

the Light and Love of Heaven are indispensable in your life.


Indespensable-Absolute necessary; essential. Obligatory; unavoidable.

You need it. Your soul craves pure light. When we learn something new or become aware to a new level we are said to be “enlightened”. There was an entire age in history called the “Age of Enlightenment”.

Light is good.

Allow me to speak merely a morsel of Light and Life into you…

You are the Light in the lives of others. You may not realize it, you may not feel it or believe it, but it’s true.

You have a sparkle all your own that is like the Mysteries of Heaven breaking through. Others are relieved by the help you bring. Some look forward to seeing you, even if they never tell you. Many wouldn’t have a day quite the same without a morsel of your presence in it. Don’t you see how needed and necessary you are? Life might be a bit dimmer, less glimmer, less hope, less optimism without you in it. You may be what keeps others keeping on and holding on to the Discovery of Hope through our Lord.

Hope looks brilliant on you!



So keep holding on and pressing on!
Whatever darkness you life may currently hold…it will fade away just as my kids found out last weekend. Besides, how would the world around you come to discover the enormous capacity for love, life, hope and light that dwells within you if there were no night sky to backdrop your radiance? Cascade the skies and draw open tired and weary eyes. Heaven smiles down and a few other people, too.

In you, it is quite True…heaven takes Delight. So keep holding tight and press through the Night. Everything is going to shake out just right–just wait and see! ~Nicole
“I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

Psalm 4:8



January 3, 2019

The Promise

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The “Pinky Promise”…

6256B089-F9A8-4013-ADD6-D1DFB17A5A85“As the Philistine moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him.” 1Samuel 17:48

God tends to have a preference for the Impossible. That’s where He likes to work. The impossible seems to be His specialty. In fact, He does His BEST work when the odds are stacked against us.

David met up with a giant.
Moses opposed the leader of Egypt.
Daniel prayed when He was told not to. Esther stepped into territory she wasn’t allowed.

Ruth forsook her birthright for the Identity of God through Naomi. She stepped foot on the threshing floor and received for herself a Kinsman Redeemer named Boaz who is a foreshadow of Christ.

Elijah retrieved an axe head from the waters deep with a spoken command(because sometimes our trials help us stay SHARP!).

The Israelites wandered the wilderness, but while in the wilderness they witnessed and received countless miracles so big they had to be seen to become believed.

Walls falling by shouting at them?

Meat falling from the sky?

Water gushing out of rocks?

Clouds for shade and fire by night for light?

And the biggest miracle of all came and is explained in the New Testament…a stone that rolled away to reveal and empty grave.

The Lamb of God had Overcome the Impossible!

How about you? What kind of miraculous provision has God brought to you? When was the last time you recapped your Victories and then declared to an Almighty God gratitude and belief that He can do it again…and again…and again? What weighs so heavy on you that you have forgotten the power of your first Love? Don’t you know that He’d move heaven and earth all over again for a closer talk with you? It’s True!

There is nothing that can separate you from His Love. You’ve been disappointed. Plans may have failed. It may seem like an enemy of your soul has prevailed. But God always speaks last and He always places you first upon His heart and His mind. His Love for you is unshakable. In fact, so deep are His thoughts toward you that you will never be forgotten. He is with you through it all, above all and He will take to your troubles a wrecking ball. You have more power of God in your little finger than the kingdom of darkness has over all the earth. You have keys to the kingdom and God gave them to you to use. So start shaking them! All of heaven will move off of its Throne to come to your aid.


God does not sleep nor does He slumber. His fire is full of zeal when you come to Him with an appeal. He will cancel every assignment of the enemy. So get ready! Declare the Impossible in your life!

Did I mention God specializes in the impossible? He does His best work when the odds are staked against you, so don’t lose heart…never lose heart. He is your Hope and will deliver you in less than a fortnight. ~Nicole

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37

December 11, 2018

Mobile Hope Unit

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Mobile Hope Unit

Life should be like a mobile hope unit spreading joy, love and hope everywhere we go. When we get stoked on hope it puts a little somethin’ extra in our style that provokes our heart courage to go the extra mile.

God is writing for you the Song of your Life. He appears to only be using the good notes🎶

Put a smile across your face for Joy has a Name! ~Nicole

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
Romans 15:13


November 18, 2018


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Broken & Brave~


It is the dwelling place of Hope. Though it takes courage, don’t be afraid to dare to Believe.


Breath in your bones is what wakes you up in the morn…


Hope is the oxygen of the soul that builds us up and helps us take just one more step.


Love is the ultimate measure of our existence. Without it, we are nothing. With it, we are everything. Faith. Hope. Love. Breath in deeply this trio of success. Count yourself blessed.
No matter how you feel about God. God is crazy about you. No matter how you feel about your life and it’s circumstance, God is still in it with unshakable loyalty and He aims to show you He didn’t hang from a tree for you for nothing! He is in this life WITH YOU!


Resilient drive and purpose of heart is what take the first step and aims for the mark. You’ve got great purpose and reason! Get up already and make it a glorious morning!

It’s great to BE ALIVE!~Nicole💛✨

November 10, 2018

New Hope…

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Broken & Brave~

New Hope…
New Wine…

You are My Beloved Times Nine.
Nine is the number of completion.
Find complete rest today in Him.
Flood your heart, nourish your soul with the awareness of His Complete Grace.

God is doing a complete work in you.

“Lord, purify is heart, mind and soul. Make us liquid gold. Let us not resist as you shape and mold us into the glorious vessels of your Love. Then the world would also know the greatness of your love.” Amen🙏🏼

Have an amazing day!


November 6, 2018

Keep Your Fire🔥 Burning…

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‪Sometimes in life we have to be unafraid to let our heart show through. This is where true human connection resides. This is where true spiritual intimacy begins.‬

Most walk around with a veil over their heart. Some know it and put it there intentionally because of past painful experiences. While others build up a slow crusting of the softness of the heart over time. Like a callous formed from year after year of mistreatment or harsh conditions.

We see it’s evidence in our society. People are not able to look each other in the eye. They are shy and tend to stay away from the uncomfortable. Others recluse themselves to their homes, intense focus in their jobs over relationships, dismal lack of church attendance or efforts to connect with the Almighty. Many believe God has forgotten them altogether. Doubt creeps in of His very existence.

Can I speak to you for a moment? Can I encourage your soul? May I offer you a drink of Living Water?

God has not missed it. He did not forget you.
When you feel weak, He is Strong. When you feel you’re being held captive by life’s circumstances, you have not escaped his radar.
When you think you can’t, He is working through you and moving you to “can”.
When you feel discouraged, His love will encourage.
When you feel you’ve no one to lean on who can shoulder your burdens—His shoulders are wide and can handle your heart, your hurts, your woes and worries.
He is a quiet listener and then deposits your words in His heart for safe keeping.

He is Valiant.

He is a Conqueror.

He is Faithful.

He is never forgetful of your promises, but always forgetting your stumbles. He is…He is…He is.

He is all of this and more.

You’ve got to hold onto Hope.
The Hopeful are powerful.
Do not let the enemy diminish your Joy.
Do not let the Enemy cause you to waiver.
God doesn’t love you because He has to. He loves you because He wants you.
You may never feel equipped enough. That’s why the righteous walk by faith.

So keep the Faith!

Every cloud has a sliver lining.
Life is what you make of it.

Make it beautiful 🙂


October 4, 2018


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You can’t rush a good thing and God doesn’t manufacture—

He Creates, He Sculpts, He Forages and He Transfigures.

Just as an artist mixes their palate—they know color.
Just as a wine maker is patience with his grapes—He knows flavor.
Just as a Chef creates His cuisine—
He knows aroma.
Just as a builder pay close attention to details and selects the choicest lumber—-He knows stability and longevity.

When it’s been touched by the Masters Hand it leaves a Mark of Grace that cannot be changed.

Hope can only be fortified in Him.


“The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

Psalm 18:2

May 28, 2018

Excellence Rising

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There is a standard of excellence rising up in you like never before. Can you feel it? Are you aware it’s there? You begin to care for and about things, situations and people you maybe never noticed before. All of this, evidence that you’ve grown.

When we are young we may care for those around us, family and friends, but our thoughts are mostly inward and self motivated by nature. As we mature and grow older something begins to shift and we are no longer content to think this way. We come to realize the importance of loving and caring for the needs of others. Everyone faces their own mountains, their own struggles, their own dreams, wants, desires. How are we apart of their equation?

All of life is an endless flow and all our hearts tangled together. The more we move in Oneness the more we become like tiny drops in the sea, mingled so tightly one moecule of water not discernible from another. Yet, we are all there, rolling and waving and waking together. Gently….Fiercely….Lovely.

Everything you do in life matters. Do not discount yourself. Do not think small thoughts of yourself. Nor should we think less than beautiful thoughts of others. Grab your Hope, even if it be merely a tiny thread. Get tangled in it. WRAP up in it. Allow it to hoist your heart and exalt your mind to every dream, inspiration or ambition you have ever held inside. The future is inside you already, waiting for God’s perfect timing to begin. He sets the pace, He charts your race and He knows every roadblock, obstacle, every need and has every provision–both the tangible and the unspoken cares of the heart. Stir up an added measure of Belief.

It is the dwelling place of Hope. Though it takes courage, don’t be afraid to dare to Believe.

For others
I Believe in You! Now, go with belief in yourself. You CAN do it! Don’t forget to have a marvelous day. ~Nicole

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