December 9, 2018

Sweet Smells & Heaps of Kindness

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Fruit Pie…

The Lord is good and His Tender Mercies endure forever. Fragrant is the sweet smell of kindness. Aromatic are the fruit of the Spirit as they leave a trail of essential goodness.

Have you ever walked into a house while a fresh fruit pie was baking in the oven? Heaven, right? The smell is so delicious, so inviting and brings a sense of comfort and “home” even if it’s not your home.

This is how it is with the fruit of the spirit.

As we demonstrate these virtues as character attributes in our own virtue it is like we emit a fragrance the world doesn’t understand, but it will highlight our lives to all of man. When fruit is cooked enzymes are released, the firm skin of the fruit softens and the inside of the fruit becomes warm. The more fruit of the spirit flowing in us and through us the more our heart does the same.

Life makes many people toughen and even callous a bit. Especially in the heart. But the Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Meekness, Quiet Strength, Compassion, Encouragement of our Lord possesses power to make every heart soft and warm when it’s allowed. It’s a definite risk, I mean look at the oven that fruit pie had to endure to produce just a heavenly aroma! But if God is guiding you, you can trust that above all He won’t let you down.

Whatever has ailed you in life, give it to the Father of Life as a gift this Christmas. He’s been wanting to dispose of your pain all along. Step into His Heart like the comforts of home and allow Him to share some Goodness with you. ~Nicole

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.” Gal. 5:22-23



December 6, 2018

Mental Apostrophe

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Mental Apostrophe

“O Death, where is your sting?”

Whatever plagues your heart and mind will creep into your very soul and create a cancer in your life.

You, in fact, are the sum of your most dominant thoughts. There is no “living with it”, whatever your it is that sifts the flesh. You must reconcile within your very heart to turn away from all things that mentally destroy you. Turn away from harboring bitterness, resentment, depression, malice, greed, strife. Turn away from deleterious thinking about your own abilities, worth, reputation, merit.

We each are sustained by Amazing Grace.
Your every breath created and given to you…
By Grace.
Your strength and ability commissioned…
By Grace with Faith.

When you couple your Faith with His Grace you become unstoppable. No hindrance the Enemy of your Soul concocts will prevail against you. All because Love never fails.
It always hopes…
Always trusts…
Always perseveres…

Love is the beginning, the middle and the end. Love is all encompassing and yields to unwavering devotion to Heaven and all the humanity upon the Earth.

Though God’s Love and Grace will be packaged differently and draped accordingly on every person depending on the nature of God’s Purpose for their life—He loves all. The more we become capable of accepting love, the more we become able to give it and enjoy it.

Your every choice will be on a foundation of your belief.

So if you find areas of yourself that don’t line up with what God believes—both about you and about others, we all fit into this category one way or another, God will highlight the adjustments to be made. The only perfect mindset was Christ’s. But the more we make a mental apostrophe and deviate from deleterious and destructive thinking the more gorgeous everything will be. And it all starts in the center of each of us. Our circumstances never determine who we are. When we know WHOS we are and are worth is extracted from Him.
Nothing else really matters…

accomplishments or success in life is just the gravy.

Turn away…
If it’s not building others up, loving, grooming the Faith, it’s not God.
Make an apostrophe.

Pink Floyd wrote a song on the turning away…
Just like music, your life will be well played. Stick to the right key…God made you worthy with a tree and His love will reign in your life brilliantly.


“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken” (Ps. 62:5-6).

November 21, 2018

Angel of Light

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I’m just going to praise my Lord.
I’m just going to sing exultations to His Radiant face.

His Goodness—
His Mercy—
His Faithfulness.

What an Angel.

Angel of Light Shine Bright
Dispel the Night.

Angel of Light, you protect me when it’s Night. My cares take flight in your Presence.
You not only give me something to sing…you give me someone to sing to…to love…to care for.

My love for you causes me to shout.
My shout doesn’t come from my throat, but how I move my pen and script my heart on paper for all who should care to read.


I declare from the rooftops how I adore you. But my rooftop looks more like a stage with lots of blue tape telling where the boundary lines are and I walk and turn about and declare not from my mouth, but with my health and fitness, what a beautiful sparkling gift life is and how much I cherish good health, wellness, strength and vitality.

Most of all—I adore you with my smile. Inside and out I smile for you.

You are a Beautiful Soul.
I adore you.
You always leave me coming back for more.

I am forever dedicated to the One True…my God. I love you.
And for this I am thankful.

Go forward in this day knowing God is for you, adores you and is carving His will for your life out of a Tree called Devoted.

How Beautiful 💗


November 19, 2018

Big Dogs

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Ever had somebody think you were mad at them when you weren’t? It can be frustrating to convince someone who has decided in their heart and are sure of a non fact.

But don’t we all do this to God over and over again? Don’t we betray our own heart and fail to show ourselves kindness because we expect the worse case scenario to unfold?

We place our expectations of the future on our experiences of the past. What a horrible mask the enemy has dealt to corrupt God’s Good Nature all so he can boast about how God has failed or forgotten to come through for you. But God’s nature is to never become frustrated. He is calm and carries His Peace extraordinarily well. He is decided upon you.

Friends, If this resonates with your heart at all, don’t fret, stand tall, I’ve got a good word for you.

When I was a child I had a series of negative experiences with dogs, big ones. Now, I am a petite and diminutive adult so you can imagine my stature as a young girl. I was always very tiny. A large dog can be quite intimidating for anyone just in size alone. But on top of this intimidation I had experiences of them taking my food, barking at me and I was even attacked by a dog when I was 9. I still have his fangs marked as a scar on my left leg—literally. So, as you can imagine, I am not a huge fan of dogs—All dictated by my experience I’m sure. But my family loves dogs! So we have only had two in our households 24 year existence, but both were off the charts amazing creatures. I have two points with this…

1) Maybe dogs aren’t so bad and I need to get to know each dog individually?
2) God knows my experience of past and my interpretations so he hand selected gentle giants of dogs who would be able to win my heart?

I’ve always considered number 2 to be of great truth.

So what do you face in your life? What giant or obstacle or fear is ruling your choices? What is your “Big Dog”? Are you hiding in a cave as David did avoiding Gods blessings or are you putting your foot in the River Jordan like Joshua and taking the land?

God is not mad at you.
God is not out to get you.
God has not forgotten you.
God cannot change his mind about you.
You may change, but he doesn’t.
God will care for your every circumstance. He also knows what you have been through, and he will delicately care for you and escort you like a perfect gentlemen into his plans for you. You have your own personal promise land. But you must walk the dessert to get to it. Take courage. Have heart. Take risks. Think and dream bigger than you ever have before. Be willing to do the absurd and ridiculous!

God’s Love is scandalous and his grace measured generous!
Wherever you go…
Whatever you do…
He is with you.
He loves to live inside your heart.
It’s his favorite home.
You are adored.

~Nicole 💖

“Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”
Col. 2:7

November 12, 2018


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All of life is a song—
You bring the melody
God plays the harmony
And together, it becomes poetic history and great things are done.

Your life is a book.
God holds the Master copy—
The version with all the tattered edges, tear stains, choices made and not made.
The one with all the highlights and torn pages.
Pencil smudges where ideas, pursuits, mishaps were erased.

Be an open book.
As an open book you are as open and vulnerable as can be.
For vulnerability is key for healthy relationships and healthy intimacy.
The closed book is easier, safer, most guarded and clever—
But the closed books contain stories on pages that never get read or talked of. A life not fully lived or a life that was short lived. A closed book is life not lived at all, No matter the span of its days.

History is written on the pages of your life. The story board you walk out every day.
You decide how much is written on each page. You decide the flair or flamboyance of the marks you make, your signature.
You create the melody, the harmony, the Symphony.

All of life is a beautiful love song—
It’s anthem etched upon the very walls of your heart. Live your masterpiece well—

You have enchanted the heart of heaven.

Make it hypnotic.♥️


November 10, 2018

New Hope…

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Broken & Brave~

New Hope…
New Wine…

You are My Beloved Times Nine.
Nine is the number of completion.
Find complete rest today in Him.
Flood your heart, nourish your soul with the awareness of His Complete Grace.

God is doing a complete work in you.

“Lord, purify is heart, mind and soul. Make us liquid gold. Let us not resist as you shape and mold us into the glorious vessels of your Love. Then the world would also know the greatness of your love.” Amen🙏🏼

Have an amazing day!


October 9, 2018

Seeds of Strength & Beauty

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The purple cone flower is such a unique flower. It has a beauty that rends well to any garden. It has color that creates vibrancy. It has a pleasing aroma but it is also edible. The purple cone flower is the source of the herb echinacea which is used to strengthen the immune system. This little herb packed in a pretty flower can help your body fight colds, allergies, and works like a natural antihistamine. It’s fantastic!

So you can see the flower…
You can smell the flower…
And you can ingest the flower.

God’s creation is marvelous with healing properties.

Just like the flower is the power of God. We can’t see it with our naked eye but we can see the fruit it yields when it touched and heals a life. We can smell the aroma of heaven as He lingers His Peace.

You are a Glorious Bloom in the garden of heaven. You have been hand picked and you contain the power of God’s Spirit in the depths of your soul. You exude beauty on the outside, coupled with a heavenly aroma that causes others to linger in your presence—they desire your company. Yet you also contain a stoic strength, just like the immune building properties of the cone flower—and you strengthen others as they swallow the seed you sow.

The Power of your Beauty is magnetic and captivating. There may be others similar to you in form or feature…they may do things of a similar occupation or life style as you—but there isn’t anyone like you. You are special. You are unique. You are hand picked by your Maker. Just like a single flower in a bouquet singled out for its own special vase.

Rise up today and let’s bring this world some flavor! Heaven looks good on you.


“for you have been born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable, that is, through the living and enduring word of God.” 1 Peter 1:23

September 23, 2018

Road To Radiance

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I know many people going through trials they cannot fathom. I pray this encourage you today.

“Listen to advice and accept discipline,
and at the end you will be counted among the wise.” Proverb

“Open the eyes of my heart Lord.”
To see, to hear, to learn and grow. There’s love in discipline.

Beautiful is a heart that accepts reproof. When we realize sometimes we struggle not because we are being punished, but rather we are being loved.

There is beauty in forgiveness, humility, meekness, gentleness and all the fruit of the spirit.

God is not mad at you or punishing you.
He is skillfully loving you into the creation He destined you to be.
You may suffer but it is only temporary.

Cling to Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of the three is Love and it hung on a tree for you and for me. ~Nicole💗

September 16, 2018

In Deep

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“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”
Hebrews 13:5

When we work we work faithfully, but when God works He shows up and shows off!

Think about that. We work, we plan, we demonstrate good faith in the fruit of our hard work. Sometimes we even strive (which is never a good idea). We may even sit back and think, “wow, not bad.” But then when God clearly and definably shows up on the scene He absolutely and ridiculously amazes us with His utter Perfection. His simplest task will blow our best effort out of the water every time!

Gideon struggled with doubt, but God was with him anyway. HE chose YOU to do the marvelous. And when you’re chosen…
So go about what you were put here to do!

So, it seems to me we have a very valid and secure reason to believe we can trust Him with pretty much everything. Take a moment right now to recap what God has done or you.

When you let it sink in just how much God is for you—you begin to recognize the cadence to His pace as he runs toward you. He adores you.
You really can do it all!


“Because you are my help,
    I sing in the shadow of your wings.”

Psalm 63:7

September 10, 2018


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Father God—

There is no other like you.
No one touches my heart as you do.
Your Spirit inflames my heart and soul.
There is not a love like yours I’ve ever known.
Because of how you stir me, it is nearly impossible to contain this love inside of me.
Others cannot see you beside me, because you dwell in the chambers of my heart.
So let this great love that has changed me, be seen through me.
I don’t understand it, but your presence in my life has left me breathless.

You alone, oh God, have won my heart Victorious.
Every difficult task is easier because of you. I know you are there, leading me, guiding me through. If you were human, I’d know you’d hold my hand, too. I am content with you holding my heart.

I love you♥️

“Just as the Father has loved Me, I have loved you; abide in My love.” John 15:9

When was the last time you spoke to Lord as though he were the Great Lover of your soul? Because He is, ya know. You can try, but you will never find a love like His. There is no greater love than this.

Love is the only thing that can change a person. Love cloaks itself like a thick cloth and wraps itself around every ounce of our flesh and creates comfort and protection all simultaneously.

Nothing. No one…has EVER affected my heart as He has. This is reason to praise. This is reason to celebrate. This is why I remain faithful to him. Because I know my King in Heaven is faithful to me. He’s faithful to you, too.

God delights to wait for you. He isn’t in a hurry and He doesn’t mind slowing his pace if he needs to.

He waits for you.

Few things in life will leave you breathless in the most amazing way. Enjoy the opportunity when you can.

Breathe it all in—now exhale.
Share your heart with God today.
It may be hard to understand with the thoughts of man, but if we can kind of understand the emotion, the intrigue, the excitement of new love and long love with humans, then we can transfer that as a small taste—a small gift of what kind of love we can anticipate from God. His love satisfies. Heart and soul, head to toe. He wants to make your life special. Because you are counted as valuable.

Just a little insight on how my soft heart connects best. If it helps you connect, too. Then I will find great joy knowing I’ve assisted you.

Take Joy in a fabulous day.
You’ve been Heaven made to be walking example of that same love, heart and devotion to a world that is cold, tired and alone. You are His Light. Magnify it!

~Nicole 💕

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