February 4, 2020

Impressive & Expensive

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Big bows, big butts and a need for love amongst us.


January 2, 2020

Stolen Goods

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Have you ever had someone take something that was yours? It’s hard isn’t it? We feel violated and robbed of blessing. It feels a bit dirty even. Sometimes people break in and steal our property. And sometimes people steal our joy, our peace or our work. But honestly, we can find encouragement in the Word.

Turning the other cheek is hard.

The theft feels like a slap on the face, but God wants us to turn and offer up the other side as well?

Well—here’s my encouragement and reminder to anyone who feels any form of loss or violation…

Solomon, in all his splendor craved wisdom more than anything. God delighted in his desire and gave him wisdom and then added all the things the common man would have asked God for in the first place (fame, fortune, prestige, title). And with that wisdom he made a decision for two women fighting over a baby.

So when you feel violated or robbed or treated unfairly, remember—

The real Mother will always let the baby live.

Words to live by that add practical wisdom to almost any area of life. Hold tight. Your destiny didn’t need those cracker crumbs anyway!


December 17, 2019

Game of Life

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Seasons change, people change, but the Word and Faithfulness of God remain the same!

Keep the faith! God always rewards faithfulness!



October 5, 2019


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I wrote this blog a while back, and came across it this morning and thought it was worth a re-share.

Life moves fast. Before we know it time has passed and what did we do with it? Live in such a way that it makes an impact on even those who don’t approve of you. It’s exactly what Jesus did! So I know we can all do it, too! After all, his glorious presence rests within you.

Here’s my post…

As you may know I do personal training and small group fitness. My client’s come to me, but I have one client who I go to and train in her home. She is older and prefers to be home to exercise. Her home is beautiful, custom built with every detail attended to…right down to the monogrammed toilet paper in the restrooms. She reminded me this week that she does not keep track of her sessions and wanted to know if she owed me money.

I told her, “No, you are fine.” But then I also said, “You shouldn’t tell me you don’t keep track (or anyone you contract for business) because you are a woman of wealth and many who lack integrity would try to take advantage of you.” I LOVE what she said. With a twinkle of wisdom and experience in her eye, she said,

“I know..but that’s between you and God.”

Isn’t that true for all of us…

God knows and sees everything.

There is nothing that escapes him.

If we aren’t growing we become stagnant and regress.

We are at all times moving toward God or away from Him. Take the wisdom of a woman with monogrammed toilet paper.

Live a life of Purpose, Character and Integrity.

People are watching and so is God.


September 23, 2019


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Trust God with your process—

He will bring you a glorious bloom to shade your soul and prevent you from loosing your bloom as you expand and take time and room to grow. You are heaven adored and shielded from even the fiercest storms. God has true friends for you and they would take some hits for you. You may not get many like this, but when you do they are heaven kissed! Embrace it!


Click the link below for a short story about the sweetest friendship known!


September 21, 2019

She was . . .

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When you do it your way everything seems to shake out more than ok…

Just a little creative writing for today! Enjoy! ~Nicole


June 11, 2019

Christian. . . GO!

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There is a Devourer. Does he know your name?

Many years ago, we had sold our home at rock bottom prices that were indeed scandalous. We then followed the continued lead of the Holy Spirit and proceeded to give away our earnings as well as pay off some medical debt from the birth of my child. But aside from this, we kept nothing for ourselves. We were All-In to what we had been called to. This seems like a great step of faith that would stir the gates of Hell and bring God glory. But I’m not sure if this wasn’t merely the starting point. The moment in time and space when the starting gates flew open on this great race of faith.

We proceeded to walk through a season that humbled me beyond anything comparable I had ever known. I was persecuted and scorned, shunned by other believers who couldn’t quite wrap their mind around anyone in America being called to such an extreme sacrifice. It was the most difficult season of my life. But many things happened in the years that quickly followed our exhilarating steps of faith obedience (God doesn’t just wake you up one day and ask something so large. He leads you to it through times and seasons of guidance and preparation…equipping in the gift of faith)…it seemed like every new day brought new and profound opportunities to sow seeds in individuals and in community.

Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.” Hebrews 7:25

Though the established Church didn’t seem to quite know what to make of it. Our actions had perplexed everyone’s experience with us being known as mature believers with a grounded sense of common sense, wisdom and stewardship. But this wasn’t about any of those things. God already knew our heart in that regard. This was about Faith. So though the Church was confused and stood a step back to muse our choices, we continued to hear the lead and God’s Voice. We saw witches leave covens and become set free. We saw people get set free from demonic strongholds and chains become unlocked and Believer’s who had been trapped in holding patterns become unstuck. The flow of the Spirit, amazing.

On one day, we stepped out of our car to get some lunch at a local sandwich shop. As we got out of the car a couple, male and female, were scuffling across the sidewalk. They appeared to be homeless. One walking slightly in front of the other and both looking at the ground—it was like they both suddenly stopped at the same time and one looked up at us and the other to the ground. The one who looked to us pointed his finger at us about 20 yards away. He said, in a loud voice,

“Christians! Christians! GO!”

Then they both looked down again and resumed their walking. It was super creepy, but I felt like I had just been paid the greatest compliment! The demons within the man knew who we were!

With all of this being said, I have amazing personal stories of miracle walking faith complete with signs and wonders. I have documented and written a book and am only waiting for God’s release to publish. It coming soon. . . But not yet.

Despite all this unconventional behavior for an American Christian, I still only feel I have just left the starting gate of this great faith call and assignment to Heal by vehicle of Faith, Hope and Love. I am a Sojourner. I am resilient. I am focused. I am strong. But I am not enough—But my God is, and that is more than enough. So every day I give another piece of myself away and fade away so all that is left of me is He.

Back in February we went to Israel. Amazing! One of the things I looked forward to most on this trip was getting baptized in the Jordan River. For me to think of standing in the waters just like my Lord did when he received the mantle of the Dove with love…breath taking. I prayed leading up to the trip for several months that God would descend on me in those waters and give me a greater portion, anointing and mantle of the Holy Spirit. I desired more of my Counselor and my Best Friend. He gave me that and more than I bargained for on that trip and my heart was fully decided. I actively sealed the whole deal by out loud recognizing what I had been given and thanking God right alongside the Pools of Bathseda. The Pools of Healing waters.

“One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?”

Acts 19:17

So, how about you? What is God calling you to? The road to Greatness came at a remarkable price that looked like stripes of crimson red. The bloody crown on His head was his honor and delight to wear. He suffered like a human, but was inspired by so much more. Heaven and the Holy Spirit held him through it all. And we can do the same. By Design, the Holy Spirit will equip you to tread on serpents, overcome ridiculous odds and carry peace and glory along the way.

If you have countless oppositions in your life, you may be doing it right if they come despite obedience to God. The gates of Hell and it’s armies just may be affected by you. Maybe they know you? Do you? Don’t forget who you are. He carried a scar so you could wear his mantle and crown.

“The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze,

and your strength will equal your days.” Deut. 33:25

I believe the Lord is raising up an army of un-conventional believers who the dignified (proud) Church would frown upon and call misfit or unqualified. He will humble the proud and give us a voice that is quite loud. Let’s use it victorious and in unison to flood the courts of Heaven.

“For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws into their minds, and write them on their hearts, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.” … AND I WILL BE THEIR GOD, AND THEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE.” Hebrews 8:10

I hope my post brought a new vigor and confidence to your roar. Your lions mane is your glory. Like the covering of a King. The King of the Pride is by your side. Let’s become undignified!


April 29, 2019

What Do You See?

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“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

James 1:17

He is constant. He is continual. He is Penial. He is Purposeful. He is large and in charge for every care right down to every little hair of your head. His Love is energy. His Love is a Mantle of Prophesy. His Voice brings clarity to the undecided heart. His Love mends brokenness and gives without putting your love to the test. His Love is in every detail.

Without fail. You’re going to prevail. If His eye is set on the beauty of the sparrow and its little wings as they take flight. Imagine what He can and is willing to do for you in less than a fort night.

Get excited!


April 21, 2019

Jesus died so your prayers can get answered

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Jesus died so your prayers can get answered.

Yesterday morning I went to the gym early to get a little something in before partaking in some family fun with my youngest son. When you have a large family it’s fantastic to get quality time with each child apart from the other children. He had a great day, we all did.

So there I was at the gym…

I was able to get a quick lift in with my husband and one of my older sons. Just before heading home, I made a restroom stop. As I stepped up to the sink a woman came in the room and stood at the sink next to me. She began to scoop water onto her face with slow repetition. Then she just buried her face in her hands and began uncontrollably sobbing. She remained there, face in hands, huddled over the sink, crying.

{Jesus is Comfort}

I finished washing my hands, dried them off—all the while fully aware of this woman, and anticipating an opportunity to comfort her. But I took my time, giving her space to see how this was going to play out before diving in. I didn’t want to embarrass her or rush upon her too quickly. That may have agitated her more fully.

{Sometimes love must take its time.}

She did not pull it together. She continued to sob. So I quietly stepped up beside her and wrapped my arm around her and just stood next to her. I didn’t say a word. I just stood with her a bit. She just continued as she was—sobbing, face buried in hands. Then she spoke and this helped me a bit know how to proceed. All she said was, “I was trying to be strong!”

At this moment another woman in the locker room heard her crying and came around the corner and I could tell by the look on her face she was genuinely and empathetically concerned for this woman. She proceed to loudly ask, “ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU OK?” She meant well, but her voice tone was stressful. The woman didn’t respond or acknowledge her at all. I don’t think anyone would in this situation. So I turned to the woman and in a soothing, soft spoken voice said, “She is not alright, but she will be.” This seemed to ease her concern as I could see the pensiveness leave her face. Then the woman said, “Oh, alright.” And proceeded back around the corner to whatever she had been doing at the lockers.

I remained with the woman and then I quietly leaned in and whispered something specific in her ear. I won’t be repeating those specific words here. Then I asked how I could pray for her. She didn’t know. She confessed she was surprised she broke down like this. All I said was “I get it.” Then before I left the room I reminded her once again about what I whispered in her ear. I repeated my words again—word for word. I told her not to forget. And I suspect, God will reinforce what I said to her in her spirit and I pray she carries His Strength out of the gym with her that day. I pray she felt the Lord with her that day.

Now, I have several semesters of graduate level counseling under my belt, but I am not a licensed counselor. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work and received a lot of training for working as a peer counselor for non-profit agencies. And I am a counselor at heart. It’s just part of how God wired me. But I don’t want any to believe I’m professing to be a “clinical expert” of anything here.

So why share the story?

People all around us every single day are hurting. Everyone is carrying something that feels like weight, but resembles something like stress, depression or other weighty emotions. Anti-Depressant and sedative medications are at an all time high. I have no idea if this woman was dealing with any of this.

But here’s what I know…

There’s not a human on the planet that doesn’t want to be reminded that they aren’t in this thing alone. God will always go with us.

God is always strength for us.

Here’s my experience—I think it’s a safe gamble to share that nobody wants to break down emotionally in public. Nobody. I’m sure this woman was uncomfortable. Here are a few steps I took in proceeding next.

Active Listening and Intuitiveness

1) Because I was standing right next to her at the sink it became my job to be comfort for her. Not as a Counselor, but as a Christian guided by the Great Counselor. It did not matter to me nor did I wonder how she would respond. I’d make that adjustment after. My job was to love her.

2) It then also became my job to protect her from probing questions and unnecessary embarrassment. Because love also protects.

3) It then became my job to ask how I could help, specifically prayer.

4) At this point I left her alone to gather herself. She seemed a bit calmer as I left. People need room to process thoughts and feelings. Many words are not always required. Silence or a long pause is sometimes a quality antidote.

{How to navigate the uncomfortable}

Love must be willing to become uncomfortable for the added comfort of another.

I think often times people don’t know what to do in uncomfortable situations so they do nothing…say nothing…offer nothing. Often times even though their heart feels compassion, their own personal uncomfortableness interferes with what maybe God was trying to do by placing you near in the first place.

Today we celebrate the day Jesus ascended his face in all it’s radiant light. The tomb was empty and our Savior was not dead! All hope that was counted as lost, proved once and for all the Power of Love and the Cross.

Jesus died to answer your every prayer. Go ahead—nail it there. Crimson red he bled to give you some keys that open many things. Love, Walk and Live in Victory.

You don’t have to go this thing alone. I promise.

On a higher note—on our way out the front door we invited one of the personal trainers who does not attend church to join us at ours. Even if he doesn’t come the elation on his face when he confirmed we were inviting him to church was priceless.

Because everyone loves to be invited.


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans’ 15:13

April 13, 2019

Paying Attention

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God is always trying to show us something…

“Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.”

Rev. 1:17-18

He is always whispering like the wind through the palm leaf. He gently moves and brushes about the trees. He peeks through the heavens with brilliant sunshine and warms the ground we thrive upon. He longs to be a blessing. He delights to bless. That’s just who He is.

I think it’s us who muck it up. We get distracted easily. We become discouraged. We step back or fall back and sometimes we get off track by the simplest things. I guess all of humanity distracts easily and the enemy of our soul knows it.

But God is right beside you charting the course. He guides. He provides. And His Love and Hope can yield laughter if we embrace it fully.

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future.” Proverbs 3:25

We can refocus.

We can shape and harness all that God has equipped us to do.

We can believe and receive the Harmony heaven provides and enjoy this life.

What ailes your soul today?

What distracts your heart from the Apple of Heavens eye?

What leaves you weary or bogged down?

Adjust your crown.

You are Regal.

You are Royal.

You’ve been given just the right shoulders to handle the mantle.

You don’t have to do it all,

God wraps His Glory about you and will surround you with stellar support.

You will thrive, of course!

Of course you will succeed.

No doubting it, please.


Just as they waved Palm branches at his feet, God will cause the wind to blow amazing miracles right at your feet. He will break through the obstacles on your path just as the sun is able to cut through the clouds and burst forth out loud with glorious rays.

Be elated.

Don’t shrink back!

Don’t shy away in the storm!

Heaven is elated with you and others are too. That’s a promise.


“It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; it does not shy away from the sword.” Job 39:22

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