June 1, 2017


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Yesterday was such a tough day for me. I yielded to my Savior in every way and I did something difficult and challenging for me. It went ok, but I really had to process some feelings and thoughts for a moment. I had to be transparent. For anyone, being vulnerable is a bit like being naked in public–not that I have any experience with that, lol, but anyone can imagine how that would feel. Of course, my Jesus knew how it felt….

Isn’t it so wonderful to be in a place where you can trust God with your heart and be transparent with your soul and bear it with others so that we can bear our own burdens a little better, but so that our burdens can bring consolation to the soul of another.

I think all around people are feeling alone. Alone with their hearts. Alone in their struggles. Alone in many decisions and reflections. God didn’t design humanity to be alone. That is why after creating Adam, came Eve. God saw it was not good for Adam to be alone.

(Genesis 1:27)

Gods purpose for companionship is not merely for reproduction and population of the earth.

God knows the Beauty of Friendship.

A friend can get you through the things that are hard for you. It’s like supplemental strength. When you plant a tree and it’s young it needs a stake right next to it, driven deep and tied to its side so it can withstand the elements and environment no matter how extreme.

God delights in friendship. This truth is evident all throughout His Word. He had Jonathan supporting and encouraging David then to be followed by his mighty men. Esther had an advocate in Hathach, Naomi had Ruth, Elijah had Elisha, Barak and Deborah made a great team and the Disciples of Christ had each other. The greatest friendship of all came when Christ sacrificed himself for you. He desired friendship with each person on the earth. He has reserved special friendship for you.

So be grateful for the gift of friendship. You may not have a lot of friends, but count yourself blessed if you have one friend who knows and sees your heart, your good, your not so good, and loves you the same anyway.  ~Nicole

The Lord will hear when you call…

“But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself Him who is godly; The Lord will hear when I call to Him.” Psalm 4:3



December 13, 2016

Friends Forever…

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Yesterday, out of the blue, a name from my past erupted in my mind…

It was the name of a woman I knew many years ago. I didn’t know her well, but she was a customer of mine through my nutrition business. She lived here in my city and I’d visit her at her home a few times a month to deliver vitamins to her.

She was advanced in years and seasoned in life. She lived alone, though she had family, none in town. She was still working as a CNA nurse a few days a week. If I had to guess, I’d say she was in her late sixties to early seventies. Though I confess, I am not so good at guessing people’s age. What made it even harder to decide was her nationality. She was an African American women and being such, had such gorgeous skin, it makes it even harder for me to figure it out.

This woman was full of light and life and I found her beautiful and breathtaking. She had deep and strong faith in God. When I would visit we would sit…

She would talk and I would listen for well over an hour every time. We did this for several years until she seemed to just disappear. I could no longer find her or get a hold of her.

Our time together I will never forget, like a sweet and special gift that struck a melody in my soul.

She was so transparent with me about life and faith, disappointments, wisdom and grace. I guess I must have been in my late twenties when I knew her. She would share stories of her life and raising her children. She would show me pictures, lots of pictures. I guess maybe She enjoyed my company, too. This makes me smile.

Her husband had passed, she’d share of him, too. She’d been living alone for many years. She said it is quite lonely, being alone, but she twinkled and had a gleam in her eye every time she would remind me that with Jesus she knew she was never alone even when she felt loneliness creep in. She then told me some advice that has stuck with me for life…

I think what she shared might help you, too, and that’s why I’m sharing this story with you. Eva, that was her name, though she was alone she knew how to sit at the Throne and gather friendship and comfort from Heaven. She told me that every night, she’d lie on the couch with her Bible on her chest, reading, singing, praising and praying. She talked to God as though she were talking to her very best friend. She would do this for hours and she confessed that on many nights she would fall asleep there and get her nights rest.

Eva had a truly gorgeous soul. My heart was deeply attracted to hers. The Bible says that deep calls unto deep (Psalm 42:7). I think this passage of scripture has layers of depth in its meaning. One being, we are Spirit and kindred spirits draw tight despite differences in life. Though she were much older than me and our life experiences and cultural differences were vastly different. We had a common fondness for Heaven and a love for its King.

People all around you everyday are busy, and involved and doing many things—but they are still feeling alone. You can be amongst many loved ones or people and still feel alone.

Loneliness is heightened for many this time of year. Lost loved ones remembered, heightened sense or awareness of being alone in the holidays for those with little to no family. I feel your heart and God hears it as well. I know this is why He asked me to strike my pen. To offer you Hope and encouragement for a full heart and soul and the knowledge that you are never alone. God loves you and is with you.

So if you are feeling a little blue, instead of gloom and tears (those are needed and ok at times), lift your eyes to heaven. Speak to God and tell him how you are feeling. He can hear you. Talk like you would to a friend. Ask him to lift your heart and take your pain. Ask him to comfort you in a way that removes a sense of loneliness. The Bible says that if you search for God, you will find him ( Proverbs 8:17). He will show himself to you and He will do it in a way unique to your life and experience. He’s personal and special like that.

God cups your heart in His hands and He makes no demands. He just want to comfort you today.

Be blessed. Be encouraged as Eva encouraged me…

Merry Christmas….