March 18, 2019

After Glow

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I am still basking in the after glow of my trip to Israel just a little more than a week ago.

The Lord has knit my heart with Zion.

Every night since our returning flight from Tel Aviv back to my homegrown California—I have had marvelous dreams of special things that I have only written down in my journal. Scripting my heart with actual paper and pen is the absolute best of the best for the flow of my soul. I love how I’m old fashion like that. God connects with it and I’m at rest in it and my soul soars high above the known.

In my dreams I experienced similar things. I see, I receive and often times what I dream is the inspiration for what I write. I see things in my dreams that cannot be seen with the naked eye. And many, many times (most of the time), what I see in those dreams I watch come to be in the natural. Supernatural insight.

Every night since getting home I have had stellar dreams laced with the love and presence of Israel. I have become a hard and fast devoted friend to Zion. I feel connected to her as odd as that may sound. I have always loved Zion, but now I have a deeper ownership of it. God gave me something there and it’s like the gift contained a thread that suspended me between here and there by the Power of His Chord.

I am one who experiences deeply.

I feel deeply.

I love deeply.

The Spirit stirs within me deeply.

I have compassion and empathy so strong yet feel I have even greater regions of both yet to be explored.

Not all can handle what I bring—

I get it.

I realize more than ever that people aren’t used to being loved.

He’s the one doing it after all.

God’s Glory is sometimes peculiar.

Just like in Jesus’ day, the established church didn’t understand him because nothing like how he came on the scene had ever been done like that. He fulfilled all the prophesies, yet it was so unique and different—peculiar even his parables he made. But he was one who loved purely and those who saw him (with their heart), felt that love dearly. I can’t believe I got to sit in the temple where he read the scriptures and declared that he was the fulfillment! He literally told the religious people he was the Messiah! So bold! And those walls still hold the stories today from Ancient of Days. Jesus came and fulfilled the scriptures. And to this day he remains one of the most controversial people in history. Heaven knows how to shake it up a bit. God knows that controversy can be a powerful marketing tool for Kingdom business!

God can take anything and stir it and sift it and make something marvelous of it. And when it’s true and of Him it will leave an impenetrable mark upon a heart that resides for life …

Zion, I am your friend. I will pray for you, bless you, cherish every dream about you. I will pray for your people. I will pray for the land, that it might be a well watered garden of goodness. Take me heart and soul to the Upper Room. There’s immense Power there still. You have Glory yet to be exhumed.

They say it is easier to give birth than raise the dead—

Heal the sick.

Give sight to the blind.

Raise the dead.

If it’s happening in third world countries why can’t it happen here? I believe and anticipate that I will see all of these things..

I am not afraid of the Power of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Holy Wind Blow…

God’s got a garden of fire bugs that have been lit in the belly of heaven. Spit them out upon the earth. Do your good.

Not everything the Spirit of God says makes sense to the natural mind—but that is part of what makes His Prophetic flow glow and the mystery compelling to those who want to know just who this God is.

I am a Friend of Zion.

My heart resides in His Temple.


“Still another angel, who had charge of the fire, came from the altar and called in a loud voice to him who had the sharp sickle, “Take your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of grapes from the earth’s vine, because its grapes are ripe.”

Rev. 14:18


March 3, 2019

Healing Virtue

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True and Genuine Kindness is the dew of Heaven.

Each day in Israel has been packed full morning to night with excursions which brought my heart delight—so many they are all starting to blur together and then the few magnified and highlighted on my soul. Forever etched in gold.

Yesterday was probably the most personally significant day of our trip to Israel for me. I knew before coming I was traveling there to receive something. Powerful dreams engaged me at night leading up to Sunday.

On Sunday I received what I came for at the Pools of Bathseda just inside what was once the Sheep Gate. So powerful was the moment-it happened as we prayed corporately—

I wanted to look across the crowd to my husband. As we left the sight my husband pulled me aside and declared to me everything I knew that moment at the pool.

I received what I came for…

Later on we traveled to the Western Wall to place prayers in its cracks and surrender prayers to God. I scratched my gratitude for what I had received and imbedded it on the wall deep in a crack. God is so Beautiful. I planted my gratitude as a declaration in the Western Wall.

The foundation has been laid.

Healing waters flow, Father, right out of me…and you will get all the Glory.

God’s True and Genuine Kindness is the dew of Heaven…

And He has never failed to prove beyond prove how He loves and is faithful to fulfill His every Promise.


“The LORD protects and preserves them— they are counted among the blessed in the land —The LORD sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.”

~ Psalms 41:2-3

January 31, 2019

Power of Your Path

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“Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives–especially the ability to prophesy.” 1 Cor. 14:1
     I’ve been writing the last few days on the theme of prophesy and what it means to decision make and act on future not circumstances. Walking out God’s prophetic anointing on your life will require some grit and maybe just maybe more than just a little bit of it. But is it truly risky to trust God and follow His lead?
     A number of years ago I had a woman tell me I had a lot of faith. But that’s not where her sentence ended. She proceeded  to add a “but”…”But I don’t want that kind of faith because then I’d have to act on it.”

     I guess this is the Beauty of God. We can have as much or as little of Him as we desire. He is a Gentleman. But His purposes prevail. When He has a call or plan He will shape and shift your circumstances to cause you to yield. I personally think it takes more faith to NOT trust God and follows his lead. That is the greater risk because you May be acting outside His blessing without even knowing it. No thank you. Though following God may lead down paths you would have never treaded on your own—you eventually discover those paths are carved in gold and you find a joy inside has grown you’ve never before known. When God ties your heart to something nothing can break it and you can’t shake it.

     Does it all sound a bit odd to you? Really?
     Just look at the life of Noah. His story is found in the Bible Book of Genesis.
God spoke it.
He believed it.
It conceived something great in his heart and soul.
He began to do what was required to make the dream a reality.
I imagine he was asked thousands of times what he was doing.
What did he say?
Every time he spoke of it he was casting vision for the people.
No one saw his vision or received it…until the rain came.
     There are countless examples of modern day people who lived a life full of success that was birthed out of deep duress. They believed in the dream and pursued it with their everything. They told others what they saw for their future, they prophesied giving life to the vision, where they were going…they knew with all their heart it was a future worth knowing.
     Your future is inside of you. It is up to you to hone your focus. Be decided. Get Intentional. Purpose your choices. Take action steps…and have a nearly blind ambition to achieve what you were placed on this planet to do. YOU are a Planet Shaker and the Kingdom of Heaven just may be counting on you. You’ve got tremendous Legacy within you.
                   You are Prophetic!
“By faith Noah, having been divinely instructed concerning the things not yet seen, having been moved with fear, prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that is according to faith.”
Hebrews 11:7

January 27, 2019

Prophets Arise!☀️

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“Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.”


1 Cor. 1:4 (esv)

I love this scripture. It pretty much sums up the Law of Love. Love is the essence of all things Glorious. Love is formed from the womb of Heaven and used to emulate His Love.


The Prophetic Anointing is a Break Through Anointing.


Love came down.

Love bent His Crown.

Love stooped.

And loved scooped us up and cradled us within His Heart Chamber to bring rest to humanity.


Have you ever been around someone who carried such a level of Peace you felt peaceful in their presence? How about Grace? Do we measure out such an outpouring and overflowing of God’s Grace others can feel it drip from us?


Though the Old Testament offers a real showcase of impressive prophets, my favorite Old Testament Prophet was Deborah (Read about her in The Book of Judges).


She assured the King of Victory, but went to war with him. Warrior with his weapon and woman with the Word!


To have the Overflow of the Holy Spirit is to walk, live, breath and Love this way. It causes a Gentle disposition that works like fabric softener on the heart.


So what if this verse? Why should we desire to prophesy?


Prophesy is a spiritual gift that carries much responsibility. All of the gifts bear responsibility, none less important than another for by them we collectively become God’s All Star Team. I desire to honor all. But prophesy comes with the responsibility to have thick skin. To have courage. To have tight lips. Every knows loose lips sink ships.


“Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Psalm 41:3



The prophetic voice is a voice the Lord trusts with His Secrets. Prophesy can be used to specifically pray for other and to pray down assignments of the enemy of God. Intercessors frequently walk in the prophetic as they call down God’s Plans from Heaven. But the prophetic voice comes with much scorn. The Bible is clear that the prophet is persecuted. (Matthew 5:11)


Often times a prophet is labeled today’s villain and turns out to be tomorrow hero. The Bible says to judge prophesy for those will come who are false prophets. So the pure prophetic voice knows they must stick with the future, but endure today. It is a glorious gift, but also a difficult gift. But you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.



“Love should be your guide. Be eager to have the gifts that come from the Holy Spirit, especially the gift of prophecy.” 1 Cor. 14:1 (cev)


Many years ago the Lord penetrated my heart with the above scripture. He then attached a Word to it. It was a Word so simple I don’t even remember it—I only recall the verse. I was told to deliver the message to a specific individual. I knew who the person was, but I did not personally know the person so it was outside of my comfort zone. But I did it anyway as instructed from the Lord. The person just paused and looked at me for what seemed to be a whole lot of empty space—then they replied, “That scripture was the anchor verse of my morning quiet time.”


I had another occasion I could hear the Holy Spirit repeatedly tell me to go pray over a woman and then to blow my breath in her face. How awkward and weird does that sound? I really dug my heels a bit on that one, but I complied after much pressure of the Spirit. Don’t you know she began to cry and told me the most beautiful story and how my obedience encouraged her when she deeply needed it for she knew no one but the Holy Spirit would know why my blowing in her face would be confirmation.


On another occasion I was praying for a woman who just asked me to pray about a whole boat load of drama in her life. But when I began to pray the Spirit gave me a very specific prayer to pray about her heart and it had nothing to do with what she asked me to pray for. I felt so uncomfortable, but knew the Voice so I prayed and she said not a word about it…until about two weeks later she approached me and said, “How did you know I had a serious heart condition”? Then she proceeded to share about her doctors appointment and how everything I prayed came to pass.


And the stories go on and on…

Only God can take a timid, shy and meek child and birth a boldness like that. To God be the Glory. He selects the most unlikely candidates for victory.


So be encouraged.

You never know how God will use your obedience. How do you know if you have a prophetic gift? If you have it what do you do with it? What is it’s purpose?


Prophetic voices must be developed. They must be exercised or they struggle to grow. The prophetic mind must be guarded by the word of God at all times. Strict discipline to be in the Word AND communing with the Holy Spirit are imperative. This is a valuable gift for the Church to be used to exhort, to love, to encourage and to protect.


“the one who prophesies edifies the church” 1 Cor. 14:4



The Office of Prophet is like a Watchman of Compassion placed on a high wall to guard the Lord’s anointed and beloved. Prophetic voices are God’s Soldiers. They protect. They caution, but most of all they encourage.


“Give me what you command, and command what you will.”

~St. Augustine 


Prophesy can cause people discomfort, even when the prophet is not prophesying. There is alway that little feeling they know something about you or “what do they know”? Not all feel this way about those with this gift, but it’s a common experience that must go with the territory so to speak.


Prophesy is like a looking glass where the Lord gives glimpses into the future. It is a beautiful gift and we live in a day and age when the prophets need to arise and exercise their gifts. These Watchmen(and women)  of Compassion have a tremendous mantle and God delights to see all of His kids encouraged, loved and protected.


Let the Prophets arise!

December 26, 2018

Sculpted Life

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I have been fascinated with health, fitness and nutrition since middle school…at least, middle school is when I recall it all beginning.
Looking back now I see the Divine Sculptor’s hand in everything. All the things I did and tried—having no idea it was a gift of Vision and forward thinking being released from inside. I didn’t think about it, I just did it.
There was no internet or fast facts available at the fingertips for me to learn to track and plan my nutrition. I learned at a young age to study labels, read about health, I’d buy and subscribe to health related magazines. I’m sure many of the articles I read weren’t true science as I reflect on it now–but it had the foundation and got me in the direction the Lord wanted me  to take.
I’ve learned so much about myself and life through training.
Fitness has been good to me.
My love for the weights was immediate and grew in my heart to become a lifestyle. No exercise I had ever done yielded the results weight training did. I learned at an early age that for my petite structure I was relatively strong. Some of it is genetics, and some sheer physics. Being small means a shorter lever (my limbs) has greater leverage when moving an object from point A to point B. How ever it worked, I was hooked and my love for the activity has been life long.
When I was a teen I loved tuning in to Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Olympia to see the women’s divisions. I had a large bulletin board in my bedroom and I had a stationary bicycle.
On the board I had a photo I clipped from a magazine of a fit female. I can visualize it even now. I can remember even what she was wearing. I have no idea who she was. I just knew I loved her physique and it inspired me. She was feminine and beautiful, but loaded with lean lines and quality muscle. Even this, God Providence because in the 80’s it wasn’t so popular as it is now for women to lift weights and have any muscle. Everyone was doing jazzercise and aerobics. But there I was, my own personal spin class (before spin classes were invented) with my Walkman jamming and my legs hammering the pedals as I dreamed of seeing just how fit I could be. I wanted to know just what this body could do.
Imagine my surprise when five years ago, shortly after birthing my fifth child, I begin to have dreams of bodybuilding and competing. Literal dreams! I dismissed it at first for all the usual reasons. But the dreams and call of God persisted.
When God highlights something to you it matters not if you can reason it, rationalize it, fathom it or understand it. It becomes something inside of you that you cannot shake.
What a journey it has been. I’ve learned even more about myself. I’ve been stretched beyond stretched outside myself to grow to fit the new extended capacity of “me”. God right there beside me, encouraging me.
This is a very mentally challenging sport. I have learned deeper levels of confidence in who I am and how God made me. I’ve learned how to be relaxed and comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I’ve learned even more about my body and what it can do. What an incredible machine these bodies are! 
Bodybuilding is a dream I had inside my soul long ago. I didn’t know I’d ever compete. Competitions as they are now didn’t exist at the time. But God had planted something inside of me for a later date. He knew my growing and gleaning had to begin long before I ever graced a stage.
Even now, I am aware God’s Purpose for competition is only a gateway to something else He has for me. So I continue to follow His lead obediently. I’m having a little bit of fun along the way…
Trust God with every dream or desire of your heart. He will carry you though every ounce of distrust or unbelief. He is grooming you for greater things. But we must remain still and quiet when He speaks. We must yield our soul to the heart cry of our Lord. He and only He holds the future. He gives us glimpses and He polishes and nourishes our ambitions and sculpts them to fit His desirable key.
Maybe it’s time to pull out some shelved dreams, dust them off and once again begin to believe.
If the desire has not left you, perhaps it’s because the reality of the vision has yet to kiss you.
Your life an open book…write the pages and fill it to overflow with amazing adventures that will make your heart glow. 
Just a snapshot of my heart this morning. Was thinking on these things and felt the need to flow the ink and let my heart bleed God’s beauty as only He could deposit it within me. Especially knowing the year is coming to an end and many are thinking on the New Year and it’s goals. 
Set your Mantra. Own your pace. You’ve got the proper cadence to finish the race.
Your life…sculpted and shaped by Heavens Divine Grace. Wear it well.


November 7, 2018

New Wine 🍷

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For several days now I can hear the Spirit stir my soul—my real dwelling, my treasured home.

He wells within me.
He says He is with me.
He is that I Am.

“I Am that I Am.”

I’m so glad.

He is who He is and with me He is fabulous.

There is strength, courage and valor in His declaration. He knows what speaks to me. Courage and Strength speak strongly, yet sweetly to me.

It is possible to possess both…Strong and Sweet. But it is rare in humans so when you find it, when I find it, I pay attention. But within my Fathers Heart Chambers I find it every single day.

He is my Source.
He is my Continual Companion.
He is my Provider.
He is my Everything.
It is because of how The Holy Spirit is with me that I remain enamored with my obeying His lead.

So His sweet strength has left a flavor on my palate the past few days I can’t shake.
I don’t want to shake.
I love what I have in him.
If people truly knew what was available to them in God—
They would choose more wisely.

So I hear…
I see…
I experience…

“New wine.”
I hear it…

This is the Prophetic word for me for this new season my family and I are entering. But if the word is for me, then I know it’s for someone else, too. God heavily used my Voice and my pen. They are not my own. I don’t own them, they own me. Because HE owns me.

“New wine…”

Then I think on this…
New wine never goes in old wine skins.
It is placed within the new.

Never pour new wine in old wine skins…

He turns water into wine. He reigns over heaven and earth.
He moves mountains.

I’m pretty sure He can take care of you! He’s gotcha!

New wine can be many things.
But the example I have now is mindsets.

When God does something new. A new season. A new friend. A new job. A new community. New anything—new hope…
It won’t fit in with the old.

You must abandon your former way of thinking.
You can’t have new encounters and victories with old ways of doing things. Old thinking. Old experiences. Old perceptions and expectations.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Some mindsets will carry through. But some are an old comfortable coat that is really just a choke hold keeping you in deleterious thinking. Your expectations must change.
Your level of anticipation must change. Why do you always expect the worst? Why do you believe distrust is better than trust? Old thinking based on experience.

Rest for a moment.
Drink the Father in.
Meditate on Him.
Calm your heart, mind and soul.

What is it?
What’s that thing that is coming to the forefront of your mind as you read this?
That’s the very area God wants to shift and replace old wine skins. But here’s the bonus. Releasing the familiar and comfortable can be difficult. But He is meaning to bring you new wine. So release and allow the Holy Spirit to enter in.

You were never really the one in control anyway.

New wine…

“Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins…” (Matthew 9:17 NIV)


Added Resources on Prophetic meaning of wine in the Bible:

December 7, 2017

My God Heals

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“However, as it is written:
“What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived”—
the things God has prepared for those who love him—”
1 Cor. 2:9

I have so much in my heart this morning and I am not sure how to begin, how to properly unload my heart upon the page. I feel the anticipation of my pen- as though it were a calligraphy pen with a flood of the ink. Too much too soon and it will ruin the artwork. But a gentle touch and glide and a beautiful manuscript in eloquent penmanship transcribes.

The love of heaven is a beautiful thing.

I think I’ve spent my entire life in the Garden of God’s heart. It just took me many years to realize it. My heart always tender to him. I could feel his light and love even though I didn’t understand fully how to have a friendship with him. In all His kindness He patiently waited for me to grow and mature and then He began to court my heart like a proper Gentleman would. What a wonderful journey-

My purpose today is to share of my faith and what the Lord did for me yesterday and has carried over into today and I know into the days to follow…

I blogged earlier in the month of November how I had stepped out in faith and went a new direction with my bodybuilding competitions. It was enormously prosperous to my soul and beneficial, but just days prior to leaving for my first trip I became sick. I went ahead and competed in two shows back to back completely under the weather. I thought once I was home I could rest and replenish and I’d recover quickly for I knew I was depleted and I knew what to do to properly nourish with food. I have a very strong immune system and I eat impeccably so I had confidence with God’s grace within two weeks max I’d be over it. Keep in mind that being sick for two weeks is near unheard of for me. I just don’t get sick. My whole life I have been blessed with wonderful health, strong immunity, but then knowing what I know homeopathically is an added bonus.

Guess what happened, I didn’t get better, in fact I went day to day not feeling any better at all. I’d have a day a little better then it seemed I relapsed the next. I hardly trained the entire month of November. I cancelled client after client for nearly two weeks. By 8 pm each night I could barely keep my eyes open and I was resting and napping much during the day. I was not able to kick whatever had a grip.

I was praying and praying and seeking God’s face. Then one morning I woke to hear his Spirit remind me with a whisper, “Spoonful of Jesus”. This is the title of a blog I wrote sometime ago about how to use the word of God like medicine. I responded to the Lord, “Of course…of course.” Though I had been praying I hadn’t attacked the sickness like a spirit. I was treating it like a frustration. Next, the Lord reminded me of my friend and her miraculous healing and I have written about that in a blog titled, “Christmas Courage”. I replied again, “Of course, Lord”.

I have quite a bit of Joy. I can confidently say I have a mantle and anointing for Joy. I remember the exact day I received it and where I was. I felt it pour over me and run down my head and my back, thick and warm as I imagine warmed honey would feel. This was all supernatural in experience, cannot be adequately explained like most intimate encounters with God-can only be experienced. That’s what makes them personal and sweet…the favor of God drips like honey.

So, I counted my Joy and reminded myself of the example my dear friend- who was dying, yet had an unwavering Joy despite severe illness. Despite my ability to be joyful I struggled. That’s an all new arena of Joy I have little experience with for I never get sick. I praised. I worshipped and I laid the battle at the Lords feet, but I also struggled.

I had been contending in prayer to God regarding my health and recovery and I was seeing no change. Every morning I’d wake up feeling no better than the day before. I asked my husband to lay hands on me and pray. I have had experience with spiritual warfare intercessions in times before where when I found myself unsuccessful when I’d have him pray the spirit would lift. But nothing. No relief.

I lie in bed one night last week, the evening of the day I had asked my husband to pray…and I heard the Lord’s still voice speak clearly to my soul.

“Nicole, I have Anointed your hands to be healing hands, heal yourself.”

I realized what He wanted me to do. I had been praying and asking God, but I hadn’t truly with intention attacked it like a spirit, called it out and sent it away. I hadn’t taken advantage of my gift. So this is what I began to do, and wouldn’t you know, as is not uncommon with dealing with a principality…it stepped up its game and fought back. I felt even sicker for the next several days! But I knew what was happening, I am seasoned in this type of warfare, so I dug my heels in despite feeling so tired and ill I was constantly on the verge of tears. My joy seemed to have gone into hibernation and I was now also fending off discouragement. But I just kept praying and kept prophesying that I would be completely healed before Friday. And every time I wearied I would declare out loud…

“When I am weak, He is Strong.”

Yesterday I think I took a two hour nap. I felt a little better when I woke, well at least a bit more rested. But by evening I was feeling horrible again. I had kids who had places to be and my little one I wouldn’t dare miss him getting to his favorite class at church. I was looking forward to it also. It was to be a healing service and I knew it would be the icing on the cake, the supplemental strength I needed for this battle. But I just wasn’t sure I felt well enough to go…but off we went. Faith must do the opposite of the flesh.

I walked in a little late, the music was already going and I slide into my seat and my heart slipped into the song and I could feel my heart immediately slip into the Arms of my True Love. He didn’t hesitate. My God immediately gave me my request. I could feel Him work Himself into my soul more deeply, filling me to overflow and it renewed my Joy and I dare say rewarded me with with even more of it than before, and His Spirit pushed out the darkness that had been afflicting my flesh and my body immediately felt better. I knew I had received my healing. I began to weep with gratitude. “Then He spoke again and said, “I am going to bless you for all of your obedience.” I was overcome by His Goodness.

I still had congestion in my head, but I didn’t hurt anymore. My energy was back to normal. Lethargy had departed. My Joy complete.

My God is a Healer. Sometimes all it takes to boost another’s faith is a story. This is my story. You may not believe it. Hearing God’s voice may be foreign to you. This is all alright. But I pray the Lord take what you have read and work it with His needle and thread and sow the Power of His Touch and His Love to your heart. He would wrap Himself around you and warm you with Love that can fit only you like a custom made glove. God loves you. Whatever you have need of, He has the answer. He delights to answer…

May Heaven Greet you this day with a Holy Kiss. May He set your soul ablaze as He captures your gaze and creates a delicate fabric of finely woven blessings and covers you with it. He is truly amazing…



December 5, 2017

Soul Garden

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The Lords heart is like a Garden.
The words He floods my heart with are likened to a lush and fragrant Garden.
The war room of heaven is a Garden.
God is a Master Gardener and He tills the soil of my heart.
He removes every root and branch that does not belong.
He fertilizes the soil with His Goodness, Mercy, Kindness and Love.
Nobody has ever noticed me like my Heavenly Father.
No one has ever made me feel at home and like I belong and am where I am supposed to be like He does.

I love the Garden.

I long for the Garden.

He clips my flowers and displays my heart like a bloom in a vase and then He showcases my love for Him with the fluid of my pen.

All I’ve ever had to give Him was my heart and He took it– and though to me it did not seem like much,
to Him it was all He needed.

I have obeyed you fully Lord.
I have walked in your ways and done according to your plans for me.
All I can be…
is all of you in me.
I am a Garden,
may others be refreshed in my presence.


March 22, 2017


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Every human has a spirit that dwells in the soulish region of our body. The soul is the heart of who you are. Every person longs to fill it. Each man or woman, boy or girl, may fill it differently. God gives gifts to all mankind, whether it’s acknowledged or not.

You have a priestly anointing and a prophetic anointing. Most dwell in the priestly anointing. For example, you go to church, you read the Word, you pray and practice your faith. Priestly anointing. But then there is the prophetic anointing! Most neglect this anointing because they don’t understand it. Because they don’t understand it, they reject it. People always reject what they fear.

The prophetic anointing surrenders the heart to reach beyond circumstance, physical facts and acts according to what the future holds. Your prophetic anointing helps shape your future. You speak what you want to see and take actions steps in belief that it will happen. You trust God with timing and circumstances, but you do not shrink back or waiver in your belief. You stay plugged into it. God is the Power Source that fuels the ambition and changes the conditions to create the opportunity for it all to fall into the right place no matter how tight the space. This kind of atmosphere is where Creative Miracles begin to exist…Signs and Wonders appear…and people from miles around begin to draw near.

God loves the prophetic because that’s where the “magic” is.

“Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives–especially the ability to prophesy.” 1 Cor. 14:1

Does it all sound a bit odd to you? Really? Just look at the life of Noah. God spoke it. He believed it. It conceived something great in his heart and soul. He began to do what was required to make the dream a reality. I imagine he was asked thousands of times what he was doing. What did he say? Every time he spoke of it he was casting vision for the people. No one saw his vision or received it…until the rain came.

There are countless examples of modern day people who lived a life full of success that was birthed out of deep duress. They believed in the dream and pursued it with their everything. They told others what they saw for their future, where they were going…they knew with all their heart it was a future worth knowing.

Your future is inside of you. It is up to you to hone your focus. Be decided. Get Intentional. Purpose your choices. Take action steps…and have a nearly blind ambition to achieve what you were placed on this planet to do. YOU are a Planet Shaker and the Kingdom of Heaven just may be counting on you. You’ve got tremendous Legacy within you. You are Prophetic! ~Nicole

“By faith Noah, having been divinely instructed concerning the things not yet seen, having been moved with fear, prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that is according to faith.”
Hebrews 11:7