January 8, 2018

Bullet Proof Shield

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Bullet Proof Shield

Did you wear your bullet proof shield today? Did you cover your heart and head with scriptures so that everything you faced and everything you did and all you took in was filtered by the Lord first?

You have the power to command the attention of Heaven! God has given us everything we need to overcome obstacles, be healed from disease and walk out a mighty and magnificent destiny! But you’ve got to fight for what you want, because there is an entire world out there operating to take it from you!

This post is inspired by a conversation I had this past week with someone regarding their health struggles. As they valiantly fight I was encouraging and then I was getting ideas on how to help.

It got me thinking I needed to write a bullet proof shield to help them declare and believe what was possible. Your health, your identity, your promises and your destiny are yours! Fight for yourself so you can unite and equip with others.

2018 is going to be Pure GOLD!

I truly love you all…


“So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadow boxing.”
1 Cor. 9:26


Prayer of Health & Healing:

Thank you, Lord, for the heavy price and sacrifice you paid as a ransom for my mind, body and soul.
It is you I adore.
I show my adoration to you by caring for my body, my spirit, my life.
I understand that I am not my own. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

I trust you to remind me and equip me to overcome with my eating, rest and exercise. I will not overindulge and I will make wise choices. I will not neglect to exercise my frame.
I know I will enjoy good health as you have promised (3 John 1:2)

Whatever I do I will honor you with everything I eat or drink. Remind me of this when I am tempted to dishonor you with my nutrition.
(1 Corinthians 10:31)

I will do all of this with a cheerful heart (Proverbs 17:22)
because your love is like medicine to me.
In all things I will be equipped and my arms strong for my tasks.
I will have no lack of energy or enthusiasm for healthy living.
I will be consistent, disciplined and fervent. (Proverbs 31:17)

I will enjoy the fruit of obedience and faithfulness as you guide with healing and rest.
I am secure and prosperous in all things.
(Jeremiah 33:6)

I will walk obediently in all you ask me to do and I receive my full inheritance, my full blessing of health and prosperity and protection. Just like Exodus 15:26 promises me.

I am whole.
I am healthy.
I am healed.



December 7, 2017

My God Heals

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“However, as it is written:
“What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived”—
the things God has prepared for those who love him—”
1 Cor. 2:9

I have so much in my heart this morning and I am not sure how to begin, how to properly unload my heart upon the page. I feel the anticipation of my pen- as though it were a calligraphy pen with a flood of the ink. Too much too soon and it will ruin the artwork. But a gentle touch and glide and a beautiful manuscript in eloquent penmanship transcribes.

The love of heaven is a beautiful thing.

I think I’ve spent my entire life in the Garden of God’s heart. It just took me many years to realize it. My heart always tender to him. I could feel his light and love even though I didn’t understand fully how to have a friendship with him. In all His kindness He patiently waited for me to grow and mature and then He began to court my heart like a proper Gentleman would. What a wonderful journey-

My purpose today is to share of my faith and what the Lord did for me yesterday and has carried over into today and I know into the days to follow…

I blogged earlier in the month of November how I had stepped out in faith and went a new direction with my bodybuilding competitions. It was enormously prosperous to my soul and beneficial, but just days prior to leaving for my first trip I became sick. I went ahead and competed in two shows back to back completely under the weather. I thought once I was home I could rest and replenish and I’d recover quickly for I knew I was depleted and I knew what to do to properly nourish with food. I have a very strong immune system and I eat impeccably so I had confidence with God’s grace within two weeks max I’d be over it. Keep in mind that being sick for two weeks is near unheard of for me. I just don’t get sick. My whole life I have been blessed with wonderful health, strong immunity, but then knowing what I know homeopathically is an added bonus.

Guess what happened, I didn’t get better, in fact I went day to day not feeling any better at all. I’d have a day a little better then it seemed I relapsed the next. I hardly trained the entire month of November. I cancelled client after client for nearly two weeks. By 8 pm each night I could barely keep my eyes open and I was resting and napping much during the day. I was not able to kick whatever had a grip.

I was praying and praying and seeking God’s face. Then one morning I woke to hear his Spirit remind me with a whisper, “Spoonful of Jesus”. This is the title of a blog I wrote sometime ago about how to use the word of God like medicine. I responded to the Lord, “Of course…of course.” Though I had been praying I hadn’t attacked the sickness like a spirit. I was treating it like a frustration. Next, the Lord reminded me of my friend and her miraculous healing and I have written about that in a blog titled, “Christmas Courage”. I replied again, “Of course, Lord”.

I have quite a bit of Joy. I can confidently say I have a mantle and anointing for Joy. I remember the exact day I received it and where I was. I felt it pour over me and run down my head and my back, thick and warm as I imagine warmed honey would feel. This was all supernatural in experience, cannot be adequately explained like most intimate encounters with God-can only be experienced. That’s what makes them personal and sweet…the favor of God drips like honey.

So, I counted my Joy and reminded myself of the example my dear friend- who was dying, yet had an unwavering Joy despite severe illness. Despite my ability to be joyful I struggled. That’s an all new arena of Joy I have little experience with for I never get sick. I praised. I worshipped and I laid the battle at the Lords feet, but I also struggled.

I had been contending in prayer to God regarding my health and recovery and I was seeing no change. Every morning I’d wake up feeling no better than the day before. I asked my husband to lay hands on me and pray. I have had experience with spiritual warfare intercessions in times before where when I found myself unsuccessful when I’d have him pray the spirit would lift. But nothing. No relief.

I lie in bed one night last week, the evening of the day I had asked my husband to pray…and I heard the Lord’s still voice speak clearly to my soul.

“Nicole, I have Anointed your hands to be healing hands, heal yourself.”

I realized what He wanted me to do. I had been praying and asking God, but I hadn’t truly with intention attacked it like a spirit, called it out and sent it away. I hadn’t taken advantage of my gift. So this is what I began to do, and wouldn’t you know, as is not uncommon with dealing with a principality…it stepped up its game and fought back. I felt even sicker for the next several days! But I knew what was happening, I am seasoned in this type of warfare, so I dug my heels in despite feeling so tired and ill I was constantly on the verge of tears. My joy seemed to have gone into hibernation and I was now also fending off discouragement. But I just kept praying and kept prophesying that I would be completely healed before Friday. And every time I wearied I would declare out loud…

“When I am weak, He is Strong.”

Yesterday I think I took a two hour nap. I felt a little better when I woke, well at least a bit more rested. But by evening I was feeling horrible again. I had kids who had places to be and my little one I wouldn’t dare miss him getting to his favorite class at church. I was looking forward to it also. It was to be a healing service and I knew it would be the icing on the cake, the supplemental strength I needed for this battle. But I just wasn’t sure I felt well enough to go…but off we went. Faith must do the opposite of the flesh.

I walked in a little late, the music was already going and I slide into my seat and my heart slipped into the song and I could feel my heart immediately slip into the Arms of my True Love. He didn’t hesitate. My God immediately gave me my request. I could feel Him work Himself into my soul more deeply, filling me to overflow and it renewed my Joy and I dare say rewarded me with with even more of it than before, and His Spirit pushed out the darkness that had been afflicting my flesh and my body immediately felt better. I knew I had received my healing. I began to weep with gratitude. “Then He spoke again and said, “I am going to bless you for all of your obedience.” I was overcome by His Goodness.

I still had congestion in my head, but I didn’t hurt anymore. My energy was back to normal. Lethargy had departed. My Joy complete.

My God is a Healer. Sometimes all it takes to boost another’s faith is a story. This is my story. You may not believe it. Hearing God’s voice may be foreign to you. This is all alright. But I pray the Lord take what you have read and work it with His needle and thread and sow the Power of His Touch and His Love to your heart. He would wrap Himself around you and warm you with Love that can fit only you like a custom made glove. God loves you. Whatever you have need of, He has the answer. He delights to answer…

May Heaven Greet you this day with a Holy Kiss. May He set your soul ablaze as He captures your gaze and creates a delicate fabric of finely woven blessings and covers you with it. He is truly amazing…



October 3, 2017


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What are you believing?

The future is inside of you. You must see it with your heart before you can believe it with you mind. Then you will walk it out in your life.


Arnold Schwarzenegger became legend as a body builder. Not only did he have an extraordinary work ethic, but he had extraordinary belief. At one competition he was up against Lou Furrigno, another famous top competitor. Lou told Arnold before the show that he looked good, but probably not good enough to win. Arnold replied he felt so confident of his win that he had already called his Mother in Austria to tell her he had won.

This is the mindset of a Champion!

It doesn’t matter what you are pursuing. It could be to encourage you child in 1st grade phonics.

To overcome, carry on and finish strong we each must have intense BELIEF in better things.

Be Decided! ~Nicole


April 13, 2017

A Highway Built of Words

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“The one who guards his mouth preserves his life…”
Proverbs 13:3

What is dripping from your lips? Think of your words as a highway…

A week ago I was driving with a friend up in the Motherlode of Northern California. If you haven’t been there it is breath-taking with beauty. Steep ravines and every kind of evergreen. Absolute Majestic Beauty. As we drove I mentioned to my friend of the roads. I thought of all the pioneers who blazed these trails and paved them as well. High power lines added to increase the reach of electricity. So much progress, so much work! I had heart felt gratitude in that moment for the tireless dedication of those who built up the highway.

Your mouth is a highway. Courteous, kind and positive truths will lay a sure foundation for you. Negativity, complaining and gossip will pave for you a crooked highway full of potholes and gravel. Choose your words wisely and you will notice it will affect your self talk as well. You will feel lighter, as though you were gliding through the obstacles given to each day. You will experience deeper Joy and gratitude. It’s not always easy, but if we can build amazing physical highways, then we can speak them as well! ~Nicole


I actually wrote this piece above in 2015, but just came across it in my files this morning. I thought it so appropriate for today given some conversations I was able to have with some women yesterday about gossip and how they want to avoid it or not listen to people who are prone to it. After all, the average person doesn’t think they are gossiping, they are just “sharing” or “processing” a situation. But the truth is that gossip and unhealthy words, negativity and complaining compel themselves into our minds and influence our perceptions. The more negative our thought life the more skewed we receive anything–even love, kindness and encouragement. It created a negative bent and creates arguement where there is no argument occurring. It is a devicive spirit and must be ruled in the mind, heart and mouth.

Your future is locked inside of you, waiting to be released and become reality in your life. The Power, the direction, the Path that future unfolds is so greatly hinged on our words. We speak what we want to see and then watch it unfold. It truly can become an expression of the Creative Miracles of Heaven when we use this tremendous gift of Heaven wisely.

You can’t out encourage God. You cannot out love Him either. His heart is completely draped with adoration of His Creation, You. He is too good, too faithful, too kind to not completely envelop you with love. But He will let us learn how to walk, how to pave that Word highway and walk out the path we create. He will bless us inspite of us, because He longs to be good to us. I don’t know about you, but I desire my full measure of blessing, God’s best for my life. Don’t settle. Dare to dream God has abundance for you! It may all begin with your mouth and how you handle the terrain of your everyday–the good and the bad–and the things that make you happy or sad. No more laps in the wilderness like Moses and the Israelites of the Bible Book of Exodus. You can begin today.

The expression of your life is your statement to the world. Let love and positive, edifying words be the exclamation point. 💜