June 5, 2018

The Table is Set

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The table is set…

His tables are set and you are invited in.

A table is a beautiful piece of furniture, or it can be anyway. I am a lover of French Provincial decor/design. But there is something most extraordinary about a set table. I love to decorate the table! The flatware in place, sterling silver and the shine! The crystal reflects and grabs hold of the lighting. The linens and napkins create texture and balance and bring a splash of color to set the tone, the mood, the theme to the room–enchanting and inviting.

When entertaining there is so much to do: the table setting, the cleaning, but also the preparation of the food.

What a joy to be invited in!


You, Friend, are invited in. A bouquet of flowers have been nestled together in the center of your reserved space. The dishes are washed and clean. No detail has gone unnoticed. Everything prepared and ready for your feast to begin. Dine. For you are in fact and honored guest.

You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace.” Ps. 45:2

Let me anoint you with an oil of joy as you enter the room. We do all things around here without grumbling or murmuring. The air lingers with the scent of only the finest spices.

Allow me to lead you with joy and gladness into the palace. It’s the palace of the King. He has choice morsels, the finest delicacies, to nourish your flesh and bring comfort to your bones. Savory beverages–water–but this water is like none you’ve ever known. He alone knows the groans of your heart and can feed your souls thirst.

Drink of these Living Waters and never thirst again.

Now you are equipped to ride victoriously in the cause of truth, humility, and justice.

Know that in your Masters Chambers you are always welcome and will always receive recovery and refreshment in every season or times of need or times of abundance and joy. He’s not just a King, but a faithful Father and True Companion. He is with you to the end.


I had so much fun writing this piece. All excerpts and creativity founded on Psalm 45. Psalm 45 is an anchor passage (the entire chapter) the Lord has spoken over my life and His Devine Assignment given to me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and it has brought comfort and the reminder you may need that you are excellent and Abba Father wants to bring your heart merriment. He is enthralled by your Beauty (Psalm 45:1).

Blessings and Love,



December 29, 2017


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May I enter in?
May I draw close to your Sanctuary?
For in your Garden resides the delight of my soul.
You delight me.
You tantalize my senses and stir my soul.

You are…

Rivers of tranquility flowing over me.
Garden of Hope, foliage lush and green bringing extensive moisture to everything.
You are the warmth of my day and the evening cool of shade.
There is no where to flee to escape you.

There is no possibility of hiding from you.
The Lover of my soul hunts me out.
You visit me in my sleep giving my mind dreams.
You bellow your Presence within the gates of my soul-letting me know you will never let me go.

I am in awe of you and that is why- with my pen- I honor and extol you.
I write you my love song of worship.
I express my love and deep need for your Sovereign Reign in my life.

There is none besides you.
There is none like you.
I am yours.

True Worship comes from the heart, not the mind. God leads from the soul, not our reason. Learn to allow His Presence to ebb and flow and guide your path like a steady flow of Goodness. He will never forsake you.


September 25, 2017


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John Keats was born 31 October 1795 and died 23 February 1821.

Despite the lack of length and breadth of his years…they contained depth few of his age could relate to. Mr. Keats is considered one of the greatest romantic poets in history. His rankings summit to heights alongside peers of the likes such as Lord Byron and Shelley.

The tragedy behind this man’s life is as poetic as his pen. Keats only knew publication of his works for four years before he died from illness in Rome at the age of 25. The work of Keats was widely criticized by critics of the day and he had a hard time associating publication with success.

The pain stole his flame and he didn’t write anymore…

Today he is considered a man who had a deep impact on literature and influenced a broad range of literary giants throughout the ages to follow him. His works are widely studied as Literature and Scholars consider his poem “To Autumn” to be close to literary perfection as any poem ever was.

Keats died feeling he was a failure of a man…
Even though the pain stole his flame,
his pen lived on.

“So I saw that there is nothing better than that all should enjoy their work, for that is their lot; who can bring them to see what will be after them?” Ecc. 3:22

There’s is one whose heart I liken to Keats…He is my Lord and Savior whose poetry penned within my heart caused it to sail upon a gusty wind of His Holy Presence…His Holy Spirit. My life inspired by His message. I take to heart His Holy Example on how to live and love and sew kindness and Faithfulness to my fellow man.

Jesus came to bleed and cancel my need. He was struck and beaten for being different. He was sifted and sorted and his frame was contorted. They tried to kill his flame and though his body was broken-I imagine his heart was too…he continued on and finished it without ever refraining from loving through and through.

You may find situations in life leaving you without pardon. Don’t allow your heart to harden. Don’t allow the pain to steal your flame. Jesus is the master key and his keys unlock everything. Don’t seal yourself in…allow his touch to heal you within .

God will always bring Beauty for your Ashes. Keats may have never known the praises of his prose…but I have no doubt he enjoys praises from Heaven and has forgotten his foes.

The Lord Bless your good Inheritance.