August 31, 2017


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Have you ever been around a person who is lazy? It can be tough to stomach for someone who isn’t lazy. I’m not calling rest laziness. I’m not calling insanely busy the protocol for healthy living. There is a balance for it all.

For a society or a community to run best, every person must do their best and do their part. We must lock arms. This is hard to do when there is laziness in the mix. Laziness is part of what made America a Capitalist nation. If you study history you learn that the early settlers experimented to see what type of community they wanted to build. At first everything was done communally. Everyone received equally from the harvest. Guess what began to happen. Some worked very hard and others began to work hardly at all, but were reaping the fruit of their neighbors labors. It didn’t take long for the idea of capitalism and free enterprise to rise. This system worked much better because each person became responsible for their own endeavors. They still helped one another and maintained community and Christianity, but they also required a certain level of excellence from everybody. I think it adds a margin of notable credibility when we exhort and encourage our neighbors to rise to a higher standard of dignity. Just like any army, we are only as strong as the weakest person. Empower the weak, the lazy, those who lack diligence, to step up and work with the rest of us.

God agrees with this principle too, it is evident in the scriptures. Nehemiah instructed and corrected the people’s of Israel and employed everyone. Moses had elders and leaders to help him manage the fold. Jesus had twelve disciples who he mentored and trained and then handed them the reigns when the Lord called Him home.

The best kind of leadership is the kind that gets its elbows dirty and serves. This is why the Cross and Christ are such an incredible story! He climbed off a Throne of Gold in his hometown called Perfection so he could come be the example of Holy Reflection.

God does not tarry. He is not lazy. He never forgets to do His work. He can be counted on as a stable and reliable source of Joy, Comfort, Provision and a Safe Haven from life’s trials and temptations. He loves you for sure-no doubting it please. He is like a Father who’s heart is securely to yours cleaved.
Love never fails and because of Faith’s endurance your heart shall live forever.

God  always ask us to work, but He goes to work with us and alongside us. I think He enjoys our company.


“Love never fails.”
1 Cor. 13:8

“The poor shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek Him will praise the Lord. Let your heart live forever!”
Psalm 22:26




July 9, 2017


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“Who his own self bore our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live to righteousness: by whose stripes you were healed.” 1 Peter 2:24

Time…oh how we take you for granted. We are each given 24 hours in a day, but what we do with it, that’s where we all separate and deviate. My time is precious. I have a large family. We own two businesses. I am fully committed to my job in my family first. This means I prioritize and schedule my life as best I can in compliance with the demands a full life can bring. Modern day America is not designed for large families.


I find there are many perks to managing a large family. My favorite will always be the relationships. I love it. I grew up in a quiet home. Everything was fairly tidy all the time. I come from a very organized and neat people. We were the American family of four. Two kids…a boy and a girl. Life was fairly predictable and stable. For all of it I am grateful. But having a large family sort of teaches you a few things. I learned how to roll with it. I learned to not sweat the small stuff. I learned to not get overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life, but to take things in stride. Focus on the difference in the demands of my day between “important” and “priority”. I gained intense balance in nearly everything.

I think I’ve always been a pretty even keeled person. I don’t get extremely exciteable, though I am emotionally expressive and have fun. But neither do I get extremely low.  Even with this, I have continued to grow in these areas because managing a lot of people, attending and serving can take quite a toll on the soul if you allow it. But when you have balance you say no when you need to and take time for self to recharge and refresh. As far as parenting goes, my Mother always gave me wise words long before I ever had kids that stuck long in my heart. She said, “Say yes as often as you can, so when you say no they know you mean it.” In other words, don’t say one thing and do another.

Demands upon us are everywhere. To live a fully yielded life -full of wholeness of mind, body, spirit-we need to gain ground in understanding the principles of God’s abilities. He doesn’t think like we think and the more we become melded with Him, the less carnal our thinking becomes as it transitions to deeper levels of set apart holiness. We are Holy because of Calvary. But we are called to set ourselves apart as holy unto Him.

I am fascinated with God’s healing power. Those old stories in the Bible of miracles, signs and wonders…they still exist! The problem is we have stopped believing in them. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still available for you. His calendar is not clogged. His schedule is not booked. He is not out of town on business or away from the office. You can check in anytime to receive a miracle.

When we realize that ALL of life’s issues were nailed to a tree at Calvary, then we know we already have what we desire. Physical, financial, emotional, relational healing. When you have this, you have Peace and your anxieties will be fleeting. Your soul will finally experience true healing.

I love that.

If you are liking what you are reading, but haven’t any idea how to gain healing in your life, don’t lose hope. God adores you, wants to make time for you and is interested in helping you recover all that has been lost. Just because He loves you.


June 21, 2017

Heart of a Champion

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To Champion a heart is not about how we feel, but it is always about how we plan to make others feel.

I think that’s pretty awesome!

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have Peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

Bathe your heart in thanksgiving and perfume your soul with Hope. It will give off the most pleasing aroma that makes the world want to know!

People all around us are desperate for Hope and desire freedom from depression or sadness of heart. They long for True Peace, but far to many are eluded by it.  Pay attention and see who God has maybe sent you to encourage! You may just possess just the right amount of blessing that adds flavor to the lives of others like a tantalizing dressing to the fruits of the spirit in this life!

Rise up and count yourself blessed!

God will give Himself no rest until He sees you through all that puts your heart, mind and soul to do. He sees the stellar Champion within you.

There is no greater Champion Builder than God Himself! He is with you, encouraging you as you go.

So rise up, Champion, and take this day! …

Its yours!



June 18, 2017

Heartbeat of a Winner

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You are a Winner!

Champion does not mean first place-first prize.

A Champion is an ardent defender of purpose and people. God is your defender. He is ardent, unwavering, in his devotion to humanity. You count on him to do what only he can do and he will do it for you. You can trust him! Many times we SAY we trust him, but then we continue to take care of everything ourself. We believe he will bless our effort and that’s the extent of our trust. But what about trust that reaches beyond borders into unchartered waters and He alone is your compass or map? This is an entirely different trust zone.

You never go alone. You can count on him to help you win. Winning is about overcoming all that holds you back within so you can go out and help everyone around you. Glorious! ~Nicole

“When you call, the Lord will answer. ‘Yes, I am here,’ he will quickly answer.” Isaiah 58:9

December 18, 2016

Holy Cross

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The high road is this way…

In my young married life–a season of the growth of my soul– I remember struggling with something and God helping me to learn to handle it. I remember having a dream of me carrying a cross just like Jesus did. Only I saw something in this dream that looked like a large hand reach down from the sky and gently pinch the large cross on my back as though it were only a stick and began to gently lift so the weight in my back gave some slack.

This is the beauty of God. We sometimes go through trials that aren’t necessarily because of poor choices. Sometimes things just happen. In those times remember that it is no shock to God. He will carry you through it. You may feel like you have to carry the burden, and endure some pain, but to God it’s only a stick and He carries it too. The cool thing about God is He can out lift you…He will always carry the heaviest end of your burden.

He has got you. No worries…Nicole

“Your ears will hear a word behind you, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’…”
Isaiah 30:21img_8218