April 5, 2020

Get Fat!

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No one wants to be fat, but what are fats and why does our body actually need it?

Fats are organic molecules. They are comprised of hydrogen joined together into long groupings called hydrocarbons. How these chains combine and interact determines the type of fat they are. A fatty acid is a simple unit of fat.

Types of fats include:

SATURATED (solid or semi solid at room temperature)


•Animal fat

•Tropical oils like coconut oil

UNSATURATED (liquid at room temperature)


•olive oil











But let’s focus on essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9).

Fat in the diet has a few major roles:

1. Provides energy.

2. Make and balance hormones .

3. Formation of cell membranes .

4. Forms brain and nervous system .

5. Transports fat-soluble vitamins.

6. Provides a few fatty acids we cannot make on our own.

-Linoleic Acid (omega-6) and Linolenic Acid (omega-3)

Do you take Omega Fatty acids?

Here are some benefits;

🐠supports normal blood flow

🐠helps regulate blood pressure

🐠excellent for neuropathic support (brain food!)

🐠recommended for pregnant & nursing women to prevent birth defects and maximize fetal brain development.

Research shows DHA and EPA will help maximize IQ potential!

I took it with all my babies and they all take it now!

Omega fatty acids also aid in healthy weight management and will assist the bodies ability to reduce cholesterol.

So what are you waiting for? This is a simple way to improve your health and be good to your heart. Having a balance of these essential fatty acids in our diet is critical for overall quality of health. So let’s get some fat! And don’t believe the myth that eating fat will make you fat. It’s all about balance.

Advocare is certified mercury free, which is important. Not all omega supplements are. Try it! Here’s a link so you can read about it. If you order I do receive commission as I am a believer, user and affiliate.

So thank you!💚

Eat well, live strong!



*I am not a doctor and do not make any medical claims in compliance with the FDA.

December 28, 2019

Protein Is Power

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Protein is a name coming from the Greek root “protos”, which means first. First because it’s of high importance. Protein is indeed a building block for much of the body. Proteins and the amino acids that create them perform functions in our body such as:

•give us structure and strength

•make enzymes

•make hormones and cell signaling molecules

•create anti-bodies important for proper immune system function

•create transport proteins among other things.

Our body is continually breaking down proteins for use so we need ample amounts of protein in our food to continually replenish the high protein demand required for optimal health.

To calculate required amounts for your body simply multiply your body weight times .8 grams (per kilogram of body weight). This is the number of grams you need for baseline health. However, variables affect each individual protein demands. Variables such as age, lean mass, activity levels, and goals. For example, performance athletes and bodybuilders will require more.

It is difficult to eat enough protein, and in my experience most women fail to consume enough of it. I know I struggle to eat enough. A variety of protein sources is fantastic I believe. This is where I enjoy a protein supplement, usually in shake or bar form. So whether it is a plant source, casein (milk) protein, animal protein or combination of the these (which is my favorite)—here are a few recommendations and ideas to start your New Year right with proper protein loads. Sometimes healthy weight management is a simple as adequate protein in our diet.

Eat well, live strong and eat your protein! ~Nicole

Here are a few of my favorite things:


“IDLife Shake is packed with 23 grams of grass-fed, cold-filtered 100% whey protein and micro-milled chia seed to help boost metabolism, feed lean muscle and curb your appetite. This creamy shake is naturally sweetened and contains no artificial ingredients, making it perfect for breakfast, as a mid-day snack or following a workout.*”


Meal Replacement Shake (comes in variety of flavors):

“With 26 vitamins and minerals and 210 calories per serving, Meal Replacement Snickerdoodle Shake is easy to digest and an excellent addition to your weight-management program. 

Meal Replacement Shake Snickerdoodle provides 24 grams of easy-to-digest protein and supports the body’s ability to lower body fat when used as an alternative to high calorie foods.


“Help maximize your muscle-building workout potential with the support of BodyLean25. Featuring 25 grams of high-quality protein, it’s your go-to for building a body that’s tight, toned and trim.

“BodyLean25® contains four types of protein (whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and calcium caseinate) which digest at different rates, giving you a great tasting shake mix that can help you refuel after exercise, between meals or added anytime you need a boost of extra protein to complement your diet.


Each bar contains 20grams of protein giving power on the go. Super yummy!


About me:

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a certified personal trainer with college education in dietetics and nutrition. I am also a mother of five children. I love all things health and fitness and am passionate about helping other on their wellness journey and have done so for more than 20 years now! Check me out on Instagram @nikkimcbfit where I share exercise tutorials, nutrition tips, recipes and overall encouragement! Thanks for checking it out! I do receive commissions from any sales of supplement products you view from this link. I recommend them because I use them and believe in them. I am always leading by example!

Let 2020 be your best yet! New decade and healthier you!

2020 Vision! I see you healthy, strong and fit!

November 4, 2019

Drink Up!

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Dehydration—an abnormal loss of water from the body, especially from illness or physical exertion.

We all know what it is, but how can we create strategies to overcome chronic battles with it?

It’s very common in my industry, fitness and wellness, to encounter people who are chronically dehydrated. There are a variety of contributing factors. So if you find yourself dehydrated take note of this check list and assess!

Possible reasons for dehydration:

•you consume too much caffeine or energy drinks.

•you choose high calorie drinks instead of water (this could include the caffeine category if you are frequenting coffee houses for designer coffees)

•you are consuming too much alcohol.

How did you do?

Your body requires proper fluid balance for your body to function well. Often times people misinterpret their feeling of dehydration as hunger and they eat instead of drink.

How do I fix it?

•Keep a fluids journal and track your intake of water, caffeine, caloric drinks and alcohol.

•Keep a large bottle of water with you at all times. This is called a “water trigger” because it will be a visual reminder to drink.

•Drink two cups of water with every meal.

•Supplement your diet with a quality rehydration beverage full of electrolytes and antioxidants.

You will notice some positive changes in both how you look and feel when you receive adequate water. Your skin will be radiant and possibly clear blemishes. Remember, your skin is the largest organ of the body and one of the two ways we eliminate waste. You may notice you feel less fatigued and have more energy. Also, drinking water may assist in weight loss.

So go ahead, drink up! Just make sure it’s water in your cup! The benefits will overflow in your health and possibly your waistline!

Eat well, live strong!


Hydration beverage I use:

IDLife Hydrate

IDLife Hydrate is a superior sports powder mix packed with vitamins, electrolytes and coconut water to fuel your body and help keep you hydrated throughout the day.*


**I appreciate your confidence in my recommendation. Because I like hydrate so much, I distribute it and will receive a commission if you should order. So thank you! I adore helping others look and feel their best.

October 24, 2019


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Atherosclerosis or ‘Hardening of the arteries’ is an inflammatory problem of the vasculature where lipids are oxidized in the vascular wall. This leads to loss of function, potential occlusion of the artery or plaque rupture & thrombosis.
High cholesterol diets can promote these events. In this study a STATIN was compared to the red carotenoid, astaxanthin, as well as lycopene. Astaxanthin was very effective, in limiting the inflammation, as well as vascular damage and lowered lipid levels in the blood.
Dietary intake is limited for astaxanthin: it is normally found in salmon but at low levels. So here is a classic case for dietary supplementation to take advantage of the remarkable benefits.” 
Dr. Mark Miller 

*no medical or curative claims, just good Science and good nutrition.


Exercise, eating healthy, Whole Foods and drinking plenty of water are key foundations to youthful and vibrant skin that can endure and last. As we age collagen begins to break down…we lose about 1% a year. Yikes! But we can take it all in stride and protect our collagen structure with quality supplementation. Many brands in the market, but I have chosen the recommendation of my friend Dr. Stanley Dudrick. Dr. Dudrick is recognized as one of the top 50 most influential physicians in American history. Dr. Dudrick invented TPN (intravenous nutrition), life flight and has researched collagen for many years. According to him, our entire body has a collagen skeleton. We often think of our skin for collagen, but all of you is collagen! So what better way to protect it than by practicing the basics and adding a quality supplement.

My choice, Dr. Dudrick’s choice, is Glow from AdvoCare. Click the link and check it out! Let me know how you like it!



**I am compensated for any sales made from this link and I am a believer in this product!**

August 28, 2019

Health & Wellness

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Benefits of Supplementing with BCAA’s

Supplementing with Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) has shown 5 strong benefits.

1. Increases testosterone and reduces cortisol. This creates a quality hormonal environment.

2. Inhibitor of Catabolism. Catabolism is “breaking down”, in this case, prevents the breaking down of muscle. Research shows we cannibalize a certain amount of muscle tissue during exercise. BCAA’s work like shrink wrap on your muscle inhibiting this process and telling the body to utilize body fat for energy.

3. Reduces fat and stimulates muscle growth. BCAA’s basically take energy from fat instead of muscles (mentioned in 2).

4. BCAA’s decrease muscle damage or Inflammation caused by high intensity training.

5. BCAA’s are beneficial for the enhancement and growth of muscle.

You may not be looking to build lots of muscle, but even ladies need muscle tone. Quality muscle tone will burn more calories (which also means you can consume more calories without a calorie surplus), and it will give you a lean and sculpted look. 

Ive been using the ID Life Lean, BCAA’s and it has enhanced my fat burning! I am loving it!

Supplements are not a substitute for quality calories/nutrition. However, they can give a critical edge to reaching your health, wellness and fitness goals. Eat well, live strong. ~Nicole


(Should you order any Lean I will be compensated a commission.)

July 23, 2019


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What will you eat today?

Food is fuel, well it’s actually so much more, but here’s what I know. How you fuel decides how you feel. Make good decisions today. Mind, Body, Soul…it’s all connected. Balance living makes you whole!

When you realize Heaven is decided upon you, you understand that others are captivated by you, too, and want you around for a long time. Read my short blog piece for better health and living. ~Nicole


May 29, 2019

Overcoming Obstacles To Wellness

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The Dirty Dozen

You’ve been working hard. You’ve be faithful to exercise. You’ve been watching what you eat and your portions…but the weight just isn’t coming off like you would like to see. “What’s wrong? Is it just me?” You may be thinking. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not the exception. Here are a few things to consider if this scenario describes you:

1. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. Period. Results are the product of 70-80% nutrition and 20-30% exercise.

2. You are still drinking soda, even diet,   especially diet soda!

3. You are eating too much processed foods. The more natural the foods state the more your body will have to work to digest it. This in itself burns calories and is a workout from the inside!

4. You’ve been dooped by fake health food. You are unknowingly eating snacks you think are healthy little treats or cheats but are really junk food in disguise. This one is huge! Be a label reader. Look for the sugar content.

5. You eat too much sugar even if your calories are low. This includes fruit. Treat fruit like a dessert.

6. You don’t eat enough.

You need quality, frequency and believe it or not, quantity. Too little nutrition and your metabolism will shut down and save every calorie you ingest.

7. You are eating too many calories in the last part of your day.

We call this the sumo wrestler diet. Want to look like a sumo wrestler eat all your calories at night.

8. You aren’t eating enough protein.

Protein is the power house of the cell. All health starts at the cellular level. Feed them what they need!

9. You aren’t drinking enough water.

•how much is enough?

your body weight divided by 2 equals number of ounces you should have each day.

10. You are “rewarding” your hard work with desserts or treats. Scenario: You did fabulous all week with nutrition, portion control and exercise. You indulge in the weekend or special occasion because well, you earned it. Refer back to number 1. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. Don’t self sabotage!

11. You aren’t getting enough rest. The number of hours of sleep/rest you get before midnight is a good indicator of the quality of your overall rest. There is something to be said for early to bed and early to rise. You also need to listen to your body with training. Your body will tell you if you are over training and need a day off. Listen to it.

12. You are a nibbler. You eat a little taste here and there that seem insignificant, but by the end of the day you have several hundred unaccounted for calories going into your body. Illuminate nibbling and you just may find yourself dropping some inches or pounds and gaining ground.


Be a Champion! Honor yourself. Design your success and embrace your beauty. It won’t be reflected in a certain number on the scale, dress size or popping muscle. It will be found in a healthy fit you who feels good and as a result looks good. True health starts within. You can do it! ~Nicole

Overcoming Obstacles in wellness and weight loss may be as simple as incorporating a quality supplement.

AdvoCare Slim may be the correct fit to close nutritional holes that are contributing to your shortfalls.

Slim contains a proprietary Swedish patented blend of herbals and caffeine that combine together to achieve some extraordinary things.

1. Increased energy which will lead to overall feeling good and that will make you want to move! Movement always leads to burning more overall calories. Because the goal of weight loss is creating a calorie deficit–

Goal just may be achieved!

2. Svetol contains ingredients that promote stasis (homeostasis) and balance in blood sugars. The result is less cravings for fats and sweets and general food cravings. Eating less and better choices will yield a greater likelihood of accomplishing a calorie deficit. Calorie deficit is the goal for weight loss. Your goal may just become a reality!

I am a competitor in masters figure class of bodybuilding. I have incorporated Slim into my nutrition protocol when leaning out every season for the past 6 seasons. A viable option for anyone trying to lose a few pounds.

Slim comes in a variety of flavors:


•apple pear




This is my personal lifestyle blog and the contents are my opinion and experience. I do not make medical claims. Consult a health care professional if you have concerns before trying any nutritional supplements. If you order any AdvoCare from the link provided I will be compensated.

Thank you! Your health and wellness are worth the effort to put some time, attention and care into your self care. You matter!

Blessings in Strength,


(Next Level Sports Performance and Fitness)

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Let’s Eat!

Chicken Fajitas

2 TBSP fat free chicken broth

1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast cut into strips.

1 c sliced onion

1 c thinly sliced red, yellow and or green peppers.

1 TBSP low sodium soy sauce

2 tsp lime juice

1/3 c fresh salsa

4 corn tortillas (warmed)

1/2 medium avocado, sliced

1/4 c cheddar cheese

In a large skillet, medium heat, add chicken broth, onion, peppers, stir fry about 6 minutes (until chicken is cooked). Add soy sauce, lime juice, and salsa; cover and simmer for 5 minutes for favors to blend. Serve with tortillas, avocado, grated cheese and add additional salsa if desired) *this is to share or divide up for multiple meals. Only 1 tortillas a serving and only 3-4 oz chicken. 1 oz serving cheese.

Serves: 4; calories/serving 262, carbs: 20g; protein: 30g; fat: 7g, cholesterol 67mg; sodium: 369mg; dietary fiber: 4g.

February 11, 2019

Just Be

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Never chase a goal so hard you forget to have fun with it.♥️

I’ve been going through some old photos—compiling them from all the various shows I’ve done over the years. I have a specific purpose for this complication for myself and my training. It’s interesting and useful to see how I’ve changed my physique over the years. Change happens small and over time. Pictures help with perspective.

As I go through them, I am reminded there’s been quite a few and I’ve now been doing this more than just a year or two.

Guess what? Looking back I think, “hey, I was more prepared than I thought I was.” But maybe I was placing too much priority on what the judges thought? I’ve been blessed with open doors for a quality education in the fields of human developmental and nutrition. I’ve planned, prepped and been focused and dedicated. I have the gift of discipline. And I found the nutritional edge my biochemistry needed to shred down lean.

I highly recommend AdvoCare if you are looking for a rock solid supplement that has safety and efficacy. I’m including a picture of me on the left, 6 weeks after birthing my fourth child. Contrast that to picture on the right, on stage in my second season. I believe my FIFTH child was two years old when the picture on the right was taken. I don’t have the exact dates of the photos so you have to take my word and visit the website:


Aside from all of this—you never feel ready, at least I don’t. You can feel you put in the work and the time, but not ready. I feel this way with every show. So as I look at these pictures I am once again reminded of all the memories that have been made. All the friendship and community that has been built.

How about you?

Have you ever had something you worked hard at and sometimes you forget that you do your part and trust God to bless your efforts?

I think back to when I was in school. I never felt ready in college. Always did the work, but was it enough? Never felt prepared enough. But I graduated and I guarantee I remembered to have fun!

How about parenting?

If you’re a parent for sure you’ve had times you got so caught up in the job of parenting that you forgot to just cut loose and have fun with them?

I’ve always found humor in the parent who was desperate to potty train their child by the age of two. I just smile, good for you (knowing that most likely they know when to run the kid to the bathroom. Most one year olds don’t have enough muscle and mind to muscle control for that—but some do).

But to the mom who feels less than prepared because her four year old still soils their pants I always share—“they’ll be fine. They aren’t going to graduate high school in a diaper.”

Puts it in perspective, right?

I love to laugh with my kids. They crack me up. But I’ve had a lot of them so each kid progressively benefited from the more laid back me. The oldest always gets to be the pioneer for younger siblings. Isn’t that true! I know my oldest agrees with this (I’m an oldest sibling, too)!

I’ve got some homework for you this week.

📌Spend some time enjoying yourself.

📌Indulge in some simple pleasure.

📌Smile often.

📌 Be friendly.

📌Show others kindness.

There’s so much more to life than work and purpose and direction and intention.

Just Be.

You plus God is greater still.

When you simply do what needs to be done, you can trust in a God who says, “it’s enough”. Forget the judges—you’ve got the win. And as for your kids, they’re going to turn out just fine. Keep loving and leading and every little voice that says it’s not enough, you’re not enough or things are pretty rough—ignore it!

These are just a few examples. You already know what it is that presses you, and maybe you need to just enjoy it a bit more because you’ve been thinking of it the entire time you’ve been reading this. So, you know what to do…



April 7, 2018


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As a trainer there is nothing more inspiring than to watch your clients achieve their goals. To see the smile on their face and KNOW down deep that they did the work, but your guidance and effort helped put that smile on their face. It feels good to help people find their smile.

In the beginning, when a client first starts, they sometimes only have enough belief in their potential to get them to the trainer. This is where we step in to empower and encourage and guide. But they surprise themselves and like it and come back again. Sometimes if only for all the love and encouragement they receive, but they come. Now put that on repeat, and over time they blossom and bloom into the transformed butterfly I always knew they could.

Here is a universal truth…
Love Grows.

When we water others with love, it does something to the soul and people begin to grow.

Just as a trainer helps transform the exterior and empower the interior-because health and fitness stimulate and produce self confidence- so the love and Word of God does for the Soulish Man.

Train your soul today. Read a good inspirational book. Get into the Word of God, the Bible. Join a Bible Study group. Surround yourself with what you want to become and watch your Community become a Fit One.

Press On, Champion! The World deserves your smile. 🙂


“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” 2 Cor. 5:17

January 8, 2018

Bullet Proof Shield

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Bullet Proof Shield

Did you wear your bullet proof shield today? Did you cover your heart and head with scriptures so that everything you faced and everything you did and all you took in was filtered by the Lord first?

You have the power to command the attention of Heaven! God has given us everything we need to overcome obstacles, be healed from disease and walk out a mighty and magnificent destiny! But you’ve got to fight for what you want, because there is an entire world out there operating to take it from you!

This post is inspired by a conversation I had this past week with someone regarding their health struggles. As they valiantly fight I was encouraging and then I was getting ideas on how to help.

It got me thinking I needed to write a bullet proof shield to help them declare and believe what was possible. Your health, your identity, your promises and your destiny are yours! Fight for yourself so you can unite and equip with others.

2018 is going to be Pure GOLD!

I truly love you all…


“So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadow boxing.”
1 Cor. 9:26


Prayer of Health & Healing:

Thank you, Lord, for the heavy price and sacrifice you paid as a ransom for my mind, body and soul.
It is you I adore.
I show my adoration to you by caring for my body, my spirit, my life.
I understand that I am not my own. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

I trust you to remind me and equip me to overcome with my eating, rest and exercise. I will not overindulge and I will make wise choices. I will not neglect to exercise my frame.
I know I will enjoy good health as you have promised (3 John 1:2)

Whatever I do I will honor you with everything I eat or drink. Remind me of this when I am tempted to dishonor you with my nutrition.
(1 Corinthians 10:31)

I will do all of this with a cheerful heart (Proverbs 17:22)
because your love is like medicine to me.
In all things I will be equipped and my arms strong for my tasks.
I will have no lack of energy or enthusiasm for healthy living.
I will be consistent, disciplined and fervent. (Proverbs 31:17)

I will enjoy the fruit of obedience and faithfulness as you guide with healing and rest.
I am secure and prosperous in all things.
(Jeremiah 33:6)

I will walk obediently in all you ask me to do and I receive my full inheritance, my full blessing of health and prosperity and protection. Just like Exodus 15:26 promises me.

I am whole.
I am healthy.
I am healed.


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