May 2, 2019

Willing To Be Well

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You must have a willingness for wellness…

It is but too true, we are what we eat. We are what we eat, but not just the food we eat.

Our eyes are truly the window to the soul. That is why I’m such a big believer in looking people in the eyes. The eyes can tell me a lot about people’s hearts. An element of discernment I most admire. Not creepily looking people in the eyes, but when speaking to people, eye contact. It not only shows others you appreciate and acknowledge their presence, they have your attention, but it also communicates they have value. It does something else to—it says a lot about you.

I understand that in certain cultures it’s not polite to look others in the eyes. Especially women to men. So be aware and gracious in this. There will be times when looking people in the eye is not healthy—you must discern the above prescribed. But looking people in the face is marvelous act of humility and grace.

“Do the deeds of love for Him, to Him, following His steps…” ~Edward B. Pusey

Wellness is so much more than what you put in your body nutritionally. It is also what you allow your eyes and ears to feast on. What are you looking at? What are you watching on television, is it fruitful? What are you listening to, is it edifying?

Wellness is how we treat our bodies as a whole. Mind. Body. Soul—it is all connected.

For example, here is a common scenario for many…

You hear something or something is shared with you. You did not hear this for yourself, second hand of course, you didn’t hear it with your own ears. You believe what you have heard as though it were gospel truth. That’s not healthy.

About one or two weeks ago I had a woman I don’t know at my church come up to me and be friendly, and not meaning anything at all, I do not believe she was malicious with intent, she asked me a question about myself and my family. I was sort of shocked with what she asked. I immediately corrected her impression, telling her the answer, then I asked her why she thought this? She began to tell me of the person who told her (thank goodness she did not name names, I don’t want to know)–so she thought it was true. I’m not going to lie and say my feelings weren’t a little hurt. It was kind of ridiculous to me what she said, it wasn’t mean, but ridiculous. And she just gullibly believed it because well, if someone said it it must be true, right? This is why I have always been a huge believer in going to the source. If something seems off or your not sure, press forward and validate it by asking just as this woman did. Though I didn’t care for what she said I appreciated that she asked me about it.

You are what you eat so be careful what you receive—it may not be absolute truth (even if it comes from the mouth of someone you trust or love).

Here’s another plausible scenario–

Let’s say you hear something or see something that bothers you. Maybe you struggle with envy or covetousness and you see someone else with something really nice and you get yourself in a tailspin or pity party. You then decide to remedy your emotions by comforting yourself with some food. No condemnation here, many, many people do this. This is about teaching, not judging. Next thing you know, you feel bad because of what you were already feeling, but then you also feel bad for what you just ate!

Your wellness is all connected, so be careful what you see…be careful what you hear or listen to…and be careful what you ingest.

What we ingest on any level (mind•body•soul) has the ability to affect how we think and how we live.

“To know Christ is the way to grow in holiness. Christianity is not a religion of rules. It is a religion of Divine Example.”

~George Hodges

Treat yourself right. You are amazing! God designed you with tenderness as His intent. The world maybe has given that tenderness some rough edges, but just like the edge of the oar, you were made to cut through the waters with strength and softness. You’ve been designed to go places and God desires you happy, healthy and whole. In you He sees His complete work. Nothing left for you to learn or for you to grow in. You have already “arrived” successful and thriving. Now we enjoy the pleasure of walking out this glorious destiny by design—one day at a time.

Resist being too hard on yourself as you resist being too hard on others as well.

There is balance in living.

Your life is worth giving.

Receive all the spoils of heaven and God gives to you.

I hope my pen has encouraged you like water to a thirsty soul,

like sunshine on a clouded day, like nourishment to hungry flesh, and like a river whose waters rush with elegance to the Source of all of Life.

We are the Bride of Christ—

Let us, together, dress for the occasion.



“He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.” 1 John 2:6


April 30, 2019

By Design

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When I was a young girl I truly enjoyed drawing. I could spend hours with pencils and pens creating on my sketch pad. This pass time lasted well through my college years. I found it to be a fantastic stress release and way to relax in between writing papers and studying for exams. I loved lettering as well, calligraphy among other forms of writing creatively.

To this day you can still find me doodling on a page or drawing in the margins. Coloring outside the lines~{unconventional…}.

By the eighth grade I thought I’d like to be a Graphic Designer. In High School my Mom and I would joke about me getting a job working for Hallmark one day.

I never became a Graphic Designer in that sense, but my daughter did which is something I find to be quite fabulous.

Even though my path changed, even at a young age the presence of God’s direction on my life was evident. He was right there guiding my interests.

I think if I worked for a greeting card company today it would be with my pen, but for the content not the cover of the card.

As one who creates…we take delight in what we come up with.

Sometimes it’s a struggle and needs refinement, other times it flows effortlessly communicating the content of heart, but the final product is always celebrated. Creation is Beautiful on any level and there is enormous edification and pleasure in the measure of my heart as it flows through my implement to the page. I know I was born to write~but I was also born for so much more.

Life has a way of happening. We chart our course and we dream and then troubles, roadblocks, obstacles, disappointments set in. These are opportune moments to rejoice as well. There is merit in the struggle for our faith and belief in what sets our hearts bright with a blazing fire of passion and purpose.

Sometimes as we mature we change our focus or it become more refined. But through everything God has a Masterful Plan. He is holding your hand even when you can’t see Him or feel His Touch. He loves you so much, He adores you. Please never doubt it.

It is in these seasons that you birth something gorgeous. You grow. You learn. You glean and hopefully you lean more fully into the Arms of the One who’s love is all encompassing. I adore everything about this love I’ve found.

Once you realize how radically and extravagantly loved you are you love yourself. You love yourself because you realize how God feels about you. Then you begin to see yourself that way to. It becomes effortless. By extension you are then able to love others.

The Enemy will always try to marginalize you. He uses doubt, fear, worry, even anger and hate, your disappointment, insecurities, self hatred or shameful feelings or thoughts. But if your having these experiences, thoughts or feelings it is only proof you haven’t fully come alive with the Love of Christ. He loves you. He has framed your face like a looking glass when his gaze wants something desirable to see.

He truly took it for you. Why? He absolutely didn’t have to, but you were a prize worth having. You have value and you are valued. You are not rejected, you are accepted.

Once you truly digest this you will begin to love beyond reason and are able to achieve by Grace remarkable feats of spiritual strength. You won’t become easily offended because you know your loved by God and you understand by the Power of the same Grace that those who are offended by you need your prayers for a deeper revelation of love. Effortless~

Wherever you are at today, however your life looks, know this…

The Heart of God adores you. Can you not feel His Pleasure? Take some time today, CREATE IT and DELIGHT in His Love.

Allow yourself to be in love...

…because all of Heaven is Delighted with you.

You are His Complete Package.

You are a Complete Work. Receive it now and watch God love it out.


“For the Lord your God is living among you, He is a Mighty Savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

Zephaniah 3:17

March 11, 2018

Come As You Are…

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“‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”
2 Cor. 12:9

I don’t know about you but I find great Comfort in this passage. Gods been pressing it in my heart all day. It releases us to know that God is in Control. I can rest assured that His loving arms of Strength wrap around me and I don’t have to have it all under control…He does. So, no matter what your days hold, remember, there is One who is ever Bolder and He openly shares His strength with us and carries us along when we allow him.

God loves you with an everlasting love. That means forever, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer and in sickness and in health. He is betrothed to you like a partner for life and wants to give you Beauty for your Ashes. Hope for your pain and Joy for your tears.

Come as you are…

Be encouraged! He’s got you!


March 10, 2018

Prayer of Blessing

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Can you feel the tug on your heart?

God wants his time with you.

I pray today you would begin to trust the Lord more than you ever have before.

Sink deep in his chest.
Let him wrap his strong arms around you and yield to your soul complete Peace and Rest.
Be blessed with the Kindness of Heaven.

Soak it in.
Drink deep.
Get some sleep.
You’re going to need your strength for the journey and adventures God plans for you to take.
Be touched by his heart to yours. May he lead you beside still waters and vanquish all that would siphon the flow of the Spirit in your life.

It is a marvelous life~
But only when God is in it does it yield the extraordinary.

Fortify your hope. Let there never be any complaint on your lips. May you forever experience the bliss and peace of knowing God can handle all of it. He just wants you closer. He wants to speak to you. May you hear His voice more clearly than ever before. May his Sovereign hand rule your every decision and guide your steps. He is a faithful companion…
The best of friends…to the end.

This is my prayer for you today.
The besotted of heaven admires you and longs to inspire you.
He knows exactly what he has wired you to do. You can withstand it all. Comfort of Heaven now over you fall.



February 27, 2018

Suit Up

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Are you working toward your potential?

“Soldiers don’t get tied up with the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them.” 2 Timothy 2:4

Your DNA, the very essence of all things you had been hard wired before another soul on the planet knew you-including you. But God knew you. He knit you together in the secret place and positioned you in a woman’s womb and blessed her with the honor of being your mother.

What an honor motherhood and gestation really is. I remember being pregnant and watching my belly roll like waves of the sea as a little one tossed and turned beneath the surface loaded with potential. The inquisitive thoughts flood the mind, “Who is in there? What do they look like? How will their personality be?” Then I began doing things this way…I began speaking prophetically to my belly. I spoke destiny over my child. I spoke possibility. I declared all that could be possible for them and I invited the Lord into this prayer and asked him to join me and lead me in my prayers.

It’s been fun watching my children grow and to see many of the dreams, visions and prayers the Lord gave me for them unfold and become reality. I’m observing three of my children reach mile stone break through’s in their physical, spiritual and intellectual development right now and it’s wonderful. There is nothing that blesses more than for a parent to see their children succeed and hopefully supersede anything they could ever dream of accomplishing. At least, that’s how I feel. Just the other day I was speaking with my Dad on the phone and he told me, “Nicole, with everything you’ve been through (for the last several decades have been rough), God sure has blessed your children.”

I couldn’t agree more…But this too, was the prophesy of God unfolding. The Lord made a promise to me when I “signed up” or was enlisted into his army of stealthy soldiers. He spoke to the quiet recesses of my soul… “No matter what I ask you to walk through, I promise to bless you, but nothing will exceed what I do for your children.” Legacy. I see Him fulfilling his vow to me all the time. It makes all the obedience worth it.

What about you? Do you have promises of God still tucked in your heart that maybe should be pulled out and dusted off? Did you get side tracked somewhere along the way? How about your kids?

Do not fret or worry if they are not doing ok. God has got great plans for them. It’s never too late to choose the right path, surrender your will, your life, to the One and only Love that shines enormously bright. You are Radiant beyond description. God has locked so much worth inside of you. This is why life has tried to stomp it out and make you forget the brilliance embedded within.

Sparkle is what you were made for. Greatness is what you were designed for.
Wholeness, worth, longevity and strength–all the things God fortified in you just like a well balanced meal.

Feed your soul the right things. Feast on the promises of God. Don’t let the gospel of Christ slip through your head without affecting your heart.

Step out stoically into your Divine Inheritance and believe for miracles in the lives of your children. There is a revival brewing in you and it is good to anticipate what God can and is willing to do.

Suit up soldier. Remain faithful to the light that has been given you. Conquer sin. Vanquish deleterious mindsets. Overcome. Overcome. You shall overcome. All the while never ever forgetting to have fun. Life is Beautiful. God wants to see you enjoy yourself in it. ~Nicole

January 5, 2018

Nothing More

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Nothing appeals to me more than the sound of your voice…except maybe when you draw close in my presence, of course.

How can it be you do this to me?
No one has EVER come close to filling my heart as you do.

Nothing compares to you.

You drip like honey over me.
You gather my mind, heart and emotions like a cluster of grapes. You alone effectively harness everything that is sweet in me.

Nothing compares to you.

You came in to my life quite unexpectedly.
You draw me to your waters and fill my soul with joy. I cannot hide.
I don’t want to hide.

Your breath…
Your words…
Your Presence…

The way you move and do the things you do- how could my heart possibly ever grow cold?
In your presence I feel so incredibly adored.
To behold you is to be held by you.

Nothing compares to you.

I love how you put your Arms around me.
You love me.
You protect me.
You watch over me while I sleep.
It is you who is there each morning to greet me.

You are the One who plants every flower in the garden called my heart.

Thank you.

When a heart is touched a life is changed and for this I am grateful.
I will never forget how you made me feel the day we first met.

Nothing compares to you.💜


There are different kinds of people with different kinds of intelligence. People who possess a high emotional quotient, a sensitive spirit and compassionate soul feel everything DEEPLY.

They experience deeply.
They care deeply.
They love deeply.

In fact, their capacity to give and receive love is breath taking in magnitude. When a heart so unique comes into contact with the Spirit of God it is quite outstanding. Extraordinary. Glorious. Beautiful…and altogether Lovely.
In that moment of connection the heart finds relief for it cries out, “Finally, release.”
Every ounce of pent up energy finds a house that can store a love like that. Talk about utter bliss.

Ever since this happened for me, I experience everything more brilliantly. When you feel deeply, you tend to walk through life giving to others more deeply than what can be reciprocated at such a level as you desire. This is of no judgement on others, but not everyone is wired the same. I am merely stating facts. So, over time, you (referring to people with this type of capacity) instinctively self protect and close that part of their heart down. The depth of it all goes to sleep. But when it becomes awake, there is a hunger nothing else can satiate. Talk about utter Bliss.
You never again want to miss.
Enraptured to the heart of God is a place I will forever live.

Nothing compares…

How many are walking around with their depth of capacity to love covered by a shroud of hard knocks and pain? Who will the Lord send to unveil the real and beautiful virtue of unbridled love and affection their heart contains?

Find your Bliss and cleave to it.
It will fill you completely and take up residence in your heart, mind, spirit and soul perfectly…like it was made to be there all along.
Your heart like a bird who finally finds its song.

You belong.


December 26, 2017

Heavenly Distraction

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The Anchor calls…
Draw near…
Do not break away.
Come closer.

When you smile, it melts the Heart and Soul of Heaven.
His whispers are soft and he is ever careful with his words.
Breath of Heaven knows your heart best and knows exactly how to extol your soul.
He is a caresser of soul and the discovered of every blissful corner of your being.
He edifies and magnifies and floods the senses with his Majesty.

There is nothing like it.

Holy Intimacy cannot be explained~only experienced.

It happens in the quiet recesses of of the heart, the soul. The mind. The emotions. He quickens and threshes thick. It is real and vibrant and oh so personal–
Just as intimacy should be.
Your friendship with God is personal and there is security in this.
He loves no one else the way he loves you.
How extraordinary.
How special.
He created you so he could pursue and win you.
Breath of Heaven had a winsome way about him.
He knows how to be winsome to win some.
Has he won your affections?
Are you distracted or locked onto his affection?
Can you feel his presence in your life?
Can you feel him caress your cares until they vanish in his love and comfort?

There is nothing like him.

God takes pleasure in humanity and he desires we take pleasure back in him.

Lean back.
Delight yourself in him.
Allow him to lavish you in unbridled and Besotted love.
Shun every distraction that would pull you away.
Carve out a space in the moments of your day to refresh yourself and relieve yourself in him.

Bountiful Blessings are the heart of what he has to offer you.

His love is deep.
His love is vast and wide.
His love is spacious and thick.
His love is fiery.
~In the thick of it you will find refuge, pardon, strength and a temperance of soul that transfigured all into his Beauteous Image.

May God continually bless you with his solace and sweetness.
The more you receive it the more you will find he replenishes with more of it.

He’s always got more…

Rest well.


June 24, 2017

Whole Hearted

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When we have an open wound we cover it to protect it from the elements that may contaminate and infect it, say with a bandage. If it’s a deep and fresh wound, of course, this is wise. But after some time it is important to take the mask off of the wound and allow the fresh air and sunshine sink in and assist in the healing. The same is true of our hearts. When it is wounded, we mask it to protect it from being hurt some more. Some masks are layers and layers deep for the depth of the wound is severe. But God, in all of His love, though it is painful, He desires to pull off the mask and pour some fresh air and the warmth of His Light down deep inside and heal that heart once and for all. It takes courage, lots of it…if this is you, God has some healing ointment ready to assist you.

No more masks, only open hearts.

April 15, 2017

Light For Your Life

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“This, in essence, is the message we heard from Christ and are passing on to you: God is light, pure light; there’s not a trace of darkness in him.” 1 John 1:5

God is nothing but Life, Light, Joy, Goodness, Grace, Love and all things Hopeful. He can do all things; the imaginable and the unexplainable seemingly impossible. He is the ultimate Possibility Thinker, Way Maker, Bondage Breaker and the Friend like no other friend, loyal to the core.

For three days He became darkness to absorb all of ours. Like a sponge soaking up every wrong ever done. He took it all and he took it in a horrific fashion. He was beat, killed and placed in a tomb. For three days his followers didn’t know what to do, how to feel, what to think. They were devastated and all theirs hopes seem decimated…
until Sunday came.

Have you ever had something happen in your life that took the wind out of your lungs? Ever had darkness loom over you? Struggling with hopeless feelings, loss, depression or lack of direction? There is hope for you, take it to the Cross. Christ isn’t an old time tradition or fairy tale. He is the Sovereign Hope of the World and He loves you without fail. If you’ve never felt him, heard him, experienced him it doesn’t mean He isn’t real. Meeting him is like meeting the love of your life. When it happened your heart exploded. Feelings and thoughts erupted in your mind and heart and you were elated and felt anything was possible because this person seemed to elevate you and inspire you and complete you. Well, this too with God. In fact, human love and companionship is only a minuscule reflection of what is possible with God…you’ve just not called him yet.

Call on God today. Share your heart. Ask Him to reveal himself to you. He has already taken all of your darkness at the Easter Cross, let him have it once and for all. He’s got you. ~Nicole