March 9, 2015

T-Shirts, Tears and the Kitchen Sink

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My eldest and only daughter is home for spring break and as I sit and drink in the pleasure of having all my babes in my midst, I am full with gratitude for who each of them is. Parenting can be tough. Raising amazing humans isn’t easy. As long as I’ve been a parent I try to approach my job as teacher, mentor, coach the same way I approach others…catch them doing good, applaude success and let them know the “why’s” of choices instead of the “just because” approach. Hope you enjoy and glean a little of what I’ve learned along the way in this re-blog from a day in our life about two years ago. Blessings…Nicole

Broken & Brave

My kids are awesome. I am blessed beyond measure by my Tiny Treasures. The fullness of capacity they fill in my heart and life humbles me. I know without doubt my children are my greatest area of blessing and how they are turning out as they grow takes my breath away. Amazing little champions that are;  Big Champions of Faith locked inside very young bodies.

Yesterday was Sunday, and like other Sundays, our family headed to church in the morning. I always remind my middle-school aged boys that they need to be clean, hair combed, teeth brushed and wearing presentable clothing.  They do well with this, most of the time, but occasionally they slip out of the house without my noticing what they have on. Yesterday was such a day.

We arrived at the church parking lot and were getting out of the car when I noticed one of…

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