June 7, 2020

God Sends Angels to Help You

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God sends angels to help you.
When I write; either a blog, a post, or a text (or a book, I just finished it!)…I write the same way I hear the Father speak to me. He is bold. He is edifying. He is gentle. He is sweet.
Yesterday morning during my devotion time I clearly heard the Spirit of God whisper to me, “I am radically devoted to you, Nicole.” 
I cracked open my journal this morning and saw those words scratched in ink on the page. It made me think…he really is. I’ve got the stories to prove it. But he’s radically devoted to you, too! He sent his son to confront Beelzebub- that great forked tongue liar. The Enemy of your soul will use your own mind against you. Just like His forked tongue, he splits his message. He whispers an enticement and then when you do it he condemns you with shame. Shame and guilt are never of God. God will convict, but he will love you to it. Jesus went all the way to hell to protest on your behalf and make declaration that you are worth saving. Embrace His change. Winds of change are blowing. Father God is knowing how adored you are. 
He sends angels to help you! 

June 1, 2020

Hope for America

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If you need encouragement please read a blog post I wrote just now…

Health & Healing For America