May 31, 2019

Graced to be Great

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We live in such a superficial society.

Appearance is everything and vanity is it’s chief council.

There are countless strategies available to make us look and feel great. Everything from head to toe–you’re covered if you’re willing to spend the time, money and energy to consume what society is selling.

Sustenance is an interesting thing.

I have noticed over many years of my recent life that the more affluent circles of our nations population base are overall more physically fit with healthy weight management. There are exceptions to this, of course, but overall this population of people looks pretty darn good. Most likely this is because they can afford it. Healthy foods cost more than packaged and processed foods. Gym memberships and personal trainers or high end, small, semi-private group training/classes are the trend. The higher end society is looking for something customized to the detail and complete and they are willing to pay money for it.

I think the more affluent community understands that–like it or not–your appearance is your business card.

It can take over eighty encounters with a person to change a negative first impression according to a recent study done at Harvard. So how you look, how you present yourself and how you treat/handle others plays a large roll in how successful you will be at pretty much everything.

I am a health advocate.

An advocate is an ardent defender of people and purpose. It is the purpose God placed inside me to use health and fitness as my ministry.

I’m focused not only on improving strength, flexibility, overall health and vitality, but I’m all about equipping others for victorious living.

I’m all about disease prevention and holistic natural applications of sustenance, rest and movement all packaged in each individual unit.

•I’m about casting vision for the woman who wants to hang with her kids at Disney well in her elder years without needing to sit down a lot or rent a wheel chair just to enjoy the family fun.

•I’m about not being on a myriad of prescribed meds that has people so frightened to even take a multivitamin because it might interfere with their drugs.

• I’m definitely about empowering females to believe in themselves and create a deeper awareness of how wonderful their form is and what strength they possess (physically, spiritual, mentally) and how to harness it.

Relationships of a mentoring nature can be difficult. There is the temptation to personalize and take ownership of the results, successes or failures of other people. But it is not our personal responsibility to fix the world. I can guide, love, protect and direct–but ultimately it’s their life and they are free to make whatever choices they desire, even poor ones.

As the mentor we understand that at the end of the day we leave everyone and everything at the base of the Cross. We did our part and that is all we can do. Then you just pray that the time and energy and sacrifice you put into them will stick and something good will flourish from it.

It could be easy to rehash all the sacrifice and time you’ve invested. The temptation is to feel a sense of disloyalty or lack of gratitude. But that’s not necessarily true, so don’t swallow that bait.

These practical truths I’m sharing with you apply to all of life.

We are all leading someone, somewhere by our conduct, life and example. We are living breathing sustenance to someone else’s soul.

I am fortunate in all my career I’ve only ever encountered one person who I detected may have an eating disorder. In this case, it was anorexia/bolemia. I know the clues to look for, but that was years ago (totally different story from the one I just described). But when I look around society I see many, many in every age group, race and economic category who suffer from a sort of spiritual eating disorder. A Spiritual Anorexia. They are starving to death because they don’t eat the right things. I’m not talking about food, I’m talking about thought patterns, focuses and methods to comfort their own pain. Soul Sustenance. I see people also who see the Truth, whether it is about themselves, God or others, but they refuse to eat it.

Anorexia is ultimately a spirit. It goes after the mind and influences the decisions of the individual causing them to believe skipping meals is somehow the answer to their problems or the solution for controlling their world. Spiritual Anorexia functions the same way. Distorted truth and a reflection of self, others and the world around is skewed. I imagine there are many people who suffer from both, spiritual anorexia and the physical manifestation of the disease. After all, if it is a spirit, it’s going to do as much damage to the whole of a person as it can once its invited inside. Satan’s objective is to steal, kill and destroy.

We are all mentoring others each and every day. What you say and do carries tremendous value and when you know this and take it serious–understanding the big picture of your life’s objective, then you can make a positive impact that will last.

Consider yourself a seed carrier. You are scattering it everywhere. Some seeds will do nothing, find no home to imbed themselves in. Others will find fertile soil of heart with just the right conditions to flourish and grow, while others will only grow so much then stop. This is not up to us to decide who will do what. All we can do is love, avoid personal feelings of hurt, and carry on knowing you’ve done your part and others may enjoy a higher quality of life because of the mark you made upon their heart.

Leadership does not come without great personal sacrifice.

Feed your body the right stuff so it will last.

Feed your heart and mind the right stuff so you will surpass any form of greatness you’ve experienced in the past.

Feed your soul Truth, Love and the Inspired Word of God. It is Pure and Good Sustenance from Above.

And never forget…

Take Joy in the Journey…

You have been sustained by Grace to be Great.


“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

1 Cor. 10:31

Prayer of Health & Healing:

Thank you, Lord, for the heavy price and sacrifice you paid as a ransom for my mind, body and soul.

It is you I adore.

I show my adoration to you by caring for my body, my spirit, my life.

I understand that I am not my own. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

I trust you to remind me and equip me to overcome with my eating, rest and exercise. I will not overindulge and I will make wise choices. I will not neglect to exercise my frame.

I know I will enjoy good health as you have promised (3 John 1:2)

Whatever I do I will honor you with everything I eat or drink. Remind me of this when I am tempted to dishonor you with my nutrition.

(1 Corinthians 10:31)

I will do all of this with a cheerful heart (Proverbs 17:22)

because your love is like medicine to me.

In all things I will be equipped and my arms strong for my tasks.

I will have no lack of energy or enthusiasm for healthy living.

I will be consistent, disciplined and fervent. (Proverbs 31:17)

I will enjoy the fruit of obedience and faithfulness as you guide with healing and rest.

I am secure and prosperous in all things.

(Jeremiah 33:6)

I will walk obediently in all you ask me to do and I receive my full inheritance, my full blessing of health and prosperity and protection. Just like Exodus 15:26 promises me.

I am whole.

I am healthy.

I am healed.



January 22, 2019

Eat Your Protein!

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The human body is such a complex system of parts working together, functioning as a well organized and synchronized unit-creating, sustaining, and advancing LIFE.


People—be it your parents, your teacher, your coach, nutritionist or something you read somewhere or maybe a well versed in holistic medicine physician—will tell you of the importance associated with eating protein. But why?

Did you know…

The human body is made up entirely of cells. These microscopic powerhouses are enormously smart and control most of what happens in the body. A person with cancer or disease in the body has compromised cells. Cancer strikes at cells like electric shock breaking down and wearing down the integrity of the cell walls. This is called free radical damage. Enough free radical damage and cancer is born.

Our tiny cells require protein to build and sustain life. So necessary is protein to every function as the energy source—that our cells also possess the ability to make protein.

How cool is that?


The Divinely Inspired creation of you is hardwired right down in the smallest components of your DNA. Your cells need to be fed the right stuff to keep recreating YOU every day.

Let’s look at RNA. What’s that? Ribonucleic Acid. mRNA is the tiny messenger that attaches units of information to create new cells and they utilize the assistance of tRNA which carries proteins from within the cell to bind with the mRNA. These highly specialized functions of the cell are so microscopic they must be studied under a microscope. Does this make them less important than external  features of the human body?

No. Quite the opposite really. The external features cannot continue to live without them.

So what is all this simplified talk of human physiology and biochemistry? Deep science fascinated me yet boggles my mind at the same time. The intricate complexity of all that goes on within our blood is astounding and can be very challenging to learn. I learned all of this in college, but because I don’t use this information in my everyday vernacular I get rusty. The information is still in my brain, but because it’s not used regularly, I sometimes forget the details of how to explain it. But even though I go about my day and I’ve been graduated from college for more years than I can believe (because when you’re in school you think you’re never going to finish)…that hasn’t stopped my cells from working for me. They’ve been faithful and true ever since the day I was conceived, working and building and creating life for ME.

There’s an old school camp song called “Power in the Blood”. Isn’t it true? It’s true figuratively as we lean on the saving grace through the shed blood of Christ. But it’s also literally true. And even though you live your life and don’t maybe remember God, or even call on His Name…He still treats you the same. He keeps on quietly working on your behalf working behind the scenes and in the quiet places producing the beauty of your life.

You may not see Him—but He did it all.

Maybe you can’t touch Him—

but He is touching the world around you, carving paths, giving revelation and inspiration and creating your every opportunity. He’s doing it all just like that microscopic RNA delivering the protein you need to live it all.

From the view of Heaven—

We are all quite microscopic.

But God needs no viewfinder or microscope to see you.

He is intimately aware of every thing about you.

His eye watching over you and ensuring your life.

He also created you to be needed. You were created with value.

The ground is level at the Cross.

We all enter the same way.

God has a place for you in His Body. You play a part. There are no small or insignificant roles in His Kingdom. Just as we see the critical importance RNA plays in cell life and replication to sustain life, so you too are needed to sustain His Body and His Kingdom.

Never forget how valuable and valued you are.

Don’t become rusty in the things and knowledge and love of God.

He is the Besotted of Heaven, full of mystery and chemistry and He stirs the heart with the Power of the Blood.

He gave it all up for the power of Love.



For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” Psalm 139:13-16


“For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life.”

Lev. 17:11

November 30, 2018

Properly Fed

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There are so many fads and trends with fitness and nutrition. If you study their history you realize that nothing is truly new. Every fitness and eating plan recirculates and comes back “in style” or “trending” under a different name. What used to be the rage, the Atkins Diet, is now back, but relabeled for what it really is “Keto Diet”. Both diets nothing more than extreme carb restriction or elimination in order to put physiology in a state of ketosis.

Pilates was all the rage a few years back, but was just another blast form the past. Kettlebell training can found all around and you can see people doing an entire workout with the use of kettlebells only. But kettlebells were really the early generation dumbbell as it was easiest to mold the iron in one solid shape. Nothing new.

So many choices for fitness and nutrition a person can become excessively bogged down with choices. Choices can be an immense blessing or they can be your great curse. Which diet is best for you? How many calories do I need anyway? Am I drinking TOO much water (yes that is possible)? Do I eat bread or not? Wheat? Do I need to be gluten free? Do people really have a rise in celiacs disease or is it just a trending diagnosis? Is it trendy to be gluten free?

Every person with proper education and assessment can truly simplify it and find your groove with a meal plan and fitness plan that’s right for you. In my opinion it’s all quite simple.

✅Eat Whole Foods.
✅Consume lean meats (not bashing vegetarians or vegans, but specific nutrients are only found in meat).
✅Lots of veggies and fresh fries don’t count.

Years ago a research study discovered that most children ate next to no vegetables and the only exception was a potato in the form of a french fry. In all of our convenience our health has become extraordinarily compromised. No longer are our children expected to live a longer life than their parents. The mortality predictions for the up and coming generations are not too fabulous.

So what can we do?

✅Start small.
✅Begin adding vegetables.
✅Slowly begin to reduce amounts of sugar in your diet.
✅Begin reducing and eliminating processed foods.

And don’t forget your spirit.
Soul strength is the most important strength.

Feast on Living Water and the Bread of Life. Neither of these will cause disease. The only discomfort will be the challenge of heart to live up to your God given potential.

You’ve got potential.
Don’t let the Devil trick you into believing He can’t sabotage your destiny with poor nutrition choices and lack of activity. He will subtly work to subtract years off of your life, make you miserable (huge correlation between sugar consumption and depression), and eventually bring sickness and disease into your body making you completely in effective to fulfill your Life’s Calling.

Your health and wellness will be specific to you. The Spirit will guide your choices because He knows your specific genetic makeup. He knows your areas of health weakness and strength. He knows your very gaps of nutrition. For me, it was simple sugars in the form of breads and cereals. These may be alright for you. But I distinctly recall standing in my kitchen eating a bowl of Grape Nuts cereal and I heard the Holy Spirit loud and clear, “What I have for you is better than what that bowl of cereal has to offer.” He had already been working on me to stop eating cereals and certain breads (not all breads…I consume sprouted grain breads and an occasional bite or two of something else). So these words pierced my heart so deep I tossed out the remainder of the bowl and never looked back.

For you it may be something else he wants you to sacrifice. It’s ultimately about surrender and sacrificial obedience. There’s blessing in it.

You are so valuable to the Kingdom.
You are loved.
You are appreciated.
You have a mantle creating your shoulders like none other.
Heaven looks upon you and the Heart of Heaven peddles faster.

Honor your Lord and Master.
Honor your Body.
Honor Him with your time in every arena of your life.
This is like a continual profession of worship.
We need you here a long, long time.♥️

I believe in you…


Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’
Matthew 4:4

May 9, 2018

Disciplined Kind of Fit

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This morning I ran an errand for my boys. We don’t place our recycling at the curb, we take our water bottles to the recycling center. The funds we make from the collection at the recycling center is usually somehow donated to a fun activity for the kids. Everyone helps collect, press and store the bottles and the men usually make the trip to the recycle center–but sometimes I go and that’s what I did today. My high school boys get extra credit in science at their school for recycling and then turning in the receipts to their teacher. Receipts are due Friday so I volunteered to truck over to the center to acquire the ever coveted “extra credit slip”.

As I opened the back of the truck I realized that I don’t usually handle the oversized–enormous–plastic bags myself. Someone of the male persuasion usually helps me. But today I was sans kids and all alone. An employee kindly came out to assist me. He told me if they had been sorted and didn’t have any water remaining I didn’t have to transfer them into the green trash cans. I was most appreciative and expressed my gratitude. I told him what I just shared with you about my visions of spilling bottles everywhere trying to manage the top of a very full and very large trash bag. Then he said something interesting that I paid no mind to at first…but later on it got me thinking and now I sit here writing this blog.

He simply smiled and stated,” Oh, you’d be fine. You look pretty fit.”

That was that. I recycled my bottles, got my receipt and then left. On my way home I stopped for a little gas. As I walked to the counter to pay I remembered what the gentleman said about my looking fit and then these words penetrated my head…

“When you are physically fit people notice. When you are spiritually fit people notice.”


Isn’t it true? I’ve been on a fitness journey that began when I was 13. That’s when I had my aha moment and realized that if I wanted a different health history outcome and legacy than the one I saw happening on one particular side of my family, then I had to do something different. So began my fitness quest. I didn’t get where I am now overnight. I had a lot to learn about fitness and nutrition. So I went to work. Because I was interested I didn’t mind the work. I tried and failed–a lot. I’d advance and sometimes I’d find myself taking a few steps back. Then I’d have seasons where I’d plateau or coast on any success I currently possessed. But my hunger and drive never subsided and I’d find myself setting new goals and exploring new roads. Being pregnant as many times as I’ve been pregnant presented other new challenges as far as fitness goes. But I never abandoned my goals. I just readjusted my sails and pursued my course always and assessing and addressing my priorities. Never wanted fitness to interfere with my loved ones. They came first. But I also knew a fit Momma is a happy Momma and she is better equipped with stamina and endurance and tenacity to handle anything Mom life can throw at you.

It was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to be fit enough for it to be obvious I was into fitness. I wanted to express it with my results, not anything I said. That my fitness would speak for itself, no words required. It took time because though I’ve been physically fit and strong a long time, my nutrition discipline took time to build a solid foundation. But I persisted without exception. I always knew it would happen for me, God had put the desire in me that never faded or waned. And then it happened. My goal is what I became.

I still have goals, still reaching, pushing, building on the foundation God has given me. But I enjoy the fruit of my diligent efforts. People often comment to me about my fitness even when I don’t realize I look all that fit.

So as I left the gas station reflecting on all of this it also occurred to me this same fact, when you are physically fit people notice…it has application to many aspects of life.

When you are physically fit people notice.
When you are emotionally fit people notice.
When you are mentally strong people notice.
When you are spiritually fit people notice.

I spent much of the last week studying in my Bible about Rebekah, the woman of the Old Testament who married Isaac and ushered in God’s Promise. As I studies the theme the Lord overwhelmed me with was “Discipline”.

What discipline this young woman had to REST in her father’s care, serve as a daughter of noble worth and step into her place in Destiny! Her faithful and disciplined trust helped usher in the Promise to Abraham’s Sons!

It takes discipline to become physically fit.
It requires discipline to control your food choices and become nutritionally fit.
It requires discipline to draw closer to God and exercise our faith, strengthen our understanding of his pure and matchless grace and to be Still and bask in His warm yet gentle embrace.

Spend some time asking in prayer this week how you can apply greater discipline to your Christian life and fulfill God’s perfect plan and purpose for your life!
Because when your fit you will get to eat the fruit of your discipline!


September 6, 2017

Win it: Sparkle While You Do it!✨

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You don’t read a song, you sing it.
You don’t play and instrument, you touch it. Your heart and passion does the playing.

You don’t dream a dream,
you live it…

When I was a teen I fell in love with fitness and all things related to health and fitness. Magazines were still read back then and I wasn’t into the normal girly teen magazines so much as I was drawn to the fitness driven magazine. I remember watching the Olympia on television and being captivated. Not by the male competitors, but the women. I was completely attracted to the physique and finished edges of their chiseled frames.

I had a stationary bike in my bedroom at my parents house and I would put my old school Walkman to use as I did my own little personal spin class before spin classes were even marketed in gyms. I guess I had vision and innovation. Too bad I didn’t have the insight to realize that I had a few good ideas and could’ve marketed them to the general population! Even in college, while studying nutrition, I dreamed of nutrition and fitness counseling, not planning menus in a hospital or retirement home (which is what most people in my field of interest did with such a degree in the early 90’s).

Imagine how surprised I was when I began having literal dreams about competing in bodybuilding after birthing my FIFTH child! I kind of blew it off at first. But these dreams began to increase and persist. I began experiencing a series of events that all highlighted to me the possibility that God actually wanted me to begin to compete. Was He crazy? I mean, where was this idea when I was 25? God is so unique, He’d been planting His plans for my life all along, writing my song and singing it to my heart.

You know, Heaven is full of love songs written exclusively for you. Only God can correctly carry the tune and sing the melody of heart in just the right key to cause your heart to swell and the melody to swing. Then we sway in the direction He leads. At least, that’s how the Holy Spirit is with me.

After much prayer and discussion all of this with my husband (who was 100% ultra supportive of my venture despite the enormous commitment and sacrifice it would require from us all) I began to prepare for my first show.

I had no figure coach. My husband assisted me as we constructed a sports specific training program design and the nutrition, well, that’s my department.

I began to study everything I could on how to prep and pose and hold my presence. Bodybuilding is about presentation, head to toe. It’s not just the symmetry and clean lines. It’s the poise, the walk, the finesse. Stage Presence. All of which continues to prove to me that God has a sense of humor because I’ve never cared less to be under any spotlight of any stage. I don’t like it actually. Maybe that’s why He asked me…

From day one this figure competition thing has been 100% about Him and has very little to do with me. How can that be you ask? Because I am obeying the Lord. I have stepped into a world of fitness as fashion full of models. But when you spend time with these people, and most I’ve met are wonderful people, they are real and authentic and broken and hurting and inspiring and looking for things to fill their hearts void. What a Beautiful opportunity I have to build relationship in this community. And that’s what I have done. To me, what goes on back stage is just as important on “game day” as all the preparations made to prepare my physical appearance to step on that stage. Every single time I both hate it and love it. Every single time I agree with my Father to dig deep and continue to compete. The older my children get and more diverse their interests and time demands, the even harder it becomes. It’s hard enough as a Mom to take care of yourself when you’re taking care of everybody else. But all the meal prepping, measuring, calculating, training, training, TRAINING!!! It isn’t easy.

But here’s something beautiful. My first show I truly didn’t know what to expect or what I was doing. I was 300% out of my comfort zone. I swore I wouldn’t do it again…for about 5 minutes. Then I was daring myself to dig in and see what I could really do. So I immediately entered another show that was only another two weeks out. This second show was a much bigger show. 100+ competitors all top notch. Very intimidating crowd.

I loved that show.



I didn’t place all that well in any of my classes. 4th across the board. I never go into a show feeling ready. No matter how I place. But this show was significant for other reasons.

I met a woman last summer who I was about to compete against in the same class same show. She was friendly and engaged me in conversation immediately as we waited for the dressing rooms to be ready for us to use. In a bodybuilding show they have to paper the walls and floors to protect the surface from all that awesome (sarcasm inserted here) fake tanning products. As we waited she said something to the effect, “You must win all your shows.” I was a bit floored. “Me?”

I see everything that I still need to work on, but she saw something else.

She proceeded to tell me she had seen me compete before. She saw me in that big show I just described to you. The one pictured above. She was there to support a friend I competed against that day (who I knew and remembered as well). She told me I was the reason, the inspiration, she lost weight got in shape and decided to compete. Me… floored again.

Why inspired by me? Why not the woman who won the whole darn thing?

Because of God!!!!

This is what I have always aspired to do! Not necessarily that fit looks like a competitor, but if I can achieve THIS despite all the potential “can’t” excuses, then maybe the woman who can’t get motivated to care for herself will begin to try and believe that she CAN!  To inspire people as a fitness model on all levels! Health and fitness and also spiritual emotional wellness and fitness!



I won that day. I only did 3rd and 4th place on the stage in my two classes…but I won. I won because of those words she had to say. I was blessed beyond measure and realized on a deeper level how important it is to God we obey to do the unconventional methods He instructs in us. It possesses power to reach people in one way or another that doesn’t look like a traditional methodology. That is what I love.

This story is an example of true Joy. My educational background and society around me teaches that you can’t give what you don’t have so learn to love yourself then maybe you will be able to love others. My Bible and my life experience says, “Want Joy? Want happiness? Desire satisfaction and contentment of soul? Love others and you will find your gold.”

I have found by personal experience that when I focus my heart to loving and caring for others most…I have found myself, my Joy, my happiness as a by product. Loving others, serving others, has refined my focus and stoked and highlighted within my own heart the things that make me happy. The things that I feel passionate about. The things I was created to do. The person God created me to be. True Peace is in Jesus, not my form, not my name, not a picture of me with a trophy in a frame. True Joy is in giving ourselves fully to Jesus. It is not enough to camp out next to the River. We must get into the Water. We must fully submerse ourselves in Him. Joy is in serving and loving others while placing our own personal wants and desires last.


You’ve got something special within that sparkles bright. It catches the Light and magnifies it causing a glimmer in the eye of those who look upon you. Sparkle Bright. Your Shine has power to dispel the Night. Radiance is all about you.

Keep digging. You’re winning.


“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.25 Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. 26 Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air. 27 No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.”

1 Cor. 9:24-27




September 2, 2017

Build Yourself Up

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“A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”
Luke 6:40

Years ago I was blessed to receive some in depth instruction and training from some premier Doctors in the field of nutrition and preventative medicine. I soaked in and learned enormously from these two men. I was able to obtain my training on audio and would play it over and over in my car. The more I learned and grew, the more I began to sound like these two doctors, full of the knowledge and wisdom they had generously passed on. It was a very cool experience and a rich blessing as I have had a passion and interest in health, wellness and nutrition most of my life. I studied nutrition in depth in college and now I find myself surrounded by people who are highly successful in a field I am passionate about. God put these people in my life to help me grow and learn more and pursue my God given dream to help people build a lasting legacy of longevity, disease free with high functioning mobility.


Whatever your life holds and whatever your journey entails, be mindful that God will give you exactly the instruction you need when you need it. If you are eager and ready He will bring the right resource to you to help you grow and learn what you need in order to achieve the dream, goal or desire. So don’t give up! Even if you make a lot of mistakes along the way, when you keep trying you will eventually deepen with understanding and get it right. Pay attention as God may bring people in your life who will add value, springing you forward and lifting you up. It is true, the only ones who fail are those who quit. Don’t quit! ~Nicole

November 11, 2016

Balanced Living

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Everything we do in the physical also affects us in the spiritual. It is unavoidable. Our mind, body and soul are all tied together, work together and compliment each other. This is by Divine Design. So if Rest, Exercise and Diet are our gauges for wellness physically, the same can be true for our spiritual, emotional and mental health as well.


REST in the Arms of the Almighty. At the end of the day you can rest when you know you’ve given your best and can trust God with the particulars of world order and personal progress and provision. Learn to say no to some things so you can say yes to others. There are demands for our time and attention everywhere. Be intentional about rest!

EXERCISE your freedom to choose to be kind, generous, and willing to discipline yourself in right living. Take up hobbies that refresh your soul. Do charitable work for others. It doesn’t have to be to a specific organization, non profit or population. Last night I spent two hours mentoring a young personal trainer who is just getting started in the business. You get the idea.

DIET. You need to feed your soul strength just as you feed your physical body for strength. What are you feeding on? Be careful about your conversations. Be thoughtful in what you select to read and watch. I encourage you to select a devotional or morning scriptures from the Bible. You will find yourself with greater Peace and ability to “manage” life when you’ve feasted on scripture. Pray. Time spent reflecting and speaking to the Creator also has cleansing and relaxing qualities. It’s like yoga for the soul. Take time to reflect. Journal. Write down dreams, ideas and aspirations. Set goals. It is a beautiful form of release and expression.

When you pay attention to your spiritual Rest-Exercise-Diet (my R.E.D. Flag’s of Wellness) you will notice you have greater balance and perspective in all of life. Refreshed and Blessed! ~Nicole

“..and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:19