August 15, 2018


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God knows your soul and what makes you glow.
He knows you better than anyone.
He hand carved and knit you together in your Mother’s womb.
It’s obvious he misses no detail and pays attention to the ever slightest measure of the making of a man or woman because his handy work is evident in the fabric called You.
How could anyone else compare?
No one at all like you.

That’s what’s so amazing about you—
Not another soul like you.

Your heart has the power and ability to glue and hold things together.
You’ve been gifted beyond measure.
Though life has pressure—don’t give way.

God knows your heart
He feels the pressure about you…
He is with you.

He may seem like a far off star, but is right there shining brightly and holding tightly to get you through the sting of the Night.

He is a Watchman on the Wall.
He is the Keeper of a Garden called Delighted.

In you He is Delighted.

We always speak of God desiring to be our Delight, but stop for a moment and drink this in—

God finds you enormously delightful.

Calm your mind.
Rest your stress.
God knows…He knows.
Let me remind you right now…

You are blessed.
You are loved.
You are loved with a deep and meaningful love that needs to right now wrap around you like a glove.
Settle in—
Drink it in.

You are safe.
You are Protected.
Calm your heart.

Feel the rhythm and the cadence of God’s heart anthem.
His love beats like a song in his heart.
Lie upon it like a child upon their Daddy’s chest. You can rest there. His bosom big enough to hold you close and see you through.

Heaven has got big plans for you.
The fire burns hottest around those whose life will impact the most souls.
But the fire within you is greater than the fire around you.

Burn with Passion and Intensity and rage with beauty from within.

There is no one else like you—
God not only loves you, He likes you a lot.
You are adored.

Receive this blessing from God’s heart, to my heart, to yours. God cares for you immensely. He won’t leave you now.
You will never be alone.

We may only see the Crescent—
But God sees the Whole of the Moon.



August 14, 2018

Set Up, Set Back or Poised for the Majestic?

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Does God “set people up” to be persecuted?

It’s really more of a rhetorical question. But maybe one worth asking oneself.

Most believing minds would be shocked and declare, “No! Absolutely not!” But maybe such thinking is without true thought or even a possesses a little religious nature.

The question literally just landed in my mind a few minutes ago as I got up to begin devotions. I immediately retrieved countless examples in my memory of the Bible that would suggest something to this nature would or could be true. I’m not suggesting any personal opinion, I am merely probing and pondering. I love thinking beyond the parameters of the norm or status quo mindsets.

Hear me, have eyes and ears to receive what I am saying, if God wants you to hear this you will. If God wants you to see this you will. If God wants you to believe this, you will. It’s not really up to me what you do or don’t believe—but it is up to me to properly use the spiritual gifts and insights the Holy Spirit has given me to make an offering that stimulates true exhortation, true prophesy (encouragement) to the Church.

Here are a few examples from the Word that come to mind without even doing any searching:

•Moses—raised by Pharaoh’s daughter, cast out for doing what he believed was right, but God uses it to send him back to Pharaoh to be an Advocate to the people. God allows Pharaoh’s heart to harden, persecute, soften, and put this cycle on repeat. Moses may not have been set up to be persecuted so to speak, but God asked him to do something that would require he walk through some persecution to obey and fulfill his call.

•Ruth—she was a foreigner who chose to stay in the liege of her Mother-in-Law, Naomi, and travel to a foreign land and live as a foreigner, outsider, and possibly un-accepted by many, and possibly rejected by the first of Kinsman Redeemer before being accepted by Boaz (who was God’s intended all along) as her True Kins-man Redeemer (a foreshadow and true ancestor of the coming Christ and what He would do for all people).

•Gideon—a man known for cowardice, yet hand picked by God to do something very brave and with few to no resources and people.

•David—a shepherd boys sent with some food to the frontlines to feed his elder brothers who were the declared warriors. The True Heart of a Warrior arose in a small one who took the reigns, stood up against impossible odds under threat of death and overcame. David’s story has other examples. How about the passage of scripture that suggests the Lord sent a spirit to entice David to take a census because God needed a reason to deal with the people? That passage is very disliked by religious minds. (2 Sam. 24:1; 1 Chron. 21:1)

•Elijah—that treacherous woman Jezebel.

•Mary—the Mother of Jesus. Chosen for Purity to carry the Chosen One, yet receiving a scarlet letter by her family and religious community for being impure.

•Jesus Christ—God the Father intentionally sent him to become a man of scorn so that others might live.

What do all of these martyrs have in common? Not all died a martyrs death, but all lived and breathed as martyrs of the faith. They possessed a stoicism that surpassed personal discomfort, physical pain, emotional pain, fear, persecution and temporal lack or loss to achieve something Greater. They understood where their true wealth, relationship and mentorship lie—in the Beautiful Hands of a Reigning King. (2 Cor. 11:2)

Jesus is everything.

The Holy Spirit brings an inner sanctuary no person can bring.

There is none likened to God.

The deeper you go into His Chambers, the more you have tasted and seen His Glory, experienced His Mercy, His Grace and felt His Holy Kiss on your face—the more you keep the eye on the prize and willingly ransom your own life for His.

The Church throughout history and even today is comprised of three types of people:

1. Attenders (go to church)

2. Disciples (those who actively pursue growing in the Lord and living to bring Him Glory)

3. Bond Servants (like Paul, the smallest category of Believer’s dwell here…those who have been commissioned by God to go the distance and understand the stakes are High, the sacrifice great, persecution and unfair treatment are a given—but the Almighty is their One Desire above all. Bond servants know they have been called as such and usually have had defining moments and encounters with God to receive such a calling)

A bond servant is a calling I believe. Their sacrifice is higher, but their intimacy with the Father is great. God always equips and carries us through whatever we are called to and all callings are great for all contribute to building a Kingdom of His Glory.

These are the thoughts on my heart this morning. God is always weaving and construction a glorious story of riches and splendor, but he has different instruments to weigh and measure and the heart is always his number one concern.

Where is your heart today? (Prov. 23:26)

What are you willing to give to the Lord if He should ask it? (Matt. 16:24-26)

What if He asked for your child? What if He asked you for all you own? What if He asked for your reputation? What if He asked for your livelihood? Your career? Your home and neighborhood? What if He asked for your spouse? Would you be willing? Would you take a step of faith toward God or would you shrink back? He may never ask you on painful levels for any of those things, but He might. Search your heart, Beloved. All God truly seeks is your genuine desire for Him, but then He requires our Faith and He recruits our blessings. (2 Tim. 2:3)

The Bride of Christ is Radiant. (Eph. 5:27) She beams. Her eyes sparkle with delight just as the Saviors. Her clothes are a rich garment of praise. Her destiny heavenly made. She walks the earth and is distributed about it clothed with every skin dimension, shape and color. She has many faces. She is a Mother. She is a Father. She is a Missionary. She is a Friend. She is a child. She is a Clerk. She is a Janitor. She is a Global Leader. She is homeless. She is a Teacher. She is a Garbage Truck driver. She is affluent. She is poor. But ultimately—

She is a Warrior.

August 12, 2018

To Be With You♥️

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God is your Supplemental Support.
Though sometimes quiet,
He is always in your corner.

Though at times He seems to reside in the quiet recesses of your Night’s Storm—He could never leave you alone.

His Light…His Love…and His Anthem for you will always shine brightly.

Many blessings and best wishes for all you do.
May a deeper understanding of God’s Pure and Perfect Love wash over you.

His Love is crystal clear and refreshes like a pale blue stream.

His Love trickles down and reaches every crevice of soul that maybe has been left dark or alone and nourishes the thirst—just like a stream or a brook.

His Love is like an open heaven of celestial delight and it has Light that can penetrate the darkness ever so Bright.

His Love possesses adequate measure to protect you from danger.

His Love radiates Goodness and brings the heart pleasure.

His Love—
It can canvas any dessert.
It can scale any wall.
It can make the way where there seems to be no way and there is no mountain too tall.
—It will fall.

There is no ocean too broad or deep to keep Him away.
He would swim and ocean channel just for the Light of His Spirit to ignite your eternal flame.

His heart for you possesses tremendous intent and fervor.
All these things He would overcome just to prevent your heart and soul from the shiver of the cold night or storm.

All of this He would do—
only to be with you.♥️

August 7, 2018

The Power of Your Smile

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“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Billy Joel sang a song about His Love and the way she had about her. His lyric imply that he didn’t know what it was about her, but her smile could heal him and he felt he couldn’t live without her.

When you are a Believer in Christ, his spirit resides in your heart. He has a way of changing us and bringing out the best in us. He smiles upon us and it radiates like a beam of Pure Light through us and pours over our countenance blessing those around us. The more time and the more intimate our friendship with him becomes, the more apparent it is to others who we have been with.

The world around you may not know what it is, but you’ve got a way about you. Let your smile heal someone today.


August 6, 2018


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It is important as believers to not be one dimensional in our thinking.

God is not one dimensional—He is ever expanding and multi-faceted.

The more we increase our capacity to receive-by eliminating poor thought patterns and embracing new ideas and possibilities, the more multi-dimensional we become, too.

I read a quote in a devotional this week. It’s a devotional I’ve had for about seven years now and there is a unique and glorious story as to how I “stubbled across it” when in fact I know God lead me right to it.

It is a complication of scriptures and quotes and poems (if you’ve read much from me you know I love poetry and prose are my hearts key) —all the entries with a thematic cadence to each date given. Most of the authors are from a century or more ago and aren’t super famous or “known”. The vernacular is old English so it challenges my mind and keeps it sharp as well as I have to chew the meaty words more heavily than a modern translations of the English language. And guess the title, “Strength & Joy”. That’s what caught my eye because those are two very prophetic catch words God has high lighted in my heart forever.

Now you have the unnecessary backstory of my favorite devotional—maybe your heart is soft and receptive to this particular entry…

It said that God loves us so much…because He always loves what He pities. Exact quote:

“He does not love us because we are so lovely, but because He always loves what He pities.” -George MacDonald

I didn’t really like that at first. I don’t particularly feel “victim” in life or have a victim mindset. Being pitid isn’t something I covet.

A nemesis of thought I have battled most my life is that God gave me a mantle and spent so many years tediously and patiently grooming me through extreme fire after fire and simultaneous fires was because I was THAT unusable and He had a lot of work to do to change that. I knew God likes glory and to show off a bit how Great He is. So of course he chooses the most unlikely candidates for victory.

Yes this is true, non of us are worthy, but Satan was twisting it in my head based on my life long belief that I was a burden and couldn’t do anything the “right” way. I never felt adequate enough. Less than. Mostly because that’s the trap Satan put on repeat for me through words spoken and deleterious life experiences.

I don’t think that way anymore—haven’t for a lot of years now, but I used to. So because I found it easier to believe I was “less than” instead of “more than…” (as in conqueror in Christ) a quote like this could feel “icky”.

But it’s not!

It’s glorious and a beautiful reminder that we need to always remain contrite of heart. In days of blessing or success we never believe we did any of it, but Christ empowered us for all of it! It’s a beautiful thing because life WITH God is enormously beautiful and causes my heart to sing songs I’ve never even heard as his celestial beings fill my head with heavenly lyric and key.

One of the things that stirs my soul with melody is the harmony and rich symphony of all the different string, horn, strum or drum. All pulled together—it is emotionally provocative and sets a cadence of emotion that settles the heart when heard.

No, let me correct myself, music isn’t heard—It’s felt.
It is multi-dimensional.

I had a dream about expanding perspective…Multidimensional thinking. I saw a person I know in the dream and the Lord revealed to me this persons simple (as in pure) generosity and how big it was.

In the dream I saw the person in a foreign country that they visit frequently. I too, was in this country in the dream and had travelled there with a faceless woman (she had a face but was no one I actually know so her identity probably not important to the dream). I spoke with the generous person and this person pointed the woman out to me not knowing I had travelled to this country with her (in the dream it was Southern France—important enough detail to be included to dream but still do not know significance of it). As he, the generous person, pointed her out he clarified he had never spoken with her, but she must be local because he sees her there in the same spot every time he comes to the country. I then explained to the man that the woman was in fact not a local but lived in California near me and I had travelled with her to her time share in Southern France. She comes the same time every year.

What was the point of the dream?
Expand your thinking. The first part of the dream I saw a generous person who was blessed in his ability to bless but limited by small perceptions based on limited personal experience and or communication. It was like a light bulb of possibility thinking went off in the gentleman’s head when I elaborated what I knew and what I saw.

Multi dimensional.

I see how Satan uses single dimensional scope of thinking to deceive the Church (and the unchurched unsaved as well). Especially have seen this as related to generational curses. He is sneaky. I think I will write about this soon, but for now I will close and I have written as instructed by my Lord and would now prefer to go back to sleep.

Watchman on the Wall cover the Body as with a blanket of prayer and protection, fighting the principalities of darkness allowing them to sleep in peace and many times never knowing a potential attack of the enemy.

God is multidimensional.

He never slumbers. He never sleeps. He is always watching over and caring for you. He has made some promises to you He’d like to keep.

Ask the Lord to reveal to you any areas you aren’t reaching full bloom. Ask Him to reveal vulnerable areas of your thinking that are maybe single minded toward Him (as we should be), but single dimensional in perspective. Ask God to elaborate the difference.

He is a Triune God. He does everything with width and depth and breadth and the deepest of Love. His heart burns for you.

Rest Easy and Enjoy your sleep—
Your future holds limitless potential and dimensional favor. It’s True.


August 4, 2018

Hammer & Peg

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Let’s hammer some tent pegs…


“So may all your enemies perish, Lord!
    But may all who love you be like the sun
    when it rises in its strength.”

Judges 5:31

In the passages found in Judges chapter 4 and 5 we study one of my favorite Bible characters—that of Deborah. Deborah was fully Warrior yet fully feminine, absolutely love this stoic woman of faith and her resolute heart of Compassion for God’s people coupled with her tender ear for the Lord’s Voice. She knew exactly who her Daddy was and she “camped out”—as in sat, under a palm tree to share His love with His people daily.

Speaking of camping…

Have you ever been camping? Not RV camping. Not lodging. I mean camping-like pitch a tent, propane stoves or fire pits, no showers (ugh)?

My parents love to camp. They still camp to this day. Now they’ve upgraded and have a beautiful and cozy RV for their trips, but they just love all that. I spent my entire childhood camping. Nearly every family vacation or weekend trip involved a lake, a boat, a lot of water skiing and tent dwelling. I didn’t mind camping as a kid. I enjoyed the change of scenery. Who doesn’t love fresh air, pine trees and nature? I really enjoyed sitting near the camp fire at night. But what kept me interested was probably the boating and skiing. I absolutely loved to water ski and loved riding in the boat. Driving fast across the water, wind whipping my hair in my eyes. I loved that.

What I didn’t love was setting up camp. Helping my Dad pitch the tents, getting all of our things inside the tent. All the little frustrations that go along with setting up. I can honestly say, and I frequently do when the subject of camping comes up, I reached my quota for camping by the time I was a teen. I don’t camp anymore. My idea of camping is a higher end hotel. I am thankful my husband shares this sentiment—he never drags me on an outdoor camping trip.

Because my folks love it they sometimes take our kids camping. But last week my middle son went camping in Lake Tahoe with a huge group of families we know. He slept in a tent, etc. He had a blast!

I found listening to his stories of his trip both interesting (mostly because I adore this kid and his stories) and timely because I was just studying in the book of Judges last week. I’m a long time fan of Deborah, Israel’s female judge and prophetess. But Jael was a new little twist for me—hadn’t spent much time studying her story. What a Story!

I’m not going to recap her story, you can read it in Judges 4 and 5, but I’d like to draw a few nuggets I gleaned from her life.

1. You are equipped.

When God gives you an assignment there isn’t anything you will lack to complete the task. Jael was a nomadic, tent dwelling woman who found herself in a unique opportunity to serve the God of Israel and she took it. She was from a band of people who were neutral in the war and amiable with Sisera—oppressor of Israel. Who knows why she decided to kill him, but that’s what she did and she went from a no name tent dweller to the delivered of Israel. God not only gave her an open door of opportunity, the opportunity walked right through her door—it came to her.

2. You have no lack.

Jael used the very tools and resources God had equipped her with—a hammer and a tent peg. Gruesome way to kill Sisera, but she was a woman well experienced with both tools and knew how to wield them well. She didn’t have to think about how to hold the peg or how to aim the hammer. God used a task that she was accustomed to and performed daily to seal the fate of the 20 year source of pain for Israel. God loves to be unique! She didn’t have to have the latest sword, a fast horse or a title or position. She understood her commission and didn’t hesitate. She took what she knew and applied it with force.

3. Don’t shrink back because you are meek.

The Bible says that the meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).
I see this principle played out in this Old Testament account of radical deliverance. I’m sure it would’ve been easy for Jael to rationalize her way out of advancing, but she didn’t. She didn’t stop and evaluate her position in society as a female, a nomad, a person of a not so spectacular lineage—but instead she seized the moment and invited destiny in. Because of her faithfulness the Israelites recaptured the land. She inherited the earth alright and not just for herself, for an entire nation of God’s chosen people. If God can use her, why can’t He use you?

So when you find yourself in situations where you feel ill-equipped, less than, unqualified…think of Jael!

Let’s go drive some tent pegs!

August 2, 2018

Spoken For

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Every ounce of you is spoken for.

Isn’t this one good?! I love it! Your position is secure when you rest assured in the Arms of Heaven!

“Never shrink back from deep devotion because you fear it’s trials or sacrifice, Paul, in martyrdom, was unspeakably happier than God’s half-hearted servants.” (William R. Huntington)

Though your heart may feel faint-God has given you His heart so it is not half-hearted! I think often times (not all the time) people hold back because of fear. But fear is a liar.

Isn’t it in fact the heart of the boy who God noticed and anointed his brow, raised him up, and declared him to be a king? Where did Saul go wrong?

David served God whole-heartedly.
Solomon, in all his splendor, only served half-heartedly and Saul had no heart.

Take heart. Follow God. Serve Him with all that is within you. Bless Him name. Treat others the same as you would have them treat you. Love hard. Go big. Believe big. Forgive always because nothing, nothing, NOTHING is so big as to escape the Loving Arms of Heaven. ~Nicole

“You shall follow the Lord your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him.” Deut. 13:4

July 31, 2018


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When you want to be great, you surround yourself with greatness…

So…I’ve never been a fan of distance running. I might even say I hated it. I’ve never been one to participate. In High School, Presidential Fitness Badge, I could do it in the required time, but outside of this, it did not happen.

But last winter I could feel the Lord bring this subject up within my soul. I began to dream about it. I could feel it stir like a pot of boiling water. I had to work up the nerve because I knew what was coming—my Lord wanted me to run.

I’ve always loved the line from “Chariots of Fire” where Eric Littel says, “When I run I can feel the Lords pleasure.” I’ve thought this for quite some time, but not about distance running, about sprinting.

I love sprinting. Love it. I’m not necessarily fast. I have short legs. But I am definitely quick. And, yes, there is a difference. I have always been in awe of track and field athletes, especially enamored with the female sprinters. When I went to the Olympics in 2000 both of my flights I flew alone, but was with the athletes and media. I enjoyed the athletes much more than the media (I have a few stories there—if you know me ask me sometime).

On my return flight to America I was next to Gayle Devers in line. GAYLE DEVERS!!!! I am not one to be “star or fame struck”. I don’t impress easily. People are people no matter who they are or how they roll. But Gayle was phenomenal as an athlete and her physique! Her shoulders we’re like rock hard boulders and she wore this little tank top and it took everything in me not to ask to touch her shoulders! I know it sounds weird, but when you are in love with bodybuilding and fitness and athleticism you appreciate a fine physique, male or female. Plus, Ms. Devers showed everyone who was boss. She was amazing and fast and competed well into her 30’s, exceptional for an athlete at that level of competition. Pure gift and excellence.

So picture me…only runs for a physical fitness badge in school suddenly deciding to run and gets her aging frame once again to do something new and to aspire to be pretty good at it.

So I began…

Monday was decided to be my “running day”, distance anyway. Until last spring I had never run more than one mile at a time. So I decided a certain loop around the neighborhood (lol, I don’t have many neighbors I live in remote country) that was 2 miles exactly. Felt pretty good about that. Then I decided another route that was 2.25 miles round trip. Felt good about that too. I began to become aware that even though I wasn’t super fast, my cadence wouldn’t win any races, but I was consistent. My pace stayed and I didn’t stop.

I’ve always been pretty good at pressing through. I am ever grateful for the gift of self discipline. I know I have it. I also have a life long ability and mind to push through pain and I have a high pain tolerance. Grateful for both.

But when you want to be great, you surround yourself with greatness…

That’s when I decided to ask my son to run with me.

I was excited to have this bond with my eldest boy. This kid has been a distance runner since he was very young. I knew by the age of six he had a gift to endure. I’d take him to the track while I sprinted and he’d kill time by running laps. Lap after lap after lap. I was in awe of how many laps a six year old could run. I knew then he was a distance runner.

But when we got out on the road I felt my comfort zone grow. This kid runs twice a day, probably a total of 6 miles a day. Then he lifts weights right after his second run. Every single day except maybe Sunday.😳

So here we are, out on the road. I usually hate it the first quarter mile, but then everything gets warm and loose and I feel good—I’ve got my groove. We get to the half way point of my normal run and he says, “let’s go right and take the big loop.”


This means if I say, “yes”, we are running a minimum of 3.5 miles. For a seasoned runner this is nothing, but for me, who has never open road run further than 2.25 miles—its a big deal. But I felt excited. I was with my son. I knew he would push me and I’d grow. I knew he’d stretch my comfort zone but we’d do it TOGETHER. Not only would he help me believe I could run 3.5 (and have confidence to run a 5K race), but he’d challenge my pace.

The speed of the leader always sets the pace for the pack.

I don’t want to lack. If I’m going to do something I want to do it well and work at it until I excel. That’s just my nature. I crave excellence. Jake pushed me. Poor thing had to run slower than normal and even walk a bit to make sure I caught up.
But it made me run faster and push a little harder because he was setting the pace.

At the end of it all I felt fantastic and very accomplished. I had done something I’d never done before. Running on the open road is so therapeutic. An active way to worship for me. Jake was gentle and kind as I knew he’d be, because that’s his nature.

God delights to wait for you. He isn’t in a hurry and He doesn’t mind slowing his pace if he needs to. He waits for you. He knows the cadence you can take and the discipline within. He plans the course and intends for you to win. You may not run a 5K or have a son who’s running legs takes your breath away—but there is a God in heaven who can. Few things in life will leave you breathless is the most amazing way. Enjoy the opportunity when you can.

Because when you want to be great, you surround yourself with greatness…

Life is like a run, feel the experience with pleasure.


Forager of Hope

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Forward Thinkers are Pioneers who go before and usually carve a path for others to follow along.

God goes before you.
He blazes a trail.
He clears the path.
He is a Mighty mountain mover.
He makes ways where there are no ways.
He makes highways in the wasteland.
He brings beauty from ashes.
He has enough love to fill the heart of the masses, yet is ever powerful to overcome your circumstances.
Join Him on the road less travelled.

Going first requires sacrifice, but take my advice, the view is nice.
Is there something in your life God has designed for you to carve the path for others? How can you reach out to people today and make their day go smoother?

Sometimes, all it takes is looking outside of our own life, our own needs, our own perspective and we begin to see that we are planted in something much bigger than ourselves. It is the place where Legacy dwells. Embrace it! Eternity is far too big or grand to waste your Inheritance on temporary gain or comfort. Come to realize and know just how big God’s bigger picture for your life is.

You are Anointed, consecrated, elevated by Celestial Beings and being carried to your destination. You will arrive right on time precisely where you need to be—unscathed by the Enemy…unharmed by adversity.

Adversity will actually help make you stronger and more resilient than you could have ever envisioned. Then God will have successfully encapsulated His Tender and Gracious Heart in your flesh covered by a thickened, tough, strong, vehicle of Power built to drive absolutely anywhere it needs to go.

You are a Pioneer.

Let God steer and trust it all to him. He is right beside you guiding the Path and paving the terrain by His Divine insight and wisdom. You’ll come out on the other side with a grand win and the right people will be right beside you cheering for you.


July 29, 2018

Spirit of a Champion

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Spirit Of A Champion

God will never assign you merely to lead a pampered life. He may lavish blessing on you. He may even pad your bank account. He can protect your health and place you in a family. He will do it because He loves you, but there is a catch.

When it’s your soul blessing you crave most those satisfactions won’t last. He wants blessing to flow through us, not just be stored up and guarded by us.

The greatest entities and peoples in history were forged by the fires of adversity. He already knows He loves us, but what level of blessing can He entrust to us to do with it as He wills? What have you been given? Life itself is a gift. Share the blessing of who you are with others. Shine bright. When your eyes are honed and focused on His Light you aren’t so worried about anything or anyone else.

A commitment to a Champion Life will be challenging. You must hold yourself accountable to a higher standard. Your standards will make others uncomfortable. Raise the bar anyway. Younger ones are watching and deciding where they will set the bar, expectation and anticipation for their life, too. They may just be using you to decide the plump line.

Be a Champion!


“But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also.” 2 Cor. 8:7

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